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Would you loan someone your doll or ask to borrow one?

Aug 24, 2008

    1. Okay question: You want to make an outfit to clothe a doll you have on lay-by so they come home to an awesome outfit... Would you ever ask someone if you could borrow their doll (same as your lay-by) to make the said outfit?

      If the roles were reversed would you ever loan someone a piece of your loved and prized collection?

      I'm really curious after a recent conversation with a friend who wanted a loan of one of my dolls for a TAFE project and has her first on lay-by from Soom...

      I'm interested in hearing about others thoughts and experiences with anything similar...
    2. I guess it depends on how well you know the other person. And whether or not it would require shipping the doll off or just taking it to a friend's house.

      As long as it wouldn't require shipping the doll off abroad, I wouldn't have much qualms in either borrowing a doll or lending someone one of my dolls. Again, as long as it was someone I felt I knew sufficiently well (and that could very well be an online acquaintance)
    3. I think that if its a tafe friend its not too bad because she is close by.
      But i think an international loan...
      Is abit more complicated.
      Their was someone who asked to borrow a doll on doa once...
      That was also a very complicated situation.
      Doll companys actually sell Body sized dummies for clothes making for all sized dolls.
    4. no. it is like borrow my panties to someone.
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    5. Well... one of my close friends and I share a roleplay world, and all of our characters are entwined with eachother, story and relationship wise. A lot of said characters are getting doll forms... so, for the sake of beautiful pictures, I would definitely 'loan' one of my dolls to her, and she would do the same for me. ...Despite the fact that she lives 2000 miles away. :]
    6. well it depends on who's asking
      and how far away the doll would end up.

      but then again i share an apartment with one bjd collector
      and it takes me 30-40 minutes to walk to the third bjd collector i know in person...

      but i don't think i'd like loaning one out to someone who's not living in the same town...
    7. Sure I would definately loan someone my doll for a while, now I wouldn't loan it to an internet friend halfway across the country but I certainly would to someone I knew personally who lived within driving distance. And yea, I wouldn't have a problem with asking to borrow someone else's doll but I wouldn't ask if it wasn't a good friend that I knew trusted me. I would never ask someone I had only met a few times at a meet or something, that would be an awkward position to put someone in.
    8. My friends and I loan dolls back & forth all the time.

      Right now, I have a friend's MSD Nasia & Orientdoll So Ji. Up until last month, a different friend of mine had my Dollzone Felian for a few months. One of them had my Sei Tenshi for a while after I first got her too (she was super excited for me, and it was heading into finals, so I had her stay there - she came home with new clothes too :D).

      When I was first starting to make SD clothes, a 3rd friend of mine let me borrow one of her dolls for a few months to get the sizing right.

      In all honesty, there's a group of 3-4 of us that are constantly borrowing each-other's dolls. Whether its for sewing/sizing or photographs or just a new face in the house, we do it quite frequently.

      I would NOT, however, send my doll to somebody I don't know IRL for them to borrow. That would make me too nervous >.<
    9. I don't let my dolls out of my sight.
      I let people play with them at meets, but would never consider lending them out.
    10. I would, if I knew that person somehow & knew she/he handles them nice.

      I have actually gotten a doll for loan for week, to make some necklaces.:) And I didn't even ask for it, though it was veeery nice of her. Then again, we knew each other IRL. XD
    11. It would depend on the person. I have a few friends that I would absolutely trust with my dolls.
    12. If I was there the entire time, maybe. It depends on the friend and if it's they've ever handled a doll before.
    13. I've been on both ends before. I've loaned my dolls out, and I've been temporary guardian before too. The first time I loaned out a doll was someone I saw regularly at meets, and she wanted to sew some boy clothes but didn't have a boy of her own. I was more then happy to lend her one of mine - she made me a lovely outfit for him as a thank you. I didn't worry too much about him. She's a dolly person, so I know she'd have taken good care of him.

      When I went away to Japan for a year, I took two dolls with me and my five other dolls went and stayed with friends in three different households. For the whole year I was away. I had no qualms about that either. I actually felt better about it, because I knew at least they wouldn't just be sitting locked in their boxes for the whole time and someone would be having fun with them.

      When I was the one looking after someone elses doll, it was a dolly sent to me from overseas. I'd never met his owner in real life, but I think it was a similar thing. We 'know' each other, and we know either of us would take care of a doll well. It was a lot of fun to play host, and I think fun for her to see her dolls in a completely different setting.

      On the whole, I guess it's to do with comfort zones. Maybe when I started in the hobby I would have been worried, but I guess I'm not so much now. And I guess I tend to be trusting of dolly people to know how to look after dollies properly!
    14. hmm this is a toughy.. my first recation was Nooooo!!!, because if very picking with my dolls being in the sun, and for them to be touched with bare hands ect, but then I thought, well I dont have many friends (and the ones that I do have are close ones and I trust them) so yes I guess I'd let a doll or two spend the day with a close friend (depending on the doll or course), probably not much longer then that because I would die of worry.
    15. my friend borrows my boys all the time to do her pants order. You don't persay need the EXACT doll to make the clothes, you just need the same body.. it just so happens in my group of friends we seem to have a very wide variety of doll