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Would you buy broken or damaged dolls, from the company?

Sep 4, 2008

    1. Everyone who has researched into tan dolls should know that a reason
      their prices are high, are because they have a high error rate.
      That means that if the doll or pieces are not up to "selling standards", they are simply thrown away.
      Along with any broken pieces, such as the IH MSD girls, when they are returned to Iplehouse, they are thrown away.

      Now, I think this is a HUGE waste of money, materials, resources and time.

      Would you be interested in buying "bad dolls" [such as, uneven tan casting, dents, bubbles] or broken pieces [like, broken off fingers, broken hooks on feet,etc], from the company at a knockoff price? Such as half or maybe even 75% off normal "good" price?

      I personally would love to buy a "bad tan doll", or broken pieces.
      With the "bad tan doll", if it had uneven casting, I would sand it all, so it has a pretty even coverage of tan, even if it is a lighter colour.
      And with broken pieces, I would practice nail polishing/manicure etc, on the hands and feet.

      Not only would it save the company money, from thowing them away, and the environment, it would benefit the buyer, so then they don't have to ruin a good doll :)

      What do you think?

      Was going to add a poll, but I spent too long typing the options. :(
      But the poll options were:

      A. Yes! I'd love to! It's a great idea
      B. Unsure
      C. No, I like my dolls/pieces in good condition
      D. Other - Please say your reason
    2. I totally would buy broken dolls, nothing is more exciting then a god craft project. I wouldn't be bothered with broken fingers and such, but hey, uneven resin, uber bad seams or gate marks, cracks, chips and bubbles yeah I'd go for it.
    3. hmm,that's a really good question.
      For me it varies on what's wrong. If it's missing fingers or something those can be replaced. the bubbles for me depend on where it is and if it'll even be visible in photos or in person.
      'badly' tanned dolls as if uneven....um,I'd buy it and send it off to someone to tan for me to match xD
      But broken pieces wouldn't work for me :/ I wouldn't know what to do with then and I'm not as experienced as some of the people on DOA that can fix up dolls easily ^^; Overall though,I don't think I'd buy a broken doll from the company even with that major discount unless I see it in and can see how badly damaged it is and if I,as a little noobie to owning dolls, could fix or take away from the doll's flaw :)
    4. I personally think that would be a great idea. Not only for practice, but for people who want to do mods that can get pricey. Or even for people that can't afford the whole price, but are brave enough to get out some epoxy and make something of the parts.
    5. i would and i wouldn't even expect that much off for an error that much would be sweet but even 25-30% is alot in the sceme of things when it's that high of a cost
    6. I would, and I have. <3 I love rescuing dolls. Even if not, having a piece of resin for resin match purposes would be handy.
    7. Woah, I know I've been in this hobby awhile when I think to myself "I remember this topic from years ago!"

      I think the bottom line from that thread was that the companies wouldn't release broken dolls like that. I mean, why have people associate your product with both really nice, quality things, AND the broken ones that people can buy? It sends out a very bad image.

      Myself, though... Hey, a bit of sanding, some modding, and a tan job, and that would fix quite a few issues. But how would you know HOW broken you're getting? "Hey, I wanted a doll that had an air bubble issue, but I got one with a cracked calf!" Really, there would be no way to do this, sadly.
    8. Hell yes I'd buy them! I've often wished that the companies did "grab bags" of busted/miscast/not right parts at a discount price so that those of us with a dremel and project fetish would be able to experiment to our hearts content and mebbe come up with some new dolls!
    9. I would - There's some extreme mods I'd like to try that I wouldn't dare to on a 'perfect' doll.
    10. I would. They'd be great for practicing mods and things on...or like an AMAZING Forsaken modded doll I saw today, they'd be great for making things like sections where bones show on a finished doll instead of 'damaging' or modding the original pieces...
    11. I think so long as the company was specific about what was damaged with the doll, that way someone who wouldn't mind a bad tan job but would hate obvious air bubbles wouldn't be getting what they wouldn't want, and then that other person who couldn't care less about air bubbles can get what they do want. Personally, I think alot of those little things can be fixed or modified nicely, so I do think it'd be a nice idea if companies sold damaged dolls at a discounted price. Or, and I know this once happened on DoA, I love the idea of broken and damaged dolls being sold off to help for charities and whatnot. Technically the company wouldn't be losing any money anyway since they were just going to dispose of the damaged items, and the extra income could go to a good cause.

      I know that's probably idealistic of me, but meh, whatever.

      Edit: I also think, unless it was a horribly ruined tan job or something, being able to buy small pieces of dolls from different companies would also be absolutely wonderful when it came time to comparing different resins. ^^
    12. I would LOVE the idea of buying needed dolls!

      I would fix them up as much as I could, and of course, it would be good for practicing or something or another. Also matching resin. Ah so nice.

      Rescuing is fun, and it would be good if they were half price. Too bad companies don't put up a section for these dolls.
    13. Suuchan, my idea to it was, for them to list a new section as something along the lines of :
      "Broken/ Restoring Pieces", with a disclaimer "Each of these pieces are not normally good for selling. Each piece is different and it is sent as random piece as we find it. If you do not agree to this, do not buy , as you cannot cancel" under each listing.
      That way, with the disclaimer, you get what you are given.
      If you dont like the piece you get, then sell it on. :)
    14. For a big discount I would! Then, I would revolve the character around whatever "disability" he/she has.

      I am kind of a perfectionist though, so if I didn't look at it as "rescuing" a doll, I probably wouldn't do it.
    15. I think it depends on the cost and how the doll was damaged and if I felt it was something I could work with. It would be a good way to get dolls for modding projects.
    16. I totally would.
      If it's seriously damaged, I'll mod it. If it's superficial, I'll mod that too.
      No need to throw out something that still could be turned into something beautiful and cool...
      But if it were like, a handful of shards, maybe not.
    17. I would live this, but it would be bad for my wallet
      "Mom, can I borrow $20?"
      mother: I gave you money 3 days ago o.O
      "I cashed it and bought a reject arm o^o"
    18. That's true, maybe if someone set up a mini-company type thing. Like, someone who buys up most broken dolls/doll peices from other companies, and only sells those.
      The market for them wouldn't be that big, but it's an idea.... if you could market the idea of
      "Rescuing special, individual, and unique dolls that just need a little love and care,"​

      Hell, now I want one, and I'm not a fan of tan dolls.
    19. That is an awesome idea! Even if most buyers weren't into it, there are those out there who would buy these items! Heck, some people hunt for these so they can mod them! You should suggest this to the companies!!!!

      If companies are worried about being associated with "broken dolls" they could have a separate link on the site. Besides, this would be awesome for newbies who want to practice mods and faceups.

      Edit: Though broken fingers/toes/other small appendages would be kind of pointless.

      Also, Inkybear made a good point.
    20. I think it would be a good idea to sell those parts as scraps for people who modify their dolls or perhaps just have a doll that broke a finger.