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Would Yellowing prevent you from buying your Dream BJD?

Dec 28, 2011

    1. Mods: Feel free to move this if this is not the correct place to post this.

      Hey guys,

      I haven't posted in forever, I didn't really have any news to share. But I have big news and need the DoA community to help me!

      After setting aside dolly dollars for several years, I could potentially be able to finally buy my first BJD, Volks Suigintou.

      She has been my dream girl since I first saw her in 2009 and I made a pact with myself that if I ever got a BJD it would be her or nothing.

      I found a seller who is selling the doll fullset never used and the doll has never been displayed. However, due to age the doll is starting to yellow. The seller says that it is very slight and doesn't photograph but it is definitely there.

      Now knowing that she was made back in 2007, I knew that this was something I could run into when trying to buy her after all these years. Honestly though, it bothers me.

      I'm a very picky collector, which is one of the reasons I'm looking to buy her new and unused. I'd be willing to pay more for one that hasn't start to yellow, but I don't know if that is unrealistic. My ideal purchase would have been a Suigintou with her plastic bag over her box still selaed, but I think that's going to be too hard to find and honestly could a doll still have yellowed in that condition? I have a feeling that the doll I'm potentially buying yellowed just by being left in her box and not having her air circulated (I've read that it happens sometimes with MIB dolls)

      So yeah, I'm just looking to get opinions about this matter from people much more knowledgeable about everything I just posted:sweat This is a big purchase for me financially and otherwise, so I just want to know if I should go for this or keep looking. At this point I'm in no rush, I've waited this long.
    2. Personally I don't care that much about yellowing. Every doll yellows to some extent. In every environment as well. It's not just sun that causes yellowing but time as well. I don't think if it would even help to seal a doll air tight, because it's a chemical reaction (if I'm saying that right).
      If there's barely any yellowing I would personally go for it. The chance of you finding a doll thas has not changed color in the slightest is pretty much zero percent.
    3. I wouldnt let a little yellowing stop me.. especially if shes not banana yellow or anything! basically, no matter what the dolls will yellow with age- its just the resin. even if dolls sit in a box forever i think the resin will oxidize. The good news is that as long as they are not exposed to extreme conditions (lots of sunlight and such) the resin seems to have a sort of 'stopping point' since i have seen some older volks, noticeably yellow, with the owners saying "well theyve been this color for the past 5 years and i just love it" You could also try that dyeing technique where you give them a very light dye with red pigment (tutorial on the boards somewhere) which does a fantastic job of making the doll look new. Overall, I am a very 'hands on' collector though, so the customization and dolls aging doesnt bother me. but for someone who might want a cabinet baby.. well the doll wont be perfect looking forever, she will change over time.
    4. hmm... if it's even it probably wouldn't bother me :) and like Aurora said, if she's not banana yellow.. xD
      some company sells their dolls as "NS yellow" so if the yellowing of her resin is even, it would be "NS yellow" ;)
    5. For a doll that "old" I would think that some degree of yellowing should be normal. The doll would still yellow even inside the box, but the level might be different than one that was left out on display. If it was my dream doll, then I would look at the way the doll had been handled and go from there. The first doll I saw and liked was Shiro Tachibana but I wouldn't go hunting him expecting to find one that looks as fresh and bright as the Kun I got in July.
    6. Yellowing is going to happen regardless of how you keep your dolls, and it seems that other than that everything is exactly as you wanted it. Normal skin dolls tend to mellow out in my experience (though I don't own any Volks, so I can't say for sure that it applies to them). Their "yellowing" doesn't usually to mean omgyellow unless they've been in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

      If the seller knows that it's "definitely there" because they have newer Volks dolls to compare it to then maybe ask for a comparison picture to see how big of a difference there is, and be sure to ask if the yellowing is even or not as well. Only you can decide if you're okay with how much the doll has yellowed, but keep in mind that it's probably going to be impossible to find one that hasn't because of how old the dolls are now.
      I personally wouldn't let a little yellowing stop me from getting my dream doll (:

      Also, following what Aroura said, there are at least two or three methods of trying to correct yellowing that you could find on the board as well, but I haven't tried them myself.
    7. [h=2]Would Yellowing prevent you from buying your Dream BJD? [/h]
      Nope, I'd still buy it as long as the doll didn't look like a banana. And even then there are possibilities. LOL!

