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WORST Doll Experience EVER

Apr 30, 2012

    1. What was your worst experience with BJDs? This can be about a doll itself, packaging, business, ect. As usual, I'm merely curious. :)
    2. I haven't had that many irl experiences since I only really know a handful of people who are into bjds, so for me it has to be one of the times I saw a sculpt I really wanted on a forum, which someone later had modified. It was a really terrible job, and it was done with oil paint. I pretty much just wanted to save the poor doll... I know, it's in kind of poor taste to complain about someone else's taste in dolls, but sometimes I just find the things people do so sad.
    3. Definitely when Frei took a head dive from the second floor balcony down to the creek below. I think my heart stopped beating all the while I ran furiously downstairs to retrieve him. Miraculously, I found him just by the water's edge, clothes dirty and right eyebrow erased, but nonetheless dry and undamaged. Only then was I able to breathe again. :o
    4. I think for me it must be when I don't bond with a doll. Sometimes it happens that I loose interest in a doll over time but that is okay. Wjat I'm really talking about is not liking the doll the moment you open the box. It happened to me with my Dollzone Hal, I just did not click with him at all. I loved the pictures on the DZ website but when I saw him, I was really disppointed. And that's when the guilt started rushing over me and I thought to myself: there, you didn't think about it enough. It was very hard to admit that I didn't like him but sometimes you see something online and it's great but the reality is not what you expected :( .

      Oh and I'm not saying that this doll is ugly, it's just that I ended up not liking his face as much as I thought I would.
    5. My EL has very floppy legs, he can't stand and I decided to try to tighten his elastic and oh boy was it a nightmare.
      I kept getting pinched and my fingers were burning. I tried so many different times to fix him.
      I was hunched over for 2 hours and so stressed.
      I had to redo it 8 times and I put the feet on wrong 3 times in a row. :evil:
      The was the worst part, I felt like I lost my mind.

      I finally gave up, threw away the old elastic and I plan to order some fresh stuff,
      so no more stressful restringing for me! :lol:

      I think the worst story I ever heard on DoA was the poor girl who ordered her doll and it got shipped to the wrong address.
      That person thought it was junk and threw it into their trash compactor. :(
      But she used the insurance to buy a new one but still, that's a horrible story.
    6. My only real horror story is, apropos enough, from when I was doing a Hallowe'en photoshoot. Mozzie's head tumbled right out of the fridge, just about sent me into pieces, but he was fine. Not so much as a chipped faceup. Still, man, that moment when I didn't know if I'd smashed his poor little nose in-- it's a pretty long drop for a little severed head, between the top shelf of a side-by-side and the hard kitchen floor.

    7. I think my worst personal experience was when I decided to sell a doll, and while I was cleaning her, one of her pieces decided to tumble off the desk onto the floor, chipping a part off. And I was all "Man, that's more work I have to doooo. Y U do that to me?" (I'm lazy, but I still want sold dolls to be the best they can be).

      It was a sign I should have listened to, because I do regret selling her. Oh well, c'est la vie!
    8. I think the worst thing that happend to me, is when I lost my B&G Loretta out of my backpack on the freeway.
      She was destroyed. It broke my heart, and I almost wanted to leave the hobby.
    9. that is really horrible, cosmosprincess! I'm so sorry that happened to you, reading that makes ME want to cry!

      My only unfortuanate tale is my Island Doll Amy took a fall and broke a finger, and my two Dika Dolls arrived with broken fingers. Nothing too terrible, they were clean breaks that were easily fixed with krazy glue. Other than those incidents, so far so good with me! *knocks on wood*
    10. Most of my (very few) bad experiences within the hobby have come from people rather than dolls. I know all hobbies have their share of crazy, but BJD crazy is just... well, that little bit more out there than other regular crazy. I don't mean harmless crazy, like wheeling your doll in a pram or talking to it in public or whatever. That's fine by me. I mean nasty crazy, when people set up places simply to bitch about other people's dolls, or to try to procure illegal recasts. I didn't know people tried to buy recasts deliberately, and when I found that out, that was a bad moment.

