would 5-6" wigs fit on unoas?

May 15, 2007

    1. i found some really great wigs, but sadly they are 5-6" does anyone know if these would fit on a unoa? or should just save my money?
    2. Sorry, I don't know if they would fit Unoa, I think most people use 6/7 for her, but they might fit my Bambicrony... would you mind sharing where you found them?
    3. My Sist is wearing a 5/6 wig right now :)

      5" is too small, but a 5/6 with an elastic cap fits well.

      -- A <3
    4. I'd love to know where you found them too! I have been looking for 5-6 wigs.
    5. I have a couple of size 5-6 wigs i bought from audreysdolls.com. they're by monique and they have a nice stretch to them.
    6. yeah i was looking at monique's
      thanks that really good toknow :3nodding:
    7. Oh! does anyone know about global's Mohair wig?
      I cannot see Global in audreysdolls.com any more...
    8. I just bought a size 5 Global mohair wig at a doll show last week. It is pretty small and is a tight squeeze and nominal fit on my Bambicrony and doesn't fit my Unoa at all so you might want to look for a little larger size in Global wigs.