      But in all seriousness, not only would I go for it, I have gone for it. When I got one of my grail dolls, a Soom Sard, he had started to yellow a bit - and he had been kept in a closet in the dark! While I was little taken aback, it didn't bother me for long... I did a photoshoot for him in all of his creamy glory. Now years later, his yellowing has progressed to an almost light greenish color. (Not quite Delf green, but definitely noticeable.) He is my Spring Demon - his horns and hooves are brown, and his hair and eyes are green, as befits a nature spirit. He looks perfect. His yellowing/greening actually helped to strengthen him into a character in my eyes, and I don't regret getting him for a second.
    8. Like everyone has said, yellowing is inevitable. So I would only be concerned about the yellowing being even all over. If this is the case I would still get the doll if it was my dream doll. Besides I have some dolls dating to 2005 and they have yellowed (especially since they were Beauty White) but its so even all over that I do not mind it. It does not show in photos either. The only thing that would put me off is mold growing and patches of extreme sun damage.
    9. Well...if you've waited this long and you already have the money saved...

      Had you thought of first posting a WTB in the market place. You can list your requirements of no to yellowing.

      If you don't get an offer...then move to plan B...buy a doll that is slightly yellowed. If it dosen't photograph, then you probably can't really tell that much in RL.

      Many of us have had dolls for years. Mine probablly have yellowed a bit, but I really don't even notice.

      I do know what you mean about picky...sometimes you gotta compramise. The doll you REALLY want is several years old now...chances are others may be MORE yellow than this one...and as time goes by they are only going to get more yellow. Get her now and enjoy her...that way as she gets more yellow you wont care at all becuase youve bonded with her and may not even notice as much!
    10. As long as the yellowing is even and not patchy it wouldn't really ever keep me from buying a doll I wanted, especially if it's a limited.
      Hell, some even look better over time with a little yellowing, my tan Narae for instance has mellowed to a really gorgeous colour and I used to own an WS Juri'05 who was a really gorgeous creamy colour, I actually preferred the colour to the regular WS which tends to be a little harsh in it's whiteness.
    11. No, yellowing would not prevent me from buying a dream doll. I have dolls from 2003 that have, of course, yellowed over time, especially since I've displayed and handle them ever since I bought them (that's 8 years worth of yellowing!). Yes, when compared to my newly acquired dolls, the 2003 ones do look very different. However, even my most extremely yellowed doll (CH Choa from 2003) still looks very "natural" - she is not banana yellow by any means, she's simply darker than she used to be.

      As others have said, yellowing will happen even if you never take your doll out of the packaging she arrived in. I have a very good example of this, actually. When I purchased my first Delf in 2003, I bought extra hands to go with her, just in case. Since I liked her default hands, and, thankfully, they are still intact to this day, I had no need for the extra pair. The hands have been wrapped in Luts' original packaging ever since 2003! About two months ago, I was reorganizing my dolly paraphernalia and unwrapped the hands to check on them to make sure that they are safe and sound. When I compared them to the Delf that they were purchased with, they turned out to be almost the same color as the Delf that was displayed and played with for the past 8 years! The hands are a shade lighter, at most. That pair of hands is currently on my Delf and the difference in resin color is so insignificant that I have to really look to notice anything.

      If your dream doll is from 2007, she would have yellowed by now no matter how the owner stored her. If the one you found has not been displayed, than I'd go for it, simply because the same doll that has been displayed will be a few shades yellower.
    12. Yellowing will happen, no matter what (except if it's a non-resin doll, of course). So, no, even if the yellowing is uneven, I don't think I'd care about it, as I don't really pay too much attention to their color as much as their faces and features.
    13. Hey guys,

      Thanks so much for your opinions, I really appreciate it!!!

      I think I'm going to try to go further along with this seller and see what happens.

      If it doesn't end up happening it wasn't meant to be.

      michaelmichael: I have thought about posting a WTB in the Marketplace, I've read several accounts from Doll friends about how it delivers! The thing is even though I have the money, I'm barely processing the fact I'm in a position to actually buy her! So this situation came as a bit of a surprise to me and I'm trying to make the right decision. If this opportunity falls through, I'm definitely going to be looking into purchasing her via DoA Marketplace or Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

      Thanks again everyone! :)
    14. LIke others have said, the doll is most likely going to yellow over time anyway. If you bought her brand new, she's still going to (most likely) have some yellowing, so it's really six of one and half dozen of another.

      For my dream doll (Dollshe Bermann, fwiw), I'd buy him even if he WAS a patchy yellow banana!

      Good luck!!
    15. Yes and no.

      I little even mellowing of color is fine.

      But if I had it to do over again I would NOT have bought my Crobidoll Marie. I would have waited until a Marisol showed up on the MP. She has yellowed horribly and now I can't trade her or sell her for anywhere near what I paid so I'm kind of stuck with her. But she is super adorable!

      And I wish Crobi had been honest in their product description, the website said she was polyurethane but I beleive she's a mix of urethane and French Resin.

