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Would you ever pay a LOT of money for a face up?

Nov 2, 2010

    1. Seems like a stupid question, but would you?

      Or does it depend on how the face up looks?

      Would you ever attempt to do a face up yourself?

      What's your price limit for face ups?

      I'm just so curious. :D
    2. I suppose it depends on what you consider a lot. I've paid over $100 for a faceup on a few occasions. Once I felt the work was not worth the price tag, and I was quite satisfied with the others. I suppose $150 is around where I start feeling like it may be too much, and for that price the work has to be exquisite. There are a couple of artists, however, I would happily pay more for simply because I love their work that much.

      I know a lot of people consider $50 expensive, but I think it's often a bargain price for a well done faceup.
    3. I paid around $100 for the face up I think it worth for money. But some time I did face up myself depend on the size of the face. I had no problem with face up on Yo-sd size. I don't know if it beautiful but I like it :)
    4. I paid around $80 to have my Soom Sard's face, horns and hooves painted. Now that is good value! And the quality was wonderful! (However I was lucky as the artist decided after this not to do any more hoof painting as it was too big a job for the money.)
      To charge over $100 for a face-up (or any high amount) is a skilled artists prerogative of course but I don't think I would pay that much unless it was a big job. I especially wouldn't pay that much for an overseas artist as then I have shipping to worry about as well. So, for a face alone I would probably set the bar around $50 unless the quality of the artist was incredible and they are in the UK :)
    5. Would I? I have more than once LOL. Cristy Stone charges $150 and does an amazing job. She painted two of my Peakswood girls. SDink is also in the same price range and again more than worth it. You can see Alice in my avatar, she painted her. I think price definitely goes with good artists if there work is in high demand. I have my favorite artist (who I will not name out of fear of never being able to get in again) who is less than both of those and does just as good of a job, it is only a matter of time till she is at the same rate. I think if you have the funds and you love the artists work you will pay the price no matter what.
      Val Zeitler is another I adore who's face ups are in high demand. I couldnt leave out Val.
    6. Since I do my own face-ups and like doing it, I'm not that likely to pay others to do it for me, but just like with commissioning a painting for your home, sometimes people commission a piece of art and they want to pay for the skill, creativity, and sometimes even name of an artist.
    7. I'd spend up to about $150 per face-up, I normally expect to be paying about $80-$100 since that's the range most of the artists I like charge. I'd say it's worth every penny. I'd never attempt my own face-ups, dealing with paints and brushes makes me nervous and I'd say the supplies are a waste of money for me.
    8. I usually just pay for the face-up I like, if there is more then one option. I've never thought about doing my own, I'm not that artistic. My wife has done a few face-ups for her dolls in the past. They turned out alright... I'm kinda scared to try it...
    9. Im' getting my first doll with default makeup and the cost to come with a faceup is about $50.
      That's about all I would pay, anything over $100 is too much IMO.
      But I know that it's definitely a fine art, and I"ve seen some doll artist that are simply amazing! and well damn worth whatever it is they charge.
      Personally I just wouldn't pay over $100.
      I don't have much experience with faceups but I would much rather put in practice for myself than pay. Part of the reason I'm getting a doll is so I can work on her, not pay someone alot of money to do that for me. ^_^
    10. Coming from someone who does faceup commissions, I'd have to say - when I first came into the hobby, I'd have thought it was ridiculous to pay over $100 for a faceup.
      But now that I'm into the hobby and have grown to appreciate talent and brilliance that simply can't be imitated - Some artists are truly incredible.
      It takes imagination to enhance a mold, and some styles really have my heart.
      It is likely now that I would. LOL.
    11. I've always really liked the look of most default face ups, I think it would take ALOT for me to remove it. But I'm more into the miniature clothes and accessories sides than the painting side. I guess it is one of those things where I would probably be too afraid to remove it for fear of not having something equally good or better afterwards, but then nor do I like the idea of being seperated again from my doll to wait for someone else to face up him/her for me! XD
    12. I think I'd max out around $50--that's about all I could budget for. I've done about half of my dolls' faceups. Of the two I've commissioned, one was $30, and one was a special $10 event, but she normally charges $25. I'm really happy with those faceups--a steampunk-fairy one from Arrowchild, and a Halloween tattoo faceup from Phantasmagoria--and both artists are quite affordable. I'd probably commission one of them again before I went elsewhere.
      I don't think $100-$150 is outrageous for an SDink or Cristy Stone faceup, or Ravendolls back when she still did them (sigh, I always wanted to commission her). I fully support artists charging more if they're in demand, but I can't personally afford it. I did once see a post on DoA where someone had tried to charge $1000 (not a typo) for a faceup. Can you imagine? It's ludicrous. I don't think they got it though.
    13. Personally my limit for a pricey face-up is between $50 - $65. There are some extremely talented artists here who charge for that amount and I do feel it's appropriate, upwards of that I begin to feel as though I'm starting to pay for a name and not for the actual work itself which could be rivaled by a somewhat less expensive artist.

