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Would you ever Face Up a Limited Edition Doll?

Jun 19, 2016

    1. I was just curious if anyone has ever done, or considered doing a feceup on a limited edition doll? What are the community thoughts on this?

      I accept sometimes you may end up with a second hand doll that is a limited edition but may not be your ideal look, but do you think it's okay to give a limited edition a faceup?
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    2. Is the limited edition doll in question one that belongs to you?
      If it is, then it is 100% OKAY to do WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT.
      Give it a new faceup every week if you want. Mod it. Play with it constantly.
      Or, keep it pristine, hardly ever touch it, keep it behind glass. Whatever floats your boat, man. Doesn't matter if it's limited, or if it's a super popular non-limited. Doesn't matter if there were 5 ever made, or 500 and new ones being ordered every day.
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    3. 99% of dolls I buy blank, regardless of if they are limited or not... so yes. :daisy Plenty of folks give face-ups to their LEs. This hobby is all about customization, so if you want to paint your LE, I say go for it!
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    4. Most of my dolls are LE for some reason and all have custom face-ups. I don't think it's considered bad form. To be honest: Even if it were, they're your dolls, so in the end it's your decision :).
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    5. Would and have... I did the faceups on both Teacup and Kaedae (my open-eyed and sleeping Elf Shiwoos-). Like Silk said, if it's your doll it's your choice.

      Aside from limited sales where the faceup and costume are the ONLY things making the doll different from a standard (Dolls like CP's old Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo, for instance, who was just a better-dressed and differently painted example of the common sculpt-) and a few unusually picky purists holding on to the "Mint in Box!"-sensibilities they brought in from fashion doll, action figure or other collectibles hobbies, I've never seen anyone grumble about Limited dolls being given custom faces.
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    6. All my dolls have custom face-ups, limited ot not. I live this hobby by the saying "do what you want cause in the end you paid money for the doll and are allowed to do with it what you want".

      Though as previously already said, I have never seen anyone grumble about limited dolls with custom face-ups.
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    7. Why not? Do you think it is a bad idea? When people buy dolls without face up , in my mind they try to make their own character and it is not bad. If you think that "first" face up is a bad idea for a limited doll...well, owner can clean it up. So there is no problem at all)
    8. Definitely. I have a couple of non-basic dolls in my crew, and they all have custom faceups. Except for the latest addition to my crew; I'm still trying to get a feel of his overall style before I send him out for a new face. To me, I get dolls for their sculpts and not their official "looks". So faceups and outfits that comes with a limited doll aren't that important to me. I'm the kind who would wipe off a faceup even if it's on a one-off doll. haha

      However, I do know a couple of collectors who try their best to keep their LEs in mint condition. These dolls are usually kept for display and photography purposes and do not really have any character or personalities.

      So ultimately, it really depends on what kind of collector you are. :)
    9. I also modded limited dolls ;) *gasp*

      Serious: you have some people who are keen on keeping limiteds the way they are, but this hobby is pretty open towards customizing most of the time.
      Face-Ups are not permanent (they can be damaged, fade, sealant yellows etc.), blank limited heads can be ordered and the hobby is all about making the doll “yours“ anyway.
      Unless you are a collector who wants their limited releases to stay the way you got them from the company there is no reason to not change a few things.

      I think more people have a few sculpts they rather not see modded (because it's already very hard to get that certain face the way it was released), but default face-ups are not that important to the majority here.
      You see that more with the Dollfie Dream crowd, but the whole full-set thing is handled differently there anyway.
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    10. Of course. I don't believe BJD's are meant to be preserved to their original look, especially since resin isn't material that lasts forever. There's no reason to keep a face-up if you don't like it, doesn't matter how special or rare it is.
    11. Look, people destroy expensive things that they own all the time. Giving a new face-up to a limited edition doll is not necessarily destroying it (in fact, if the faceup in question is fading, chipped, whatever, it's just good maintenance) but it CAN sometimes negatively affect the resale value of the doll. So it depends on if that's an issue or not.
    12. My first ever doll was a Luts Yul Satyros with the face-up and the blushing and everything. Recently, I wiped his limited edition face-up and gave him a new one. Why? Because I didn't love him with the old face-up anymore and it was breaking my heart. It took me ages to work up the courage to wipe him, but at the end of the day I never intend to sell him, so the fact that he didn't have a face-up I love just because I was worried about resale value was stupid.
      It's all about doing what you're comfortable with, based on how you want to enjoy the hobby. For me, my dolls are creative outlets and things to play with rather than collectors pieces, so as long as I'm happy with them, that's all I care about
      (though I did take a bunch of pictures of his old limited face-up so that if I wanted I could recreated it or get someone else to recreate it)
    13. Definitely, yes. I would in a heartbeat. I got into this hobby for the customization aspect. If I want a sculpt but the faceup isn't quite right, I wouldn't hesitate in changing it.
    14. Yeah, why not? It's the sculpt that's limited edition, not the faceup itself. Even if the faceup is too, with proper pictures a faceup can be reproduced.
    15. One of my floating heads is a limited. His faceup was modded by the original owner already, and while I like it, I plan to have it changed because it does not match the character the sculpt itself is for.

      Modding, painting, or whatever on a limited doll is just as okay as it is a regular doll. It's your doll; you do as you want with it. Whatever lets you get more enjoyment out of your dolls.
    16. Depends. Usually for LE, I must love her/him for a whole doll. Not just any special like faceup/costume/etc. In this case, Volks LE will be my enemy since I don't like their default faceup :(
    17. Yes, of course it's OK to do that - it's your doll once you've bought it, you can do what you like with it.

    18. Yup! I would definitely put a custom face-up/my own face-up on my limited dolls :chibi
    19. I've done it before & I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
    20. Absolutely!

      It doesn't make a difference if my dolls are LE, discontinued, or standard basics. I buy them to shell my OCs, so it's important that my dolls look like my OCs. My dolls are for me to enjoy, not to be investments.
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