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Would Dollmore Model Doll Woman Clothing fit Soom Super Gem girls?

Jan 27, 2010

    1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knew if Dollmore Model Doll Women Clothing could fit bigger SD sized dolls? I will be having a Soom Topaz (65 CM) coming and I like quite a few of Dollmore's Model doll sized clothing and I was hoping that they could fit her. Any info is appreciated, thanks!!! :)
    2. If you could be a little bit more specific about the particular doll you have incoming we may just be able to give you more accurate advice and answers.
    3. Yes... though you'll have to look for those stretchy clothes. The EID women body (iplehouse) is almost similar to the Soom Mecha Angel except that the latter is taller. Those dolls have very curvy shapes and are able to fit into some/most of the dollmore model women clothes so if your doll is of the same measurements or close to those measurements, you'll definitely be able to fit them into dollmore clothes.

      Here's the EID measurements to help you out.

      * Height : 65 cm
      * Weight : 1.9kg
      * Circumference of head : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Circumference of neck : 10.5 cm
      * Circumference of chest :
      Large size : 32cm : Medium size : 29.5cm
      * Width of shoulder : 14 cm (arms included)
      * Length of arm : 20.2 cm
      * Circumference of wrist : 5.5 cm
      * Circumference of arm : 9cm
      * Circumference of waist : 21 cm
      * Circumference of pelvis : 32 cm
      * Circumference of thigh : 18.2 cm
      * From waist to tiptoe : 42 cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 6.8 cm
      * Length of foot : 7.5 cm

      for more info on what dollmore clothes fits, go here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=337255

      There are specific clothes that fit because of stretchy material.
    4. My GF has put a few Model sized pieces on her Onyx, mostly baggy sweater tops, leggings and stretch dresses. So it may depend on which clothing pieces you're thinking of because the DM Models are a little taller and bigger in circumference.
    5. Alot of the Model stuff does fit Soom Super gem quite well. Long pants and dresses will be too long as the Model is 68cm VS 65. As Idrisfynn said, most of the stretchy stuff fits really well, the more tailored items you will have length difficulties with.
    6. I wouldn't reconmend tight fitting clothing, especially around the chest area, unless you can alter it. I ordered a dress for my MD Cass and it won't button all the way at the back. Stretchy stuff works just fine but dont forget that some things, like pants, might be too long. Underwear is perfect though, as are stockings (at least the ones I ordered lol).
    7. If you are asking specifically about Super Gem girls, there is a whole thread here that discusses what fits and what doesn't.
    8. What about Iplehouse EID women's clothes? I mean would they fit on dollmore's model girls?
    9. Is love to know it too, but Im fraid they will be too big.
      Sadly there no chest meas here:

      Dollmore Model Doll Girl
      * Tall : 68cm (28inch)
      * Circumference of Head : 22.1cm
      * Circumference of chest : 26.5cm
      * Circumference of waist : 18cm
      * Circumference of hips : 28.5cm
      * Circumference of wrist : 5cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 7.3cm
      * Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist" : 21cm
      * Lenth of "from waist to foot" : 46.5cm
      * Foot size : 8cm
      * Eye size : 16mm (Diameter)
    10. thank-you 
    11. excuse me I should dig the forum more deeper but as I never saw Dollmore model doll's Circumference of neck anywhere .
      Does anyone who own these lovely doll knows and can share info here, please?