Would You Buy a Doll with Scented Resin?

Mar 2, 2021

    1. I was cooking and left a doll wig in the kitchen, which now bears the slight smell of cheeseburgers :doh

      While I love cheeseburgers, I am not sure if I want my grail doll to smell like them. My friend and I were chatting, and we started discussing the possibility of "scratch and sniff" dolls, or dolls with scented resin.

      Would you buy a doll that smelled like strawberries, or something pleasant? Why or why not?
      Is it even possible for the resin to smell like anything other than resin? Is the smell of resin even something us collectors would want to replace?

      Curious about other people's thoughts! :aangel:
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    2. It has been done before, Angellstudio produced dolls with various scents in their resin when they first opended. I'm not sure I would want it as I am quite sensetive to smell and don't like even perfume or scented candales. But it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if a doll I really loved was only avlaible in scented resin.I am sure I would not pay extra for it.
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    3. I'm really sensitive to artificial scents so no, I really don't much like scented dolls in general as they're often so overpowering and purfumey that it makes my head hurt.
      Only dolls I have here that are scented and aren't overpowering and gross as the vinyl Paola reina dolls, all their vinyl smells of vanilla for some reason but it's not that strong and i'm not prone to shoving them against my face.

      still, scents can be really polarising. I definitely prefer a doll that's smell free.
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    4. Yes, but with all scented things in my opinion, the scent would not last especially if the doll was left sitting out (instead of being kept in its box).

      I own a cloth doll that was coffee stained and they added maple to the staining mixture. . . One of the best smelling things for about a year. . . But gradually the cloth lost its fragrance and I now have to plant my nose firmly into the doll to get even a hit of that coffee/maple scent.

      I would not mind a scented doll, but if a company charged extra for it I probably would not invest since I know it would eventually disapate.
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    5. That would be interesting. I wonder if they’d charge extra for it? I like the smell of resin too much to want a scented doll though :XD: Plus, for some reason some fruit scents trigger migraines in me so that could potentially be bad. I could see an appeal for some if it was an option though.
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    6. I must agree with this; there’s no way I can handle a scented doll. I simply wouldn’t buy one, even if I loved the sculpt because sweet artificial scents make me sick.

      I’ve even left scented dolls outside overnight before in hopes of the smell dissipating. I’m already wary of the new resin smell... adding scent over the top scares me a bit.

      however, I could see these being popular! Scented candles, another thing that makes my head ache, are super popular with plenty of people! I bet people who like scented candles would enjoy scented dolls a lot.
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    7. Hm. I dunno personally. On one hand I too hate and am very sensitive to artificial smells - but I think it's the chemicals in various things that get to me. I hate perfume with a passion (and they all smell like soap and air freshener to me) but love scented oils and candles - as long as they smell like certain foods or the forest. Things like pine or sandalwood or chocolate are good, florals and some fruits are really bad. Resin smells awful to me, I had a doll that smelled so bad once I couldn't touch him for a week. he made my eyes burn it was so bad. If he had arrived smelling like coffee or chocolate I don't think I'd have had a problem with it XD
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    8. Absolutely not! I'm hyper sensitive to smells (along with all my other senses) and my life is already a constant misery having to deal with artificial scents. Stuff like vanilla and coconut make me vomit and other ones trigger migraines, it's not a fun time. I really struggle with the smell of resin too, I always get a headache after a while when handling my dolls, so I wouldn't mind if they smelled less :lol:
      Also, in general, i'm not keen on adding extra chemicals to the air I breathe in if they don't have to be there. I feel my lungs have enough to deal with in regards to air pollution and pollen etc ;)

      Oh and an add on, given that chemicals break down, any smell you add is going to change over time and could well end up becoming something seriously unpleasant and I wouldn't want to spend hundreds of pounds on an experiment like that!
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    9. No way! A lot of scents, especially floral, are overpowering to me. While having a doll smell slightly Ike coconut or vanilla might be nice, I’d prefer to just scent the wig myself if at all.
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    10. A wig maker I've ordered from puts scent satchels (tiny sented beads in a small bag) inside the wigs for shipment and when they arrive they wig smells like that. It's more of a clean scent than anything. You could theoretically do the same but put the sachels inside your doll and change them out as the smell fades. I probably would be afraid of them melting in there if it gets too hot but if it does anything like staining then at least it's only on the inside.
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    11. I have received a doll second hand that had the most wonderful scent: something like tea rose and suede. :chocoheart
      I adored it and wish very much that I knew the scent's source so I could replicate it (for instance if it was a perfume).
      That said, the scent faded and the doll no longer smells like it at all.

