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Would you get a Minimee of yourself?

Sep 26, 2009

    1. Or do you have one already? I'm just really curious! I was thinking it would be kind of amusing.:lol:

      (sorry if this is in the wrong place or is a duplicate:sweat)
    2. absolutely not! XD i'm ugly and so are my clothes. i really dont see the point of having a doll like that ô.o
    3. Nope. I don't have any desire for a Minimee of myself. :XD:
    4. LOL no waaaay... That would be creepy. "Hi! I'm me! And this is me too!"
    5. I minimee of my younger self might be interesting, but who'd want to do a group order with me? :lol:
    6. Ugh. No. It would be too weird. First off, I'm rather ugly. Second of all I could just not imagine toting around a little version of me....
    7. yes of course, that would be so much more adorable since it would be the skinny version of me haha... no but seriously, if it was a skinny version of me i wouldn't mind. but if it was like me as i am now... urm.... heck naw is what i'd have to say to that :sweat
    8. There is a similar thread (I think it's something along the lines of a doll in general looking like you, not necessarily a Minimee).

      But to answer your question, no, I wouldn't. I would feel weird owning something that looked exactly like me. I think some of my facial features might work as a doll since they're rather distinctive, but I also prefer cute faces for my own dolls, and mine isn't really like that.
    9. Haha, I was thinking it would be creepy...in a funny kind of way...I dunno.:)

      yeah, a Minimee of my younger self (MSD size haha!) would be interesting..:lol:
      (OT: actually my mom and I agree that I looked like Luts Junior Delf Lepus as a kid...then I told her Lepus was a boy and she went :?)

      Leenah: Oh right, I forgot about that thread..:sweat Isn't there an option where they will make the head more BJD-like, but it will only be 50% likeness?
    10. Although the concept would be interesting, I don't see a real point since I already have a long list of bjds that I want to purchase...no sense in adding yet another doll :lol:

    11. Honestly I think the only way I'd want to do a minimee of me is if it was my little self in yo-sd form or something of that nature. As of now, I think I'd be happier with no minimee of myself just coz it'd be weird to look at myself. Im fairly skinny and all, but still.....weirdness!!!
    12. No, no, no! I'm trying to escape reality by playing with my dolls. Besides, I look exactly like my late mother and I think a doll that looks like me (and her) would creep me out.
    13. No way! Seems a bit egomaniacal to me. Plus I can't say I appreciate my looks enough to recreate them with a doll.
    14. I thought it was creepy when Haute Doll had the articles on the woman got 10 Minimees of her daughter. Getting a Minimee of myself? No, it's way too creepy. :shudder If only due to the fact that people start stripping dolls' clothes off at first sight. ;)

      And this is way off-topic, but Blu3Rain, where did you get/make your doll sig? I want to make one like that for my kids.
    15. Well, Volks SD13 Megu sort of looks like me.. and I own her now :sweat Not because of the resemblance really, but she fits my ren faire lady/ faerie-esque model that I wanted in a doll.

      If I was to get a minimee of anyone I know, it would be my boyfriend :3 he looks like a doll already, so why not? xD He reminds me of Hound, actually. :3 Yep, I'd have a minimee (maybe not 100% likeness, but at least 50% likeness) of my boyfriend in all his handsomeness :daisy
    16. No. I'm cute enough, I guess, but getting a doll of myself seems like it would be weird. Also, Minimees of actors always look a bit strange to me--like they have human features on a doll head.
      Funnily enough, though, I'd be totally charmed if I saw a doll that happened to look like me. But probably not enough to buy it.
    17. No, I'm not sure what I would do with it--I like to make up stories and characters for my dolls, and I'm not sure what the heck I would do with myself.
    18. No, I wouldn't have any use for a doll that looked like me. One me's enough x]
      Plus: I don't collect female dolls anyway.
    19. It would be hilarious for the creepy factor, since so many of my friends are freaked by dolls, but I don't think I would spend the money on it ... Plus, I am not a huge fan of realistic looking Minimee heads.
      Maybe if I didn't have to pay for it I wouldn't mind getting a version of my cartoony self (I sometimes draw little comics about my friends and our antics), but only as a grumpy tiny.
      But otherwise? Yea, no.
    20. No, for the same reason as Taco. Self-insertion, except maybe as a side narrator, is more or less taboo in any story writing, and I wouldn't really know what to do with a doll looks like me. Could you imagine trying to mod a version of yourself? Creepy.

      I like the idea of some people starting orders for their own original characters, but I would find it a bit unnerving if someone bought a version of my head, or anyone's head, to have hanging around their house. :sweat