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Would a Tonner Woz 16" dress fit a RS Mei doll?

Jul 27, 2016

    1. Hi, just a newbie here. I have my eye on a Tonner dress for a 16" doll designed for his WOZ collection. Does anyone know if it would fit or could be altered for a slim MSD like RS Mei?

    2. I would see why not, I have Evangeline Ghastly dolls ands their clothing fits my unoa elder and minifees. Though if it has tight sleeves you will need to remove the hands or if there are snaps on the sleeves which some of his clothes do have. Also Evangeline shoes fit the unoa and minifee really well also. so if you compare the RS Mei measurements to minifee and they are close then you have no worries. But you probably will have to take in the bust a tad. If you have other questions about tonner clothes just ask. ^^
    3. I'm assuming that by WOZ you mean the Wizard of Oz. Tonner has so many different bodies now that it's hard to generalize, and it appears the Wizard of Oz collection used several different size bodies over the course of production. Some of the bodies used are Evangeline Ghastly, DeeAnna Denton, Tyler, the teenage body, and it looks like there are others. Check out the revised Tonner website's archives for more information. Anyway, different bodies mean different fit in clothing, so you need to be sure which body the outfit was intended for.

      RS Mei is fairly small as 1/4 size BJDs go. Her measurements are similar to MiniFee's measurements, with Mei being a tiny bit smaller. She might fit into a variety of OZ clothing, but I'd stay away from anything formfitting, because if you need to let out the seams there might not be enough fabric available.
    4. Thank you for all the suggestions and information. I purchased an Evangeline Ghastly dress instead and it fits perfectly, if a bit long.
    5. I just got back from Hobby Lobby and they have Christmas items already! Anyway, there are a bunch of Tree top angels with dresses that may fit. Post-Christmas 80% sales, I'll be there.