      In most circumstances I am sensitive to perfumes and there are some I have a poor reaction with so I would choose no added scent for any doll I ordered as I would not be able to know what it smelled like before it arrived.

      Otherwise, I do have some high end bjd clothing that comes with a pleasant purfume scent added to it. I'm glad that so far the scents have been pleasing to me, but I think people's tastes vary enough that it would be difficult to please all collectors with such an offer. For instance, I personally dislike vanilla scents but it is very popular in candles and perfumes.
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    12. I wouldn't want a scented doll. I feel like the scent would either morph into something I can't stand or just start out as something I can't stand. I don't have a sensitivity to scents and would actually say I've got a pretty bad sense of smell. But I do find certain scents to be off-putting (particularly strong vanilla, powdery florals, and artificial strawberry).
      I may also be holding on to a small dislike for the scented dolls and plushies that I already own LOL.Their scent will just not fade :|
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    13. Another sensitive to artificial scents here... no way would I be into that.
    14. The organic chemist in me dislikes the idea of a strongly-outgassing urethane, I think there are enough respiratory hazards in this hobby without adding another for the aesthetic. Plus, a lot of the stuff that goes ON the dolls has its own scent--anti-static sprays for the clothes, spray conditioner for the wigs, the tansu-smell of any old Japanese textiles, etc--so there'd be a lot of potential for clashes.
      I would maaaaybe go for a wood smell, like hinoki or sandalwood, as a kind of olfactory skeuomorphism. No food smells tho.
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    15. I would avoid buying a doll that was scented, since artificial fragrances often make me gag. I don't have a very good sense of smell, and don't seem to have allergies to fragrances, but I hate scented detergent and scented air freshener. My younger sister had a couple Harry Potter dolls that came with scented plastic bracelets. One of them smelled like chocolate. It wasn't unpleasant, but it's not something I'd want to replicate.
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    16. If some cute little BJD smelled anything like my childhood Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin dolls, at least it would be nostalgic! I can't imagine it being so cute for anything bigger than a tiny though.
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    17. In the earlier years on here, there was a thread similar but it was more about people giving their dolls a specific scent. I believe it was mostly to get rid of the strong new-resin scent, some people were suggesting using tea bags inside the head cap to make the doll smell like tea instead of resin, or place the tea bag(s) inside their boxes if they were kept in them, to leave the scent on the doll that way.

      I personally suffer from very strong allergies to most anything that gets in my nose; any mild to strong scent of any sort give me allergies (even ones I like, not sure if it's hypersomnia, but it's gross). I would personally not want my dolls to smell like anything, not even strong new-resin scents. I don't remove my resin dolls from their boxes much so I don't mind the resin ones being chemically smelling, my OT dolls never leave their sealed boxes so I don't know what they smell like. I do find certain smells nostalgic, like when I first got my Volks Dollfie Dream I, she smelled really nice, but it was kind of subtle -- a lot of people said they smelled like baby powder, but I found the scent a lot more pleasant than diaper deodorant. I also like how certain mass produced plastic toys smell, but I haven't come across many of those in recent years. Resin is not my favorite smelling plastic, but I know that it goes away after a while -- I just keep my dolls boxed so it's still lingering for me. Which I don't mind too much, but it does trigger my allergies instantly. DX
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    18. Scents are very hit-or-miss for me, so I wouldn't take a chance on a BJD. Besides, since I am not sure how it would react with resin, it's a bit too hazardous.

      That said, I love, LOVE the scent of lavender. I crush a bag of dried lavender when I can't' sleep, and use a lavender body butter after a shower when I am not feeling well. It's just very therapeutic for me.

      So if I am tempted, I would make little pouches of dried lavender (the same they do for clothes) and hide it in the doll clothes. I doubt the scent would stick to the doll, but it would stick to the clothes. And you would have much more control over the scent: remove the pouch, wash the clothes, replace the contents of the pouch, etc.

      EDIT: Besides, if the resin was scented, wouldn't you be stuck with that scent, without possibility to change it? I think scenting the clothes or wigs would be easier, and more realistic, since people can change their perfume/scents.
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    19. Nope. I am in a similar situation as other posters in that artificial scents that are overpowering to my sinuses. It would be a novelty but I don't think I would be a customer. I'd also want to be able to understand how long the scent would linger for and how the scent may age.
    20. Oh, this is..complicated. I really like certain scents, like strawberry, lavender, and vanilla, but I don't know if I'd really appreciate scented resin. I think I might go out of my mind if I bought a bunch of different strawberry-scented dolls and they all smelled slightly different so it'd just end up being some horrible melting pot of artificial fruit scents...

      I also keep a snake in the same room as my dolls, and I know you aren't supposed to use strong scents or essential oils or anything like that with her, so it could possibly be dangerous
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