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Would You Buy An Unstrung Doll?

Jul 4, 2019

    1. From time to time, I see posts for dolls being sold unstrung (usually to save on shipping costs), and I've always been curious if that's something that makes a doll less appealing to anyone? I'm not sure I could figure out how to string a doll, or if I could, I would have a heck of a time doing it (I have issues with muscle strength so even changing hands on my MSDs can be tough), but am I the only one?

      Would you buy a doll unstrung? What if it had more than the simple arms/torso/legs setup - like a centaur or non-human body with more arms/legs or tails/wings/etc?
    2. I very much prefer to buy a doll strung, then again I also prefer to buy the doll with their actual box as well. I did, however, agree to buy a doll unstrung and I can say, I will probably never do it again. It isn't even so much the 'stringing' of the doll that bothered me, as I can just ask my husband to pull the strings for me, but it was just the hassle of receiving a deconstructed doll. I didn't even save that much on shipping, to be honest, I could have purchased her direct from the company and paid about the same with shipping.
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    3. certainly, cheaper shipping is always nice and i'm more than willing to spend 20 minutes restringing something to save money lol.
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    4. It might seem daunting at first but restringing is actually pretty easy, even if you go with a non-human doll (okay, the DC ants were awefully close for me to just give up after fiddling with wire for what seemed like hours).

      The biggest appeal to me is the shipping cost I can save having a doll shipped unstrung in a tiny box as opposed to the rather big and long boxes for full dolls. Also I really really like stringing dolls, I used to offer it as a service locally and still do it for friends :lol:
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    5. Buying an unstrung doll is way better for me. In my country we have a really strict custom. If the box is too big especially 1/3 dolls you always have to pay. A already strung doll is of course nicer to open.( But sometimes dolls are so tightly strung that they even get damaged on the way aswell ) I prefer with big dolls unstrung. With tiny ones a already strung doll is nicer.
    6. Of course I’ll buy a doll unstrung. I really don’t mind if it’s strung or not. Sometimes I really enjoy the stringing process. It gives me some more time to bond with my doll.
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    7. Why not? Provided you are not hindered by a condition like rheumatoid arthritis or the like? It is not exactly rocket science but it takes a little practice, like almost everything. You can even manage alone. Tutorials are available too.

      I feel it is important to be able to do it when dealing with a type of doll that is meant to be so 'hands on' like BJDs. Any number of things can occur that will result in your doll coming unstrung, and to me it would be too much hassle to send them to somebody else to have them restrung. You get faster every time you do it too. So why not buy it unstrung as well? If I buy a doll strung but the stringing is wonky I would have to restring it anyway, and also I have to repeat the procedure with any doll regularly, because elastic string ages.
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    8. I would be ok with it if I knew all the parts were there and they were all marked.
    9. I bought unstrung dolls before. Not such a big hassle, if I couldn't figure it out I know there's literature or a video somewhere I could follow along. Also, I'm a guy...... I can pull this strings pretty hard to fit where they need to go.
    10. I’ve purchased unstrung before. It’s not bad but ofc I prefer it to be strung and with box. I think it’s more stressful at times to package a unstrung doll without a box. I also think it’s a good learning experience if you haven’t strung a doll before. Then it’s also a annoyance depending on the size.
    11. I prefer to get a doll in its original box if possible, but I've already received at least 2 completely unstrung dolls and even ASKED for a recent doll to come unstrung. I like to put dolls together, it's sorta fun. And in the most recent case, I actually wanted him to arrive unstrung so I could wash him (he's really old) and apply fancy decals all over him.

      Jointed hands though... no way. I don't think I've ever seen someone take apart jointed hands and frankly I can see exactly why...
    12. Personally it doesn't bother me, now that I've restrung a doll and know I can do it. It would entirely depend on whether it had the original box or not because I like to have the boxes so wouldn't be bothered about the cheaper shipping if it meant I had the box. But, for example, some just come with a drawstring bag in a plain shipping box so I wouldn't might that being unstrung in the bag.
    13. I prefer to buy unstrung, if possible. I've even asked sellers to disassemble dolls I've bought off the marketplace before, especially if it doesn't have the original box anymore. I regularly restring my dolls at home, so assembly is not an issue for me.

      These are my reasons why I prefer unstrung:
      • Can fit into different size/dimensions of boxes, making it easier for the seller to pack for shipment, and smaller boxes are sometimes not as expensive to ship.
      • Gives the seller an extra opportunity to check for hidden damages/stains that need to be disclosed BEFORE the doll ships.
      • No elastic tension on pieces means less risk of pieces being damaged during shipment (especially the joint cups).
      • Delicate pieces such as hands are easier/quicker to wrap securely in bubble wrap when they're off the arm.
      • If it's second-hand, I usually like to give them a quick bath of soapy water and fresh protective coat of MSC UV cut to the body (most people don't seal bodies?), so unstrung saves me a step when it gets here.
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    14. I enjoy stringing dolls. It’s like putting together a puzzle, and I come away with a better understanding of how the doll’s joints are balanced for posing. The presentation of the whole doll nestled in the company box is obviously nicer, but certainly if a bit of hands-on time can save me money I have no need for the doll to come assembled.

      Edit: @0bsequi0us said it on jointed hands, though. I would rather NOT receive a jumbled bag of tiny cylindrical finger bits in the mail. Life is too short.
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    15. I dont mind it at all and somewhat prefer it. Especially if the original elastic is sent with it if it had been a good tension. I always re string my dolls now, partially to bond more but also find if I can change any mechanics between how different companies joint dolls.

      I find it one of the more fun parts. Though Im still not perfect at guessing the amout of elastic to use, but trial and error usually works out in the end.

      If it doesnt save much on shipping Im fine having it complete. But 25$ or more saved is for sure worth it. I also find some people have an easier time packing dolls safely when not strung. Ive seen a few chips and dents from being too tightly strung in shipping.
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    16. I have bought dolls partially unstrung and it doesn't bother me to restring them. In fact, I wish my mnf boys came unstrung. they were strung too tightly from the company so I'm having a hard time unstringing them now to switch their legs. >~< I think the only thing that would make me not consider an unstrung doll is if they're damaged and that prevents restringing.
    17. I bought a Idealian Seth doll and He was unstrung to save shipping cost and because his old Box was broken >_<.
      The seller was sooo friendly! Sadly It took me 2 hours to string him up because I had no equipment besides some clothes.
      After that my hand were worn out and red .-.......well after time you will get used to it .... for me it was my first time.
      I recommend to buy some kits XD.
    18. That's a no way for me. I have fine motor issues with my hands. It's very unlikely I could successfully string a doll without help.
    19. i prefer my dolls in original boxes and strung how they came if you where to buy new but if i have to i dont mind buying unstrung dolls ive done it before and it saves me money and gives me time o get to know my doll when stringing it