      My dolls usually just make me happy, but I think my worst moment was when I was trying to pry a lump of resin from inside my doll's torso that the company had glued in there. I'd heard reports of it falling out, so reasoned it wasn't stuck in very well. I was wrong! I broke the knife and cracked the resin. He's fine now, but it made me groan when it happened. Another thing that happened while I was modding another doll: my hand slipped and I cracked the thin resin over his hips. I strengthened that with glue and he's fine now, but it felt horrible at the time.
    11. So far, the scariest thing to happen to any of my dolls was having my doll pitch forward suddenly, landing face first on my computer tower and slamming head first into one of the wooden leg-spokes of my computer chair. Amazingly enough, the doll had not a mark on him. Of course, it's not one of the first times that certain doll gave me a heart attack.
    12. Soom put me through the worst experiences. They took care of the long waiting period problem. However, the sent me some defective parts they NEVER made good one. Once they sent me two right leg parts, and ignored my post with photos regarding it.

      Another time they sent me a doll with a defective upper torso--the color was a little different from the rest of the doll, and it was horribly marbled. Then they said "tough luck".

      Then for the larger dolls like megagem, it's impossible to get their legs to lock in place, I really wish they'd fix this problem with their mold.

      Also their clothes are bad on top of being too expensive. The supergem girl clothes are too small for the body its advertised for LOL For the latest purchase, I cannot for the life of me get the back of this dress to button up!
    13. wow thats awfull @Luvpetdolls O.O

      i´m glad my worst experience was "only" my doll falling .....on his face ... well it nearly gave me an heartattack but nothing happened .-.
    14. That's terrible! I must admit I have a teenie gem, and her fingers are webbed, it annoys me so much, paying so much and it felt like she wasn't quite a finished doll.

      I don't think I've had a very terrible experience, but my bf not even remotely interested in my doll excitement is a downer. Though, I think it may be even worse, when a guy is telling you he is interested in dolls and when you do start talking about them... He completely blanks.
    15. One of my worst doll experiences ever was when I put one of my tinies (that had just been modded beautifully) on the arm of a chair, thinking she was secure and she decided to spontaneously hurl herself off onto the metal computer table on the other side of it, denting her nose. This is the ONLY time one of my dolls has been damaged by a fall and I was really really upset. Suffice it to say I've taken better care of them since :XD:

      Probably the one worst experience I've had was receiving an e-mail from another doll owner to my unused, junk filled, exceptionally old address from someone who sent it from an anonymous (i.e. unreplyable) e-mail address that I have never posted here nor anywhere remotely BJD relevant (so it must have taken some serious digging to find it) insulting me and telling me to quit the hobby and go back to my "old lady life" or something like that. I never did find out who sent it, and after a while of feeling upset that anyone would send something so horrible to someone else, with no apparent reasoning behind it, I decided it was simply funny - they'd obviously taken great pains to message me to a personal address and to prevent me from finding out who they were and why they felt so unkindly towards me. It was still a horrible experience though, since I've never before or since had anything like that happen to me. I wouldn't even have minded if there was some explanation behind it, like I'd insulted somebody grievously and they were getting revenge or something but it was just so completely random and out of the blue. :sweat

      Oh and one time when I posted something abroad and didn't under-declare it (I say on my sales posts I will if asked, but I wasn't asked to) so it was fully insured and the buyer refused to pay customs. I had given free shipping and had to wait over a month (and pay £20!) for the doll to come back to me. She did, fortunately, repay me the £20 and (I think at least) half of the second shipping fee, but I still felt somewhat put out that I was quite largely out of pocket by the end of the transaction. However, that was a negative experience from the shipping perspective but fortunately the buyer was really, really nice, so it wasn't really ALL bad. Just a little blip in an otherwise fine transaction - and a learning experience for me as well really, since now I know to always make sure to ASK before I post things and ensure my buyers are aware that if I don't under-declare an item there's a chance they'll be charged crazy import fees.

