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Would you lie about your BJD?

Jan 25, 2010

    1. Are there certain people that you can not imagine telling about your BJDS? I mean all about them or/and how much they cost?
      Personally, I could NEVER tell my parents how much I will soon spend on a bjd. But I would gladly show my mom my doll.
      Go on and share stories about moments when you caught yourself avoiding the subject of your dolls. Just wondering <:
    2. I doubt very much that I would tell my friends and family how much my doll(s) cost, but they only have to read my blog to find out.

      I have always had unusual hobbies, and some darn weird ones too. Starting a new one like BJDs wouldn't shock them any, and as my grandmother (still alive and in her eighties) collects traditional dolls I think she might be impressed by them.

    3. I'm never going to tell my parents how much my doll cost me! I don't mind friends knowing though.
    4. I'm not a liar by nature, and I see no reason to lie about my dolls either. If someone thinks they're stupid/expensive/a waste of money, etc...well that doesn't affect my enjoyment of my dolls at all. I'm not going to go blabbering about my dolls to random people who aren't interested, but I wont lie if asked about them.
    5. Its funny I told my friends and one said "Dude your crazy you should buy a computer first.." and the other "I know how much you like it! You should totally buy one if itll make you happy." It matters on the person you tell, but for sure I COULD NEVER EVER EVER tell my parents. LOL:lol:
    6. No, I don't think so. Mostly everyone who has come up to me has asked the price in one way or another, and I tell them. They're shocked, of course but I suppose people have come to accept it. My mom bought a doll, and my aunt who is an artist wanted to start making Super Gem clothes is also getting one. Im excited for those!
    7. There are some people that it's just easier not to talk to about it. They don't understand. They don't want to. I'm not going to make them do something they don't want to.
    8. I Wouldn't tell alot of people I know about my dollys, quite a few people in my famiy know but I don't care what they say cause they're stuck with me anyway lol.
      Only my best friend knows the exact amount my dolls are worth, but my other friends all know the dolls price range is in the hundreds. They protest at the price but most of them have PS3's and Xbox 360's, so they've got no room to judge me rofl.
    9. Well, some of my friends certainly already know how much dolls cost because they already have dolls of their own. I have other friends who are interested in dolls as well, and they certainly have some idea as well. If one of my friends asked about a costs of things I'd certainly tell them.

      But, I would never tell my parents and I don't think it would ever occur to them to ask. I wouldn't lie about it, but I'd be as vague as I could. It's not like the price they assume I'm uncomfortable about is going to be more than the doll actually cost anyway. If I was buying a doll while living at home I might think differently.
    10. I would never lie if I was asked by a person I know. My friends/mom/grandparents know how much I spent (because I would not shut up about it XD) but they also know I have a job, and I can afford it. Anyone else that asks, I would probably just say that its very expensive and leave it at that. Some things are just not worth the trouble.
    11. There's a proverb over here that goes like "honesty lasts longest". If you have to lie about simple things like dolls to your loved ones, it's kind of sad.
      Having said that, I'm not going to blurt I'm holding $XXX worth of stuff to a stranger should that stranger ask how much my doll is worth. I'd just stick with "a lot". Sometimes I remain vague when people ask me how many dolls I have, but if the people close to me really want to know, I'll do a head count and tell them.
    12. My dolls were somewhat 'inherited' after my sister moved out and never took them with her ..... she never told anyone their price and I only found out the cost and about this place when a friend mentioned she knew what they were. For that reason I've not really told anyone because nobody has really asked me.

      If my mum asks, I'd tell her. If my dad did I'd probably lie. He's the kind of person that rants and complains about 'wasting' money on new clothes when the old ones are just as good (even if they're falling to bits and are three sizes too small). Telling him that my older sister spent $400+ on dolls, only to leave them behind, would probably cause him to have a heart attack especially as I plan to carry on buying them!
    13. If I decide to not share something about my doll, it would have to do with not wanting to have to explain myself on a constant basis. I get really tired of giving reasons on why I would spend so much on something "useless".

      So .. I don't really talk about them with your everyday person.
    14. I'm not a liar by nature, so I see it as a need-to-know basis. If someone asks me if I collect dolls (which seems a bit of a random question) then I'd say yes, but otherwise I wouldn't talk about it unless they're a close friend who's going to see my dolls anyway. And I wouldn't lie to them ^^
    15. Only to myself (this will be the last one i buy, i truely dont have enough outfits, if i get these new eyes i can sell the old more expensive enchanted eyes, so in the end i wont spend but make money on buying these eyes, if i buy enough of this material i can make a second one and sell it on the marketlplace so in the end the material will not cost as much etc etc).
    16. My friends at the gaming club know exactly how much my dolls cost. I dont raise my eyebrows when they spend 60 euros on 4 miniature tanks lol. We just complain together about the customs costs. They on their armies, I on my dolls lol.

      My mother knows the price because I let her see the sites often, my dad just knows its alot. My boyfriend flips out when he sees the price but lately he has become more mellow with it. He sees I enjoy them and compaired spending my money on useless paper as he says (my manga) this has more function lol.

      My best friend knows it too and she thinks its a lot of money but she says if its a hobby you make extra costs on it. She has a sewingmachine worth 1000+ euros lol so yea we both know it takes a lot.
    17. My AoD Zi Yuan, I'd have no problem telling my mother how much she cost. If I ever get the Iplehouse RS Yur I'm currently lusting over, no way will I say anything. I'll let her assume that the cost was similar.
    18. XD I told my mom what I was spending my money on and she just shrugged and said it was my money. XD I don't care about the cost, I enjoy it. My mom doesn't mind, but I've told others and they're like "Are you nuts?" "....Probably. ^-^"
    19. Its hard lying to my mother since I have to use her paypal to get the doll(s) and their outfits and such- and even if I use my own money she'll still bitch at me to try and dissuade me but hey, it could be a worse habit like drugs/alcohol am I right?

      As for my friends well, some I dont mind telling- others? I just avoid the subject, I know they wouldn't get it aha
    20. I don't tell lies (you lose serious Quaker points for fibbing) and in any case, I'm a very open person in general. I never really mind "personal" questions, let alone ones about possessions, and I tend to tell people what's on my mind, hurting other aside. Sure, most people probably think I'm being babyish and wasting my money, but I'm beyond caring at my age.

      Absolutely right. I keep trying to tell my Mum that about my baby brothers and their Transformers collection - she may not approve of them spending $200-odd on a new Transformer, but that's $200 that, unlike a lot of 17 year olds at their school, they're not spending on booze, cigs, weed or child maintenance. *_* Dolls are pretty harmless!