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Would you ever buy an outfit for your bjd that costs more than the doll itself?

Oct 24, 2010

    1. Whenever I surf Yahoo!Japan, I'm always super-stunned by the quality of some of the bjd clothes that are offered there. There are some amazingly talented seamstresses with some truly amazing stuff up for auction. But equally amazing to me are some of the bids these things go for. OOAK outfits by Sweeney or Siojimomo have been known to sell for more than the cost of an SD - BJD (+$1,000 USD!).

      So that being said, I have to throw the question(s) out there -

      Edit: To tie this into the debate forum:

      Is it 'right' to spend as much on an outfit as on a BJD?

      Would you be (or have you been) willing to spend as much on an outfit for your BJD as for the BJD itself? Why or why not?

      If your answer is no, where do you draw the line?
    2. Well, I prefer to sew for my dolls myself, it's a part of the hobby I enjoy, even if I'm not so good at it still. But at the same time...if I decided to BUY clothes for my dolls...there are a few where it wouldn't be hard at all to spend more on an outfit than the doll itself cost. Partially because clothing of the style and detail I'll consider buying is in the $100-$300 range (not that I've found any that I had to have enough to buy them) while some of my dolls cost about $100. (what can I say...I favor RS and BBB dolls for sculpts and resin...even owning dolls from other companies...and I like all sizes, so a few of the smallest I want will be under $100, even)

      So...yes...I can see, when I can afford it, and find the PERFECT outfit for a doll, possibly spending more on the outfit than I spent on the doll itself. But unless it was an SD sized outfit, and INSANELY intricate with a TON of tiny details, I don't see myself spending more than a couple hundred on an outfit. And even that...well, it takes a LOT to get me to consider actually buying something instead of just trying to make my own outfit inspired by what I saw and loved.
    3. Been there, done that, worth it.
      Payed $71 for the doll and roughly $100 for an entire outfit for him.
      Doll looks like a million bucks now. n_n
      I draw the personal budget at $100 though however I can see how outfits can be worth more.
      Certainly if I had enough disposable income I would definately invest in the finery I've seen. They are exquisitely crafted works of art.
    4. Would you be (or have you been) willing to spend as much on an outfit for your BJD as for the BJD itself?

      Willing, no. Have I? Yes. I made an early morning mistake of not entering all the
      zeros into my Yen conversion and was thrilled when I discovered I had won a
      beautiful Honey Meryl outfit....why on earth did nobody else bid???? Perhaps
      because it cost $350? :o:lol::sweat
      Lesson learned, never bid while tired, and always triple check if needed.
      But I adore the outfit, even if it did almost cause me financial ruin :doh &
      it's actually the ONLY outfit my Unoa wears even 1 & a half years later:)

      edit: at least my Unoa cost more than the outfit, good or bad.
    5. It really depends on the doll you have. In my case I am saving up for SD lieselotte, and she costs $+1,000. I don’t think I would ever buy an outfit more expensive then her because that is a heck of a lot of money XD. I think I would draw the line at 200$ for an outfit. I just wouldn’t see the value in an outfit costing more than 200$, unless its made out of silks, gold, and diamonds, haha.
    6. If it was something awesome that I couldn't make myself then sure (like armor) but I have yet to see any clothing that I couldn't sew myself.
    7. Would I buy an outfit like that? Unlikely, but possible.

      I'm actually worse when it comes right down to it -- I'd probably spend hundreds or more on materials to make an outfit for them myself and then never get around to it. There's long-standing precedent in my costume 'to do' pile, including $2500 worth of supplies for a gown I finally realized I was never going to actually make by the time I managed to assemble all of said supplies. (It took seven years.)

      For all the folks who think that making it yourself is saving tons of cash... not always so. Oh, mercy, not always so.
    8. Me? No, absolutely not.
      The maximum price would be 30-40 euros/bucks for me...
      But then, I'd rather make my own clothes.
    9. I've purchased an outfit that cost the same amount as my doll's body before (DIM/AoD hybrid, body cost $200, paid the same amount for an HZ outfit + shoes for him). However, that is where I draw the line. Most of my doll's outfits don't cost more than about $40, sometimes up to 60. Thing is, I cannot sew clothing, only embroider, so I would get some plain premade clothing and pretty it up if that is what I wanted for them.
    10. Well the most I have ever spent on an outfit is $230, which was a commision. The doll I purchased it for cost me $330, so not too far off. Unfortunatly, I no longer own that doll and have no other dolls who can wear it either. Worse part, I can't bare to part with it despite non of my dolls being able to wear it.

      Now, would I ever spend more on an outfit that a bjd? The lowest priced BJD I have is a $450 tiny ... and I can say that I wouldn't spend $400+ on an outfit. I draw the line at $200 lol
    11. I justified buying my first doll by saying I'd sew all her clothes, so no, I wouldn't. I try to only buy things I wouldn't be able to make myself, like shoes. Then again I'm new to this hobby so my opinion will probably change ;)
    12. Kind of depends on how much the doll cost. I have a maximum of what I'm willing to pay for a (commisioned) outfit. Any outfit; doesn't matter if it is for an SD or a tiny. So, unless the doll costs less than $250... I don't think so.
    13. Well, no. That's why I decided to learn how to sew my own clothes. I don't think I'd pay more than $60 on an outfit. I do think some AMAZING masterpieces worth $200+, but I wouldn't pay that much. I'd rather have an army of naked dolls instead. :lol:
    14. Can and have. I sew a great deal, I know the value of a full outfit in terms of working hours and sheer blood, sweat and tears so if it's something I know I don't have either the skill or patience to make, or that would cost me more in fabrics than it would to buy already made, then yes, I will buy it.

      I'm not sure this is really a debate, it's more of a discussion on personal choice in how you enjoy the hobby surely?
    15. Absolutely not, because I am such a cheapo sometimes xD But also because I don't see the logic in buying something someone has priced as more valuable worth than my doll. I simply couldn't justify it.

      I make my future doll's clothes! ^0^ If I didn't have the sewing savvy, then I guess the absolute MOST I would spend on an outfit is $100... (before shipping and handling and such) ... but it would have to be a really good outfit!
    16. Agreed. You can hardly discuss someone's opinion and preference. (well, you could, but don't know what's there to gain)
    17. No, partly because clothes THAT expensive are usually limited and I NEVER have money on hand and partly because I'd rather buy another doll.
      I lurk on the market place and make my own clothes~
    18. Probably not. I'd rather have another doll for that much money, or perhaps, something for myself.
    19. I'd rather use the money to buy another doll than an outfit, even if I do think the clothes looks amazing.
      My maximum limit would probably be around $50-$60 including shoes.
    20. Yes, and have! D: It gives me more enjoyment to have my dolls dressed beautifully than having more dolls, so I do willingly buy an expensive outfit if I really like it.

      Plus I'm a clothes whore. =A=