      There have been other things, community related, but nothing I would say would drive me out of the hobby. Just niggly things that irk me rather more than anything else. I'm glad to say that nothing drastically bad has ever happened to my dolls and I've managed to find a lot of really fantastic people in the hobby that negate the small amount of bad :)
    16. I think my worst experience with a doll so far was when I was changing hands on my PKF Luna and they tumbled off the bed and cracked. It was also pretty scarey when I was doing a photoshoot and the doll tumbled into a bathtub full of water. That sacred me, I was afraid the face-up would be ruined forever, even though I knew it was sealed.
    17. I've been very lucky so far. The worst thing that's happened to me is that when I got my Sard, his hoofed legs weren't drilled all the way through. Fortunately, I have dollfriends with power tools! I've had a few rocky transactions for accessories (twice I've had to threaten to report people to the mods to get my commissions completed; makes me reluctant to deal with the Marketplace any more), but the doll companies themselves have always responded to a polite inquiry when the waiting periods have gotten a little too long.
    18. I guess I have two, although technically one was worse. They both deal with companies, no doll user has been dramatically unkind to me.

      Bambicrony. I ordered a tan Bambicrony Ellen fullset with an advertised wait of 40 working days. The problem was, they decided to sell the fullset shoes separately, and they did not set aside the number of shoes they needed to fulfill fullset orders, even tho the set itself was limited to about 30 sets. Then the company who made the shoes for them failed to send new shoes in time. I sent polite messages asking about the delay around the 50 working day point, and was told the doll would ship later that week. When that date passed I asked again, was given another date, and then asked again, and was given another date, all of which passed with no news. Finally I got more demanding, and they told me about the shoe situation. I asked them to ship the doll and refund me the price of the shoes, and they refused. I asked them to send different shoes, and they refused. Around the 4-5 month point, I threatened to apply for intermediation from a group that handles disputes over international internet sales (it was called the Korean Arbitration Board or something) and they sent the doll without the shoes. I finally receved the shoes about 7 months after making the order. Then the doll arrived with dents, marbling in the tan color, scratches, and parts where they sanded the seam lines, revealing the lighter color below the tan dye. Bambicrony said this was all normal quality and would not help me. The doll was a wreck and I ended up selling her at a a loss.

      Fairyland. I have ordered many great dolls from FL, but my minifee Seorin is a mess. His headcap doesn't fit. He needed to be taken apart and hot glue sueded before he could stand. His head is too big for the neck piece and ends up flopping around. Worst of all, he has "snowflakes" all over him, tiny hairline cracks in the surface of the resin. I think they can be sanded down, and you can only see him if you hold him against a light source, but it was all very obnoxious, and FL claimed that my doll was fine, so I got no help there.

      It makes me really want to buy all of my dolls used so I can know about this stuff beforehand, but I guess that isn't foolproof either.
    19. I've had a few, including disappointment when I first saw a doll I worked really hard to get then hated him, or when the wait time on my 5star Tumnus was 4 times the ETA and his head didn't match his body, even though I ordered both at the same time....but I think the very worst was last year. I role play my dolls, and my two favorites went through really bad breakups and had been very mistreated and used by their partners. Not technically an issue with the dolls mostly, but having both of my oldest and favorite dolls' personality/character nearly destroyed within a month almost made me quit the hobby and not even want to look at them. One was physically damaged when staying with someone else and I actually had to go get him myself, right after surgery, just to get him back home.

      Luckily, one of my others was in a "relationship" at the time, so I kept playing and my main two DID end up getting fixed character-wise and now are better than ever, but it was really bad for awhile.
    20. The only thing that really upset me was when I fell hard for a doll, obsessed over her, managed to get one, and when she arrived, she was just plain awful. It was the first time I'd instantly hated a doll. Her body was ridiculous (I had no idea how big and fake her chest would look, but the rest of her body was beautiful, though her hands were bigger than her head), her face-up was nothing like the one they showed in her shots (I do realize there can be some variation, but mine just looked mean), and no wigs would fit her, period. I even sent her off to get a new face-up, and for awhile she was sort-of alright, but in the end, there was nothing there. I sold her off for a huge loss, including paying double what I expected to in shipping her.