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worst part of the sculpt?

Aug 22, 2008

    1. sorry if this has already been a thread like this :o

      i found a thread that asked what was everyones favorite part of the sculpt? so my question what part is your least favorite?

      it could be something that just irritates you a little or something that drives you batty :x
      but please understand that this discussion, is not so much about the face sculpt, but more like 'defects' of your favorite dolls

      company specific stuff is fine too, becouse not every company has the same joints ;)

      so to get started here is my example:

      i like the new delf kid body, they are nicely proportioned and everything, EXCEPT the alien elbow :evil: it doesn't even look like an elbow! x_X

      but on the side note it didn't stop me from getting one :sweat

      EDIT i haven't had problems yet, everyone has been lovely :D this is just to clarify that you discuss the things you dislike about dolls you own/about to own and have to put up with it because you love your dolls sculpt :aheartbea
    2. Agreed! Some of the elbows out there look very unnatural! They pretty much turn me off to the bodies with them....but they look oh so flexible XD haha
    3. Well...i DO believe there's a thread like this, but i could be wrong!

      My least favorite part of SeNii, Dollshe Hound, would have to be his upper torso. He's always slouching, and although I love it, it looks more realistic...sometimes I just want to glue it in place XD
    4. --
      #4 Devil's Trill, Aug 22, 2008
      Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
    5. My Custom house Jr. Ai, I don't like how high her belly button is, it looks weird and also she doesn't have anything down there as most bjds do, that annoys me. On my Machina, I don't like the elbow joints, they pop out way to easily. On my Lishe it'd be the fist hand with the crazy raised pinky, I have no clue what to do with that hand! And on my Hound, the butt, it looks like he's squeezing it!

      But I still love them all! :D
    6. That made me LOL hard. Especially about your Hound :sweat
    7. kobbi that's how i made my self feel better about it xD;;;

      Ceze oh yes, the doll she slouch!

      Devil's Trill :o i totally understand what you mean, they are so un-natural!
    8. thesacrificialmaiden i find dollshe buts a little undefined too >:"D
    9. I don't like my AOD Gu's hands. They're really long but not especially detailed, and one of them is pointing which makes no sense, I think I'm going to replace them eventually.
    10. There have been many threads like this, all of which get locked because people 'get their feelings hurt' by others' opinions on their doll and start fighting. xP I know, it's silly.. but yet, inevitable.

      I have to agree with you on the KD elbows though. XD They don't drive me TOO nuts, because I like the poseability (<-totally not a word!), but they're definitely funky looking. I also don't really like the old kid delf hands.
    11. The only thing I don't like about my B&G Sky is the fact that both his hands are in the same symmetrical pose. And I don't own one...but the CP pointy noses kinds annoy me. Not that I don't want a Shiwoo anymore...nosiree.
    12. With Kaymen, my Souldoll Asiter (whom I got just before they introduced their new bodies) I rather dislike his *huge* rear end. That boy has such a big fatty fat butt... I remember being amused with it when I first got him, but now it becomes *such* a problem for me, because he can't keep pants on because of it!
    13. Yeah my Moon's nose kinda bugs me. Its not pointy per-say but its quite long. I've often thought of sanding it but I'd probably screw it up lol.
    14. On my KDF Litchi, I would have to say my least favorite feature of her are her chubby chipmunk cheeks. I like them better now, but they really bugged me when I first got her.
    15. Well, as a general...the mouth sculpts on some dolls (please, I'm new enough to not remember what is what, so don't ask me!) are too wide for me...I do NOT like large mouths, I like them smaller, so wide mouthed sculpts bother meas being something I personally would not own...

      And...The Ren doll that will be mine by the first of next month (I don't remember the company...It's the one Cluke was selling in the Market if anyone wants to look it up...) it's the hands that 'she' has. They're short, and a little stubby, and the pose looks like...well, it reminds me of how some of the special ed kids I worked with in highschool held theirs because of the disabilities they had that affected their motor skills or partially paralyzed them. For a child doll, they'd be decently cute I guess...but I don't like them, and plan to replace them after the doll is officially mine because they remind me of those kids, and the character the doll is to become has no medical condition that would cause that sort of posturing in the hands, and is too old for the child-like look that they would also fit.
    16. My biggest gripe are the insect-like knees & elbows that some of the guys (generic 'guys' y'all!) have. Especially when they have a bit that really sticks out. I so wish that there was a way to make them so there's no weird bumps that show through their clothes.

    17. I will say this; as much as I love my Lupita (A dream of doll twing-key), I hate her body. I mean hate. It is so oddly proportioned and hard to sew for and even harder to buy for... I have learned to love her for it though <333
    18. Bobobie Marches Butt! >.> Well no. she has a cute butt, but it comes up so hight! At least I feel like it does. I always feel like her butt ends even with her belly button but I know it doesn't. Still, I want her jeans and stuff to sit lower but then she has plumber crack and it drives me nuts. I kinda ignore it though >.> Easier that way!

      And her hands. She has jazz hands. I need to do something about that. But the stringing seems like something I'd never get right again. I need a bobobie restringing tut XD
    19. Hey, this is fun! :D

      My least favorite part of my DOI Luke would have to be his ears. They don't seem as huge now, but I remember for awhile there... they just looked like Dumbo ears. I wanted to ask him "Do you plan on flying with those or something?"

      With Tarot, my Soom Sard, he doesn't have mobility thighs like my Luke, so when you want him to sit with his legs bent up more, there aren't touching anything, so they just flop over to his sides. It's stupid! :x
    20. When I had my Hound... I hateed that lower torso joint a lot. It never stayed in place and he ended up doing that dreaded "Dollshe Belly-pop" thing everything I tried to pose him.

      My Banjis' legs get turned around in their sockets *way* too easily. 'Same for my MiniFees' arms. I'll never understand why CP didn't give them the shoulder cup pieces like the Delfs have.

      My big CP girls... A few came with hand sculpts that were very "WTF?". Lishe's pinky, Miyu's slap-hand and poke finger. They're pretty much useless for day to day posing.

      All of the Delfs suffer from inconsistant resin color from one doll to the next, and since I often get heads and bodies at different times matching them is a serious and on-going pain in the butt. They also lack locking joints, making wiring and sueding necessary for anything remotely like solid posability.