      I can say I will never buy a French Resin doll either. I don't like how yellow and uneven they get. I think polyurethane ages better than other resins- although I don't know about the bio resins.
    16. Yellowing is inevitable. It wouldn't stop me at all. I don't mind yellowing, especially since it's unavoidable.

      Considering the age of your Volks doll, I'm surprised it's so insignificant. There are ways to lighten yellowing, if it bothers you that much, using baking soda and peroxide (I believe). I believe this is the thread. There's also sanding.
    17. Well congratulations! It certainly sounds as if you've held to your pact! That being said...GET YER DOLL WOMAN! lol
      The DOA market place is AWESOME. It sounds like the doll your looking from will come from a collector and you stand a great chance of getting her there if you decide to not get the current doll.
      Like many have said...that doll is gonna yellow no matter what. As you can see from many of the longstanding members that it does not bother, nor would it prevent them from buying the doll.
      As a collector...yellowing, especially if even, on a volks LE is not going to affect its value! ;-)
    18. I understand where you're coming from all too well. I am the same way and I've learned from past experiences that having a "too yellowed" dream doll can be a lot more disappointing than you'd originally think. What I first considered to be my dream doll was a 2005 Volks MSD girl and let me tell you, she was yellowed.

      It honestly did ruin her for me, even though I knew exactly the degree of her yellowing before I bought her. I just didn't think I'd be so bothered by it, but I was. It really effected a lot of things I never would have thought of at the time. It effected how white dresses looked on her, which face up colors looked good on her, what wig and eye colors looked good on her. I know if I had wanted to, I could have lightly sanded the whole thing to get her lighter again, but by that time I'd already been too disappointed in her to ever be able to bond with her.

      I do have a small suggestion for an unyellowed Suigintou. Would you maybe be interested in going after one of the one-off versions of her? They'd be a lot newer than the original run, but also more expensive. I don't know how important the default face up or default set is to you (though the set could still be gotten separately, I've seen a few of those floating around Y!J), but I figured I would at least suggest that in case you hadn't considered that option yet.

      I see Shinku and Suigintou one-offs up on the auction sites pretty often, specially the Korean ones. The Sumika in South Korea has their own one-offs that are considered by many a lot easier to get than the ones in Japan or North America because there's less people in total going in for them. It's pretty common for scalpers to win them and flip them right away on the international market for the promised profit it holds. I met one South Korean collector/reseller who won two Suigintou one-offs, one Toppi one-off and an SD boy one-off (I forget the mold) all in one year. So yeah, I figured that might be an option. :)

      TL;DR shortcut: What I wanted to say by posted here was this in a nut shell; Don't feel like you have to settle for this Suigintou if this exact one isn't your dream doll the way you imagine her, it's perfectly alright to look for the one that is. If you can't picture this one being your dream doll, she's probably not because of your expectations for her. ;) I wish you the best of luck in finding your dream Suigintou!

    19. Rika_Mika has good suggestions there, a newer one-off might be what your are looking for.
      However some yellowing is accepted by most collectors. if it bothers you that much to own a slightly yellowed dream doll, then that is your loss. The doll will probably go to someone who will love her despite her 'faults'.

      I myself do not mind the yellowing, there are ways to reduce the amount of yellowing in resin and get back to that brand new resin color. I did it with my own dolls.

      I did receive a grail doll that I paid a lot of money for (And a very long layaway) He came to me pretty much yellowed, but I rather liked it more this way, He was supposed to be a Luts/CP normals skin- almost fresh pinky color, but his color mellowed into volks normal skin. (Which has a bit more yellow then CP normalskin) Which was great for me, because I can now put him on a Pureskin volks body and the color match is perfect! :D
      I couldn't be any more happier.

      So for the question you posted as the title is: Nope, I'm not that kind of doll collector. I see the dolls that come into my house or just passing though, as their own individuals selves, faults and all. If they want 'self improvements' I'd be glad to help out.
    20. An even yellowing is a must for me. No farmer's tans or anything XD . But if it's even, then depending on what, uh, 'character' I had in mind for the doll, I wouldn't mind. Yellow is just another color, and resin color is important for me when choosing a doll. For example, some dolls I want pure white, and even being slightly yellow would probably bother me. I'd probably hide them in dark closets when I own them too XD !

      But on the other hand, I'm planning on getting little twins and specifically want them a yellower skintone, so I'm ordering them in 'Yellow Skin' and probably won't care if they get some sunlight. Yellowing, as long as it's even, isn't necessarily 'damage' to me; it's just a visual change that can be potentially beneficial or detrimental depending on what I'm looking for.

      <3 ali