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Would you buy a custom fullset?

Nov 28, 2017

  1. yes!

    38 vote(s)
  2. no! (please tell me why in the comments)

    18 vote(s)
  3. not if the doll was already available as a fullset.

    1 vote(s)
  4. maybe? (please tell me why)

    19 vote(s)
    1. So there are a lot of companies out there that provide the option of buying a fullset with a doll, but there are other companies who don't... my question is- would you buy a fullset made by an artist that wasn't the doll company? Like if an artist bought a nude doll and did a custom faceup and provided the eyes and wig and outfit and some props for a one of a kind fullset? And would it make a difference if that doll was available from the doll company as a fullset?
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    2. Val Zeitler does this, she creates a custom makeup and outfits if you look her up on google you will see some lovely work. Her work sells well, she even does doll shows with her full sets. It took her a while to get a following though. She has a particular style that people tend to like a kind of fun antique look. She also dyes and styles wigs. I think you have to be good to make it work. Her focus is dollstown girls and they are not available full set. Even if they were though I don't think people are buying her creations for the reason of lack of full set availability. It's more the demand for that style she does.

      There are a couple of other artists that come to mind also that do the same style as Val and they also sell well. I can't think of anyone else though with a different style. Other than Yahoo Japan artists that sell their dolls at auction.
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    3. For me, it's about the artist, their vision, and design they are selling. So in short yes, I have no issue buying a customizer's full-set design. Makes no difference to me if the doll comes as a full-set from the original manufacturer or not. My doll collecting stems from the fashion doll arena where there are a lot of customizers out there who do awesome renderings and interpretations of designs and concepts on various dolls as one-off, full-set designs so this isn't a crazy idea.
    4. I think I only would if it was of a character I wanted. I'm not normally interested in company full sets, as I prefer to face up and clothe dolls myself.
    5. I think its a possibility, so long as the artist isn't trying to gouge the price of the actual doll.

      If I'm buying a doll that is 300 dollars and all you did was a face up, wig, a simple black tshirt, a pair of jeans and socks/shoes (like, the simplest/basics. Nothing fancy with a logo screened, or embroidery, just fabric sewn together) I don't want to see it going for like, 900 dollars. Yes, Time, fabric, skill, etc should be taken into consideration when it comes to the product but there becomes a point of no return.

      Another good example is some people turn around and try to sell the doll (nude) that they did the face up on for a huge mark up, Like a 500 dollar doll for 700 dollars. No face up is worth that much. Unless you're using literal gold/silver/gems/jewels in the face up that contain quite a bit of value its an unrealistic price.

      While I think there are still people who pay a huge mark up, if you're trying to make an actual business out of it you'll have a bit of a tough time (at least in my opinion).
    6. Like @Spuggey, I'm more interested in styling the dolls myself, so it would have to be a set where I really liked all the pieces individually. I'm not typically that interested in buying a doll's "concept", with a few rare exceptions where it really hits my preferred aesthetic. So it would have to be a) a doll I wanted, b) the kind of look I wanted for them to begin with, c) a bunch of pieces I liked and would use anyway and d) not outrageously expensive.

      Since the BJD hobby is generally more geared toward hobbyist customization (those garage kit roots), it isn't as common a practice as it is with fashion dolls, which tend to have more of a "collector" base. Not to say there isn't some market for it, though. :)
    7. Nah. My dolls already have characters I made based on the sculpt. I almost said maybe because I thought you meant making a fullset for your doll based on your input. That would be neat.
    8. I'd say yes, with conditions. I'd have to feel that the price is reasonable for the level of detail, quality of materials, and doll sculpt. I have passed up on fullset customs that I loved because I personally felt the price was not worth it at the time. All the other times was because I had no doll money available...:sweat

      EDIT: Also, OOAK mods as part of the set would be a big seller for me, so long as they are well done and only subtractive (in case I have to fix or redo the faceup, I won't have to worry about covering up ugly epoxy). I love unique doll mods!
    9. I wouldn't buy one, but I don't love fullsets in the first place. I like being able to choose everything myself. Also, my dolls are generally super casual and fullset outfits are usually very frilly/fancy. I don't want to pay a lot of money for something I would literally never use.
    10. I actually have one in a layaway :) been searching an ios 70cm body bonus is it's a Sebastian custom ❤ i got a pretty good deal for it too ❤ few more until he is mine ❤

      This is actually a good thing if you're looking for a particular character. I don't like what ios released as an official Sebastian Michaelis bjd. Also I do agree with what other people said about the artist view about the doll.

      Having customs for me is like a collection of arts from different artist especially for the faceups :3
    11. Yes but generally I'd rather commission my own if I'm going to buy a custom. The name of the artist isn't important to me either, it's all about whether or not I think their style is a fit for my commission request.
    12. I said no because my dolls represent my role play characters, and unless a fullset was made specifically to be my character, then I doubt a fullset would meet my needs. I like to do my own faceups and choose my own wigs and eyes and mix and match separate pieces of clothing. I've only owned one company fullset and I ended up changing every single thing about him, so even though fullset dolls can be beautiful, it's just not worth the extra cash to me.
    13. I wouldn’t because customizing my dolls and choosing each detail is the majority of my fun with the hobby.
    14. No, not really. I love doing my own wigs, outfits, shoes, etc. So I would rather make it myself than buying it. The only exception would be if it were a doll that would not be available otherwise. But then I would also buy it for the doll, but not for the other items.
    15. I choose maybe because right now I am still exploring BJD and I am not familiar with a lot of the independent BJD sellers. I still need to do research first on what their style of custom is and what type of BJD molds they use, etc before I say yes to buying.
    16. I voted no. Even when I buy a full set from a company I don't always keep the whole thing. Usually full set clothing is very specific, usually a fancy or ornate style that I have no use for. If I can't use it, I sell it. I've also been in the hobby for so long, I have a stockpile of extra clothing. The chances are really low that a non-company full set would be a sculpt I want and would include an outfit I'd need.
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    17. Maybe: It would depend on it being a doll/sculpt I liked and the fullset ALL being stuff I liked - I don't usually buy fullsets at all, largely because there's usually something (or several somethings) about them that I don't like and I won't pay fullset prices unless absolutely everything is to my taste.

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    18. I don't really like fullsets, or really even full dolls. (I usually go for hybrids.) The only clothing or accessories I'll spend money on for BJDs is really blue jeans (because I have trouble finding small enough rivets) and modern shoes (because I have trouble making rubber looking soles).

      I usually don't like everything in a fullset, and there are usually only a couple articles of clothing that I could even imagine maybe using, let alone loving. I do like seeing other people who make their own doll a kind of personalized fullset (a wardrobe for their character).
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    19. Maybe, because it`s interesting. But I would get more the fullset created according to my criteria.
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    20. Maybe, if the seller had made already completed one of a kind customised dolls and it was just a matter of picking one where you really really liked all aspects of it - I see nothing wrong with it :) Of course it would be a bit more risky trying to get a customiser to do a fullset doll based on an unmade 'envisioned doll'. Nothing wrong with this either, but the customiser would need to be an expert in all fields such as good faceups, an understanding of fabrics & stiching, making bjd eyes, making wigs etc. Which is seems a lot harder on the customiser than getting the best of all worlds with separate different customisers that specialise in their fields ~ whether faceups, clothes, making wigs etc .