Would LUTS KDF Ani look like LUTS KDF Peach or Nana with a new faceup?

Apr 26, 2013

    1. I still haven't gotten my first doll yet, but I found an extremely reasonably priced used LUTS Kid Delf Ani. Unfortunately, I was really hoping to get Peach or Nana as my first, neither of which I will have enough saved for one of them for a LONG time. I was wondering though, if she was wiped of her faceup and given one of theirs, would she look like them? One of my biggest concerns is the eyes. They seem to be extremely close, but Ani's eyes almost look a little larger, so opinions on that would be awesome too. Pics of your Nana, Peach, or Ani count for extra "brownie points". I know this post seems stupid and petty, but I know first dolls are always special so I want her to be at least similar to one of my favorite models. Thanks for any and all input!!! :D

      Oh, and for pics, I attached the links to each of their pages because I couldnt get the images to upload. The first is Ani, second is Peach, and third is Nana
    2. I've seen a lot of pictures of Ani with custom face-ups. She has a really pretty sculpt. Unfortunately, I don't think you could get her to look like Peach or Nana. The sculpt of the face is just too different between them. You could definitely get a similar face-up to one of those dolls, but I really don't think she's going to look like either of them.

      And if you are worried about saving up, you can always do layaway! I'm getting a Nana as my first doll, and I've been saving all year and don't plan to have the money until May/June. If Peach or Nana is what you really want, don't settle for less, keep saving up so you can get what you really want! :)
    3. Thanks lemonlime. I knew she wouldn't look the exact same, but from the pics, peach and ani's face shape looks fairly similar. However, I've only seen the pics on the LUTS site, so I'm sure you know more than I do.