Would you ever do a duo cosplay with your doll?

Sep 6, 2019

    1. I've seen threads about making cosplay for your dolls and owners being cosplayers themselves, but I didn't see a thread like this! (I'm sorry if there is one or I'm posting in the wrong area!) But I was curious if you would ever do a duo or couple cosplay with you dollies! ⍢ Would you bring them to a con or photoshoot only?
    2. I would *love* to have a doll that I could cosplay as Misaki and the doll as Hikaru from Angelic Layer. I think after I get all my current dolls paid off, she might have to be next.
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    3. I remeber years ago some one had a Baron Von Gikkening doll that she cosplayed as Haru with.
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    4. I've always wanted to do this because I think it's adorable! Even if it's just matching lolita dresses or cute complimentary outfits, not necessarily characters from anything, I think it's adorable to match up with your doll. :D

      I've actually scene quite a few Sebastian and Ciel's from Black Butler with doll counter parts (both BJD and Pullip dolls) and I love it so much! So cute!!!
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    5. My doll and I both dressed up as Effie Trinket from Hunger Games for a BJD convention. I had fun making both costumes.
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    6. That could be really fun! The appeal for me would be in portraying characters where there's canonically a doll involved. I'd love to do a costume of the Russian folk heroine Vasilisa the Fair and her magical doll. Or some kind of female Rod Serling with a BJD Talky Tina, from The Twilight Zone.
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    7. I kind of have? I made a mini version of my cosplay for my doll, although we didn't go to a con both wearing it. In case you're curious, I show it in a video here:
      I really want to do more cosplaying with my dolls! Although I've somewhat stopped cosplaying since getting into the doll hobby :P
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    8. Ive cosplayed with my dolls once or twice.

      I used to cosplay Sailor Moon and dressed a doll up in a Luna inspired outfit to match with me. :D
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    9. My doll has Shinku’s outfit from Rozen Maiden but I don’t think I could really cosplay Shinku. Although I might be able to cosplay the main guy character, he’s plain and I already wear glasses lol.
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    10. I never did 'proper' cosplay, I always made up my own costumes. I think it could be fun to make something where the doll as a doll is incorporated, in the way that some people carry around plush dragons on their back or use marionettes. You could use a doll as a Tinkerbell; if you have a tree costume the doll could be sitting in the tree (Lord of the Rings Treebeard, anyone?), things like that seem like nice opportunities.
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    11. That would be awesome! Angelic Layer is still one of my favorite early Clamp series and BJDs are basically perfect for the concept.

      Amazing job on the mini cosplay! I do a lot of Hanzo myself and now I'm tempted to make a McCree for one of my boys to match lol

      I definitely want to cosplay with my dolls in the future! Coordinating cosplays with other people has been tricky in my experience so it's nice to have a willing partner on hand haha
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    12. I did once with an off topic doll years ago. I was Aerith Gainsborough and he was Vincent Valentine.

      I’ve been wanting to do it again at the next con in November. I’m thinking either doing an X-men theme with me as Rogue and my girl Marley as Storm, or a South Park super hero theme with me as Call Girl and two of my boys as Super Craig and Wonder Tweek. I already have their costumes!
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    13. AAA in still surpised people know of that anime!!I can't wait to see when you get the project done!! Aaaa!
      I bet you guys looked so good!! I love seeing people combine two hobbies they love!
      AA You did such a great job making her into Mercy!!! I love they way she looks! Also I can understand stopping lol both hobbies are really expensive all on their own!

      I love Rozen Maiden so much so I'm glad to see others have dressed their dolls like the dolls! I wish you luck if you do end up cosplaying him!
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    14. Recently, I acquired a Hatsune Miku, so now I have been debating back and forth on cosplaying with her. It would be waaaaay easier to coordinate with a doll than a human person, and the added bonus of having a reason to carry around a doll (not that I ever NEED a reason but it helps with strangers). I just worry about conventions and keeping her safe.

      Maybe I'll just cosplay at home XD
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    15. Hmm... well, Nano (from Togainu no Chi) is my fav character. I am looking to shell out Nano and Akira, and I also cosplay Nano... so I suppose we would wind up matching with all of the same outfits by default, especially since I've been saving scraps from my cosplays to make BJD clothes. :D I'm not sure I'd ever bring him around with me at a convention, though, because the dolls I'm looking at are big 70cm+ models. They have the most variety and I'm picky. However, I'm also in the process of customizing Nano and Akira nendoroids, and those are small enough to carry around in my Nano itabag (well, ita-briefcase, really), so I may have little mini dolls with me at cons soon regardless. :D
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    16. AA I'm sooo happy to see another N+C lover!! I can't wait to see when you finally get to shell them out and everything! They will look so beautiful!:...( Yeah I think the nendroids would be much easier to carry around then a 70cm bjd LOL. Even so that would look amazing and I hope to see your plans happen!
    17. as of now i don't own a doll just yet, but i love the idea of doing a cosplay with them! i have been interested in cosplaying since i was a bit younger, and lately i have been thinking about how cute it would be to carry around a tiny cosplayer along with me - also, i'm sure it'll be fun making a small costume with neat little details.

      in particular, i would like to make monster hunter world + final fantasy centered cosplays. and perhaps some anime ones as well! i think this is such a cute idea, i'm happy there are others who think so too c:
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    18. Yeeeears ago (like 7) I went to a con with Chaeri dressed as "Other Girl" from the Creamsicle meme. I was "Normal Girl".
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    19. Hmm I don't think I'll do a cosplay, but it will be fun to match like casual outfits! I like seeing photos of people and their dolls doing cosplay or matching!
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    20. :XD: I love it, that's great!