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Would/do your male dolls wear eyelashes?

Jan 7, 2011

    1. I looked about for this topic and I couldn't find anything, so here it is.

      From many of the face-up commission threads I've seen, examples show eyelashes that can be attached separately. This makes complete sense for most female dolls, I think, but what about male dolls? Do you or would you have them have eyelashes too? Do you shorten them so they aren't so feminine? Or do you not include them at all, because many 'guy' doll faces look feminine enough as it is?

      If you do have them where them, why? Is it to be realistic, or for uniformity's sake, or some other reason?

    2. I have a male doll and he has she same lashes with the girls though it isn't that obvious because the face-up that he has is masculine enough to distinguish is own character and gender... I may not be a fan of long lashes, but I don't want it to short either

      I also plan to have another male doll w/c I will not put any lashes since, his head sculpt is somewhat asleep/tender/dreaming-like
    3. Um... because human males have eyelashes, just like human females? ;) So, yeah, unless the desired look is a reptilian alien, I believe the guy should have eyelashes.

      You don't have to go dramatic for a more masculine faceup. While the human lashes one can buy in a drugstore tend to be more prominent and theatrical on a doll, the actual doll lashes from a doll supply store can be more subtle for that natural look.
    4. most human males have eyelashes, often quite nice thick and long ones as well
      so why shoudn't male dolls wear them

      my only guy doll has lashes, however not the 'mascara covered' kind as most of my girls do, just regular non make upped looking eyelashes

      I don't like eyelashless dolls, I find it makes them look just a bit off
    5. I prefer male dolls to wear dark eyelashes, most of mine do; my idea of male beauty has a strong emphasis on beautiful, even "feminine" eyes.
    6. Yes my boys, like human, have eyelashes

      they look odd without eyelashes to me

      For many face up artists, they may or may not attach the eyelashes for you. It is not really because they feel that male dolls should do without lashes, it is because attaching eyelashes is a very tedious task. I cannot do it myself
    7. Oh, heck yes! In real life, the most beautiful pairs of long, lovely eyelashes I've ever seen belonged to guys. (The kicker is that they didn't care one way or another. Such a waste. *cries*)
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    8. I do not see why male dolls would not need eyelashes. I've seen some men with pretty dark and long eyelashes and they did not look feminine ^^

      Though it depends on the faceup. I have some who look best with them and others that would look horrible xD

      It also depends a lot on the head, For me open eyed heads are way better with eyelashes then dreaming and closed eyes.
    9. It depends on the mold really. Some dolls really miss something in their face if they don't have eye-lashes - Volks Sweet Dream Lucas, for instance - and others, like my Elfdoll K-ss can pull the no-lashes off really well.

      But it's also about the character. If you want a strong, rigid looking person, girly lashes won't do and the hard edges of the eyelids really help to intensify his gaze. But if you have a gentler character, no lashes can make him look stern, which is not what you want.

      I used to shorten the lashes a bit, but I don't do this anymore. There are long lashes for sale and shorter ones. I now prefer to buy them, instead of cutting them, because the results are much better I think.
    10. Barely any of my dolls have eyelashes. I don't even put them on the girls. I have several reasons for it, and I don't think it looks odd at all, in fact I'm so used to it I think some of them look weird with eyelashes. The argument that humans have eyelashes and so should dolls is kind of...off IMO. Humans have a lot of things that dolls don't. :\
      If you're going to put eyelashes on your dolls, male or female, you should do it because you like it.

      And if you don't like eyelashes on them, who cares. They won't look like aliens, they'll just look like dolls with no eyelashes.
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    11. Some of mine do, some don't it depends on the doll and how they look with them.

      Most of my dolls (both male and female) tend to go for the natural looks so massively theatrical lashes aren't what I use - I tend to go for the smaller, finer doll sized lashes in natural colours that reflect the colouring of the doll's hair and faceup.

    12. Yup! My Sprite boy has some massively long lashes- made for people, actually. I was going for a more fem/ androgenous look with him. My new boy will be getting much shorter, subtle lashes; I want him to look decidedly male, but lashes give a more finished look to me.
    13. It depends on their looks, I think. Sometimes they just don't need them, but sometimes quite the contrary.
    14. I had Morgan and Celaran sitting around without eyelashes for ages. Then, I finally bought some - dark ones for Morgan, light ones for Celaran, to match their hair colour. Well, let's say, especially with Morgan, it does make a world of difference. They really suit him. They're less noticeable on Celaran since they're so light-coloured. I don't like long eyelashes, not even on females, so I got some pretty short ones. Was well worth it.
    15. I think they look more realistic with eye lashes, and I don't think you'd need to shorten them- in real life, men's eye lashes are longer (on average) than women's anyway XD.

      I currently don't have any lashes on my boys, but that's purely because I haven't gotten around to buying any yet, and half of them are getting their face-ups re-done :)
    16. One of my boys does and the other doesn't. For the one who doesn't, I like the way it looks. The one who does, his eyelashes will not cooperate and I probably have to rip hem out soon. Whether or not I put new ones in, I'm not sure. The guy he's based on does have some long, thick, gorgeous lashes. I'm sure if I did it right, he'd look nice. But my other boy, the one who doesn't have lashes on at the moment, I might leave him without. I think it works for him. I think it really depends on the doll.
    17. I found that in real life guys have naturally long and thick eyelashes, which is really quite annoyingly enviable :|

      So it's natural for me to have my guy dolls have lashes. I actually get weirded out if they don't :sweat
    18. None of my dolls have eyelashes beyond one I just got who has a faceup I like and don't want to damage when removing the eyelashes.

      I actually don't like the way they look on any doll, whatever gender it may be, so none of my dolls will have them.
    19. I've intended on getting eyelashes for all the boys at some point. Currently only Des, my default hodoo has them as he came with them (edit) - and my bory, who got the last of the silver ones to match his silver hair. For the rest of them, I ordered every doll from company blank after that point, and have been working on my faceup skills. At the rate that I re-did faceups on them in the past year, any eyelashes I did have became too damaged to re-use and have been tossed - save for one pair that I used on a doll head I was asked to do the faceup for. Those ones are just no longer mine. I'm currently in the process of waiting for a faceup that I feel is good enough to last before I invest in more. There's no point for me in investing in getting them frequently, especially if I'm ordering them from the company since the shipping cost for an order consisting of just eyelashes is a little expensive. I'm best to wait for a group order or until I have other things I want to order as well.
    20. Everyone has eyelashes, so I want my guys to have them too.
      Also, I know guys who's eyelashes are every girl's dream lashes, and mine are short, 'like a guy's'.
      Long thick eyelashes do not equal 'feminine' to me. ;)
      (Mascara/fake eyelashes do... But that's because I've never seen a guy wearing that stuff, unless he's wearing a dress. :sweat )