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Would dollmore clothes fit iplehouse jid male?

Apr 19, 2017

    1. Hello guys! I know there's a few post about similar topics such as this but I couldn't find any with the specific question I had, they're were mostly for jid girls and that won't help me at all. And also, there were just too many threads to look at, that I'd just thought to make a new one. If there is a thread very similar to this, please guide me to that thread! It would really help me a lot!

      So my question to you guys is that would dollmore clothing fit iplehouse jid male, more specifically on the muscle type body?

      I know that iplehouse has a buff structure and it's very hard to find clothing for them. I read that dollmore's pants won't fit them, but I'm looking more for shirts and blazers.

      Most of the clothing I bought for my jid wouldn't fit him around the shoulder area so I am not sure if it would be the same problem with dollmore.

      Also, if you know of any clothing brand, besides iplehouse and custom clothings on etsy, that you know will fit iplehouse jid male, please let me know! Thank you~
    2. I have the same question....
    3. It seems like no one knows since we still haven't gotten an answer yet (ಥ_ಥ)
    4. sad....
    5. There is an Etsy shop named KhalonDolls that has clothes (not too many) that are made to fit JID boys but they are on a break right now. There are companies that will customize to fit your doll - PABADOLL is one. I have gotten sd10/sd13 girl t-shirts that also fit - should be a "boxy" shape though. Don't give up, they're out there.
    6. Dollmore minis are very thin in the chest, and iplehouse JID boys are about as big as dollmore SD sized boys in the chest. Problem is you end up with too long of sleeves and general length. Might as well sew a new shirt. T-shirts and tank tops do OK, but jeans that are not made for JIDs are not likely to fit. The boys are extremely curvy. I plan on redoing my Jean pattern so the waist isn't so high, but the weather turned nasty hot and I can't do anything but vegitate in this weather! If you don't sew, I highly suggest getting basics at Iplehouse in a group order or from a dolly tailor because we'll fitting clothes on these boys is well worth it in my opinion :)
    7. Thank you for the suggestion! I was planning on sewing clothes for him but I quickly found out sewing isn't for me lol. I found out that souldoll vitos are a close to perfect march for jids, only issue is the long length of the arms and legs, which I was planning on sewing shorter and hoping I won't ruin the clothes