      Also, even with the most beautiful of work I do tire of the same face-ups on my doll somewhat quickly and I'd hate to have to shell out $100s of bucks years after year because I constantly want them repainted. It seems like a waste as I'm not made of money and I need to be careful in which areas I spend it. That being said I do enjoy practicing on them myself as well so I also wouldn't want to give one a hugely expensive face-up and then feel I could never wipe it and practice on it on my own again.
    14. I've paid a couple of hundred to get a doll faced by a person I knew would get it RIGHT, but that had more to do with the shipping and customs charges than the cost of the actual paintwork. It's like anything in this hobby, it's all a matter pf perspective and where you choose to spend your doll allowance.
    15. Before reading this thread, I had never really thought much about what a faceup might cost becuase I have never paid for one. that said, I suppose it depended on the artist that was doing the faceup. My limit would be $200, but I would prefer to pay less of course. No, I definately would never ever attempt a faceup myself....
    16. Let me ask you this- did you ever think you would pay A LOT of money for a doll?

      Faceup prices, like the dolls, seem to be something you adjust to, unless you paint you're own, and then, I applaud you. I for one, have no artistic talent in my body. And would only paint a doll's head if it was some sort of sick torture. So of course I pay for faceups. When I first started this hobby, I thought some of the prices were insane. I couldn't imagine anyone paying so much for having their doll painted. But then, I also thought paying some of the prices for the dolls was insane. 3 years later, and my view has totally changed on all things doll related.

      I used to limit myself to $25-35 for a faceup. That was it. Problem was, I am so picky about certain aspects of a faceup. Especially eyebrows. I have very very very high standards when it comes to how my dolls eyebrows look. And it came to be very hard to find an artist who painted eyebrows to my liking, and could paint the rest of the faces in my favorite manners, in my price range. Especially within the US (because I really dislike the idea of sending my doll internationally for a faceup. It terrifies me).

      So I began to reevaluate my price range, and found artists whose work I adore as a whole. And I will happily pay the higher prices for these artists work (usually in the $50-$75 range, but I'd go higher if I really liked the artists work), because I get a faceup that is exactly how I wanted it. Is it a lot of money? Maybe to some. And sometimes the price seems a little higher than I would have liked it to be, depending on my finances at the time. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

      The way I figure it is- I payed a pretty penny for the doll, why not spend the extra to make the doll look exactly how I want? Because after all, it's my own enjoyment in the dolls that matter most.
    17. I have only one face-up done by a artist, and I think, for her skill, and the prices I sometimes see, her face-ups are not extremely expensive.

      However, adding the shipping costs, $70 is about my max.

      I'm not willing to pay all that much, and every time I look at the prices people ask, I get highly motivated to start practising for my own. Also, it's a risk, because the artist might misunderstand what I want.

      Maybe I'm just being cheap, but it's mostly the shipping fees and the possibility of getting lost in the mail that bothers me.
    18. I can see why people would pay "ALOT" of money for a faceup... I'm definitely not one of those. Not because I feel it's not worth it or anything but because I get bored WAY too easily and I know I'd eventually just wipe away all that money and do it myself. Faceups are really the most fun for me, my dolls get lots of new looks. n_n

      If I was to ever get a faceup I'd NEVER CHANGE FER SRS, I'd probably pay up to $100 for it but no more.
    19. I mostly paint my own dolls, but would not hesitate to pay a lot for a spectacular faceup that I could not paint myself. I feel the same about outfits; I would pay a lot for an elaborate outfit that I could not possibly make myself.
    20. If it's someone whose work I admire extensively (like artists that display their own distinctive painting style that I like) *ahem Kimsense ahem* :P I would. Hands DOWN I'd spill 150+ for their work. For me it's like a cross between buying ownable art and when you feel something is truly irreplicable - thats where I succumb and just spill the monies. :lol: