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would you ever take ur bjd with you on a roller coaster?

Aug 10, 2016

    1. as i was washing my little sisters hair this though popped into my head, and i chuckled a little at the thought of a bjd on a roller coaster. i wonder if anyone has attempted this or is going to now lol. its just a silly little question but id like you guy's input on it. :lol:
    2. The heck? XD; First of all, they'd never let you do that, unless you hid a tiny in your pocket or something. Secondly, NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.
    3. haha imagine someone trying to hide a 70cm in thier hoodie tho
    4. That'd be great to see though XDDXDD

      But personally, no because they're too expensive. Don't you ever see the ponds below roller coasters? They're filled with phones and wallets for a reason because things fall offf roller coasters :P
    5. Well I'm sure taking a bjd on the little kid rides would be fine, But bigger rides would be a big no. A lot of times on those I feel like I'm hanging on for dear life. I can't imagine trying hold on to a bjd on the rides that drop you from very high.
    6. xD like if you're a dare-devil you could strap them onto ur body(with duck tape) like one of thoes baby things. what a sight that would be tho~!
    7. I would never!! My precious pieces of art are not allowed even in public spaces, for fear of being endangered. A roller coaster seems down right ridiculous! Even if you forget the sentimental value, losing or breaking a BJD still would be a cost of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Although, it would make for some fantastic pictures...
    8. My first reactions is "WTF? NO WAY!" There could be so much damage, loss or just stress. I wouldn't even take my dolls to an amusement park for fear of theft or sun damage. I didn't even take my dollar store clearance flipflops on the last coaster I rode!

      But then.....I started thinking. I love LOVE abandoned places. Especially amusement parks. Sooooo.....if I could get a picture of Lakin on top of the defunct coaster at Nara Dreamland, I would absolutely go for it.
    9. Firstly, you would not be allowed to do so, unless it was a kiddie coaster. The attendants have orders not to allow people with loose objects on the coasters.

      Secondly, the g-forces on some of those drops would certainly cause parts like wigs or shoes or anything else on the doll to go flying off, never to be seen again, even if you strapped the doll to your body.

      Thirdly, the g-forces on some of those coasters would rip the doll out of your grasp if it was not strapped to your body, so tightly as to be uncomfortable.

      And you would never see your doll again. People are not allowed to go poking around in the area under the coasters after too many of them got killed looking for lost objects.
    10. Eh, well, no....as if I'd even ride a roller coaster! Mostly though, bad idea as others have said above. Interesting idea, as it has me thinking about remote controlled planes, model trains, mini hot air balloons....
    11. Why would you want to? :huh?:
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    12. Dolly would go a-flyin' in RL but it's funny to think of them being able to ride along all strapped in like real people, so I get the funny mental image. I wouldn't take my doll to an amusement park but I do believe I've seen photos of a man doll and his son on a ferris wheel, which was well done and cute. Maybe the tin Lizzies? Let dolly drive! In RL though, nope, no way. I agree with @CloakedSchemer that an abandoned park would be a cool photo spot.
    13. A interesting thought, but I'll pass on that one. With how fast some of those roller coasters go I'm sure it would knock the doll out of anyone's grasp, which would either fall apart when it hits the ground or it'll hit someone behind you in the face as it flies away.
    14. LOL. Definitely not a big coaster! Maybe a littler one with no upside-downs or super fast turns, if I had to. I'd be too worried about making sure nothing went flying off to actually enjoy the ride though!! A roller coaster that's not actually moving would make for cool pictures, however. That abandoned Nara Dreamland coaster is just... Wow :love
    15. Simple answer is no, as I generally do not ride rollercoasters, just the very smooth ones maybe. And this was more pleasant 25 years ago (yes, I am that old).
    16. OMG! Never in a million years. I'm so afraid of roller coaster. I guess too much Final Destination in my childhood :atremblin
    17. Imagining a doll strapped in with its arms up on a roller coaster ride creates a funny mental picture for me. But, I would be too paranoid of the doll getting broken, so I would never take a doll on roller coaster.
    18. I don't really see the point on taking it on a roller coaster. Besides she can go hold my place in line on a another ride while I ride the roller coaster. She can't do that if she rides with me.
    19. No way. I would not risk dropping any of my darlings. Even if they remained with me, the jostling around can't be good for them.
    20. nope nope nope no nahah no way nope nope nope
      .......mostly because i'm terrified of roller coasters and you couldn't get me on one myself let alone with one of my dolls lol.