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Would you buy dolls modded to look like your favourite Character?

Jan 7, 2007

    1. was looking at the doll/celeb lookalike thread earlier, and someone pointed out that Namu's promo pics look like Brendon Urie from P!atd, especially, the video for ' I write sins ' ( wich is kinna over rated, build god is so much better >x> )

      he tottally does
      all i would have to do is fill out his lip a little, open his eyes, and sand his nose down
      all minor stuff o__o
      so it got me thinking
      dude, i could tottally make a Brendon doll D8
      and THAT made me wonder if anyone would BUY him o___O
      as opposed to me being an omg freaky stalker fangirl and keeping him all to myself ( .... wich has crossed my mind, without the freaky stalker part u_u; )

      Consensus seems to be, Nay on celebs, BUT YAY ON VARIOUS OTHER CHARACTERS? :0
      that would acctually bring up a WHOLE bunch of copyright issues
      but if that wasnt an issue, would you buy a oneoff doll of your favourite videogame/anime character?
    2. I'm not really into celebrities and whatnot, so I don't have a favorite.
      There are plenty of other things I'd like to have a doll made off of though. ;)
    3. To be honest, if I was gonna have a doll that looked like a celeb, I'd wanna mod it myself. I'd want it to be a one off :) I've seen lots of dolls modded to be celebs, I can think of at least four off the top of my head, and in every case it's been a labour of love for the owners and I think that's part of the appeal, something that you made out of your fandom if you see what I mean :)
    4. I have very contradicting thoughts.

      In one hand I'd love to make it happen, to have it mod to precision according to a certain image that correspond to the celeb in my view so, as Lulu said, I'd also want to do it myself.
      but on the other hand, I am so keen on the individuality of my dolls, I probably don't want them looking like anyone at all, at least not purposely. I want them to be unique and fully functional as individuals in my house.
    5. I don't even have a favorite celeb - and even if I had I wouldn't want him/her to my room o_o And I want my dolls to have their own characters and looks. But I could mod my own dolls to celebs myself for a while, that might be fun ^^
    6. If I could get my hands on, say, an Elfdoll Wu and mod him to look even more like Gackt?

      I'd be tempted to sell him to an even more insane fan than I. ^^;; Then do it again so I can have one to molest... I mean love! Love! Love like I love Gackt! >.>; <.<; Yeah.
    7. hahaha the actors i like are too undolllike for dolls to exist of them, but i couldn't pass up a Poirot doll XD

      on the other hand, keeping a doll that looks like somebody in real life kinda creeps me out a little, so i wouldnt keep him for that long, just take a few pictures and perhaps resell. Its like having that person in the room with you...and i certainly wouldn't want the company of my fav. actors with me at all times @____@
    8. I agree with the others that don't have favorite celebrities enough to want them in doll form. My dolls are based off of my own original characters that I've had for years, so I don't feel worried that I'll lose interest in them like I would with a known person or even a character from a book or movie or cartoon. I also agree with illyrimur, it would creep me out to have a doll of a real person.
    9. Vladi already looks liek Kozi. I did that on purpose ^-^
    10. Hmm...I wouldn't buy a doll modded to look like any celeb, I prefer my dolls to be their own characters. I don't really have a fav like some of the others have said. It would also kinda freak me out if there was a doll that looked like a real identifiable person in my room.
    11. I'm not much into celebraties, so no, I would pass on that.
    12. I would DEFINATELY. It might be considered obsessive, but there are some people that I would love to have with me at all times, and I simply can't due to distance and social status (even with my best friends!)
      If it were possible, I would definately go for it.
    13. I totally agree with Chiquitita!
    14. Nope. Can't think of any celebs I like enough to want hanging out in my house ;)
    15. ...omg. Kevin Bacon in doll form.

      good lord i'd die in pure happyness.
    16. Nope. But I'd make one myself. When I'm rich enough... right now I just want to get the dolls that cover all my own characters.
    17. No, i don't follow celeb stuff really, wrestling would be cool though, mmm, randy orton doll. ^^
    18. Only if it was a Scarlett Johansson doll. :aheartbea

      Ok. Well.

      I wouldn't buy one that someone deliberately modded to look like a specific celeb...but if I found a certain mold that was generally consistent with, say, Scarlett, on its own...I might buy it because the features would appeal to me on a general level. But I wouldn't set out to make it look like her and then name it after her and all that. But to each their own! :)
    19. *huggles mini Macca*

      Ofcourse. Paul is my love. But I'm doing him myself because I don't trust anyone else to carve him up.