Would you buy for your doll a wig of dog hair?

Aug 22, 2016

  1. May be

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  2. Never

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    1. Currently i got hair of Yorkshire terrier.
      The hair is wonderful - soft, silky. It is great for making wigs of elderly characters.
      I hope i even will be able to remove the dog's smell of the hair.
      Still, i'm not sure someone will buy a wig with the lable 'dog' on it.
      (Don't get me wrong, the dog is still alife, it is only it's hair i use ))) )
      What do you think?
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    2. No... Just... No...
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    3. I love that people are going to be grossed out about this. ITS HAIR. Its just like using alpaca fur. If cleaned and well made, i dont see why not at all. Go for it girl!
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    4. I even really hate all the mohair and alpaca ones. Synthetic fibers all the way imo. SCIENCE!
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    5. My worry would be where it came from and the wellfare of the dog since it's not a typical farm animal...did you collect it from your own dog?
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    6. I see people using dog and cat fur for knitting so why not =))))))
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    7. That is a good point though. Magical synthetic!

      Thats a good concern i agree with!
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    8. Omg people use dog and cat hair for knitting? My mind was just blown. How? 0.0

      Anyways, my initial knee jerk reaction was hell no. I personally find the smell of dog really.. Doggy. Just.. I don't enjoy it. Also every dog I've pet isn't soft like a cat or the hair is really poofy and I can't see it sitting nicely.

      After thinking about it, though. I would be curious to see results and then decide. XD so long as it doesn't smell like dog. Main concern. Yup.
    9. Why isn't there a "yes" option on the poll?? I'd definitely buy a dog hair wig. Why not? It's hair. I bet it styles really nice. I have a neighbour who has the most gorgeous pure white Samoyed and she feels like a warm cloud of happiness. I bet her trimmings would make a lovely wig!

      As dogs are companion animals and not farmed, this would be the absolute opposite of my concerns, honestly - it's coming from a beloved, looked-after, happy animal. Industrial farming doesn't necessarily prioritise an animal's happiness and contentment. I'm sure it'd be fine! It'd have to be an extremely unusual situation for the dogs to be unethically farmed for fur..!
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    10. You'd hope so, but I can definitely see an over enthusiastic person plucking or shaving their dog bald to make wigs ! People do crazy and unsafe things to their pets sometimes. At least the alpaca mohair industry is regulated, and it tends to have pretty high welfare standards as far as farming goes (I am sure there are exceptions).
    11. Im saying no. However i have a yorkie and if one was to make a wig of this hair its not bad for ppl who have allergies as they are hypoallergenic. They also have human like hair so they dont shed which is also great for hypoallergenic. But that means this dog will be groomed and trimmed to get the hair. My guy loves the grooming hates the trimming makes him sick to his tummy everytime.
    12. For me is like alpca fiber ;) I will even say that alpaca fiber smell much worse than a dog
      the most important thing is about nice looking wig. And if the fiber is good quality than why not ?
      Some people may think is gross but I am sure that when thay will see a beautifull wig and that other people are buying tham, some day thay will also like it .
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    13. I see no problem in using dog or any other animal fiber if it is clean and fits my goals. By the way it is very hard to find good fiber! Goat is too wavy (especially unfer the rain), alpaca is too thin and tender, lama is TOO wavy, what else? Faux fur is short, wig-fiber is thick and looks bad for me.
      Yorkshire looks good? Okay, let it be! :3nodding:
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    14. Have you tried yarn?
    15. @HunnyBunny yes^^ And I still lookin for another material... :sigh
    16. The imagination of your dog sitting next to you and asking "wth are you doing with my hair?"
      While an alpaca would be happy about the weight loss.

      There are things you just don't do. Threads like this lead to questions, why not use my own hair. And then, which part of... :sweat
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    17. I really like yarn. If you buy a soft brand and use a pet brush gently then flat iron it on a low temp it looks really nice. Considered making them for people i know who have dolls.
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    18. @HunnyBunny I will try again :) thank you for the tip! :)
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    19. Your welcome try youtube and kinda shop around to see ine you like best even if its yarn wig for a human youll get the idea. Also i turn mine into wefts after brushing out and straightning i can make a msd size wig in a day.
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