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Would you like to see more 50~55 cm BJD's?

Sep 20, 2009

  1. Yes, I would love to see more 50~55cm BJD's, specially boys

  2. Yes, I would love to see more 50~55cm BJD's, specially girls

  3. I wanna see boys and girl in sizes between MSD and SD!!

  4. I am not interested in this size

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    1. Yes, there are not a lot of dolls between SD and MSD sizes. Sometimes is really difficult to find 'short' boys and girls. There some tall MSD's like DIM ones... zaoll and DT elf are also in this range. But there is not a huge variety and some times MSD's are too small to be teenager characters.

      What do you think?
    2. I think companies should expand in this size. Other than Bobobie, I can't think of a company that has regular dolls in this scale, and even then, they only make 2 girls.

      It's quite a versatile scale, as you pointed out, being that it could be used to create a really tall MSD or a really short SD, which can be really handy for making certain characters. Considering so many companies seem bent on either going smaller and smaller, or really large, too large dolls, I'm surprised this hasn't been jumped on by someone yet.
    3. I know there are a bunch of people who want a shorter-to-match-with-taller partner in a mature body but don't want to go to 70 cm for the taller size. 50-55 is a great size to go with 60 cm, MSD heads fit and SD heads don't look like Pullips.
    4. I absolutely loooove this new size and am eagerly crossing my fingers that a few more companies will jump on board and create more! 2 of the last 3 dolls I have planned for my complete collection would fit absolutely ideally in this size range and given the limited options for them currently (especially boys) it's no wonder my working on getting them have been put to a standstill.
    5. I've thought about it a lot too, and it puzzles me that this isn't a common size. It's a perfect in-between for 60cm+ and 40-45cm. I actually drew out different possible doll sizes to-scale to each other on graph paper, to test something out, and found that having a 55cm, 45cm, and 35cm doll all next to each other scaled quite nicely together, to make an adult, teen, and child. I was thinking 'They could make a family' >w< .

      The reason I don't plan on getting a 60cm doll (which I'm a little sad about, a bigger size doll would be neat) is because I couldn't possibly hope to have it scale nicely with the 43cm and 33cm dolls I plan to get, and I want them all to look like they fit together. A 53cm would be peeeerfect. :sulksulk:

      Well, the BJD world is pretty hot right now, so maybe it'll become more popular, or something =P . Or maybe I'll just try and make one myself >w< .

      <3 ali
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    6. I would love it =O!

      Though I am happy with my 60cm, sometimes a character is just smaller and 45cm are just too small xP

      But after that we would need some good molds..... Each company should make a wide variety of size for their molds XD
    7. I like the idea of 'tall' guys and 'short' girls in dolls! I would love to see more mid-sized girls. Guys too, why not.
    8. Luts' Junior Delf is 56cm. <333 I love the idea of shorter boys and girls, since I have some shorter characters. c:
    9. If there was an a female I really loved around 50cm, I might consider selling my Tatiana and buying her.
    10. I would love a boy around 53 cm. My msd girl is 44 cm and I would really love a boy to pair with her that it taller than her. If there were more companies that made this size I would be very happy.
    11. I definiately want more of this size! I want one, but right now what's keeping me from even going for it is theres currently no sculpts I want, and even if their was, theirs almost no clothing or anything available yet!

      I think they'll gain some popularity soon, though. And we'll see more of them. :
    12. Yes, yes, yes - very much so!

      It's becoming more and more apparent to me that Mike just doesn't look the age he's supposed to be (around 10), instead looking about 4 years younger... Which is cool because I love babby-Mike, but regular Mike also needs a doll... Around 50 cm, and there aren't any boys at all. I'm considering getting a girl body and modding it, but... I keep on wondering why there's such a big gap between the MSD's and SD's, with very few sculpts to fill the gap.
    13. I would love a 50cm doll. I've seen the 70cm dolls, and while they are lovely, I think the size has kept me from buying one since I'm used to my MSD. But a 50cm is close enough that size wont be an issue for me

      *crosses fingers and hopes*
    14. I need a couple this size for my teen boys! At the moment it looks like I'll have to buy two Junior Delf bodies, though I would love a 52cm boy~!
    15. Not at all. It's just yet another size to try to find wigs, clothes & shoes for. Even though I love Zaoll Luv I won't buy her as she's simply the wrong size. I do wish companies would get back to releasing more standard SD size dolls rather than the 70cm+ ones that they seem to concentrate on now.
    16. I have mixed feelings about odd sizes; on one hand, like Gwydion, I wish dolls were standard sizes so they could share clothing and be in scale with each other, and on the other hand, I love diversity and like having dolls of different heights, just like real people. My collection of big dolls is built around my Dollshe guy (70cm) and I try to buy other dolls that look ok with him (he is very tall compared with my girls). I would be happy with new dolls in the 50-55cm range if their heads could be put on taller bodies if necessary to fit in with taller dolls.
    17. Of course I'd like to see more BJD's in ANY size! x D It's always good to have different options..! : D
      I would love to have a shorty sd some day :)
    18. I have one character that ~55cm would work perfectly for, but I'm willing to compromise on the size and make him taller to match the sculpt since the face is dead-on (a CB lance) ><;

      And it does eliminate the problem of having to buy more clothes, as people previously stated...
    19. It's nice that companies are expanding the range of their doll sizes but so far I haven't seen anything I'm interested in.
    20. I have a few 'short' doll characters that I would LOVE to see in this size! It would be awesome if more companies hopped on this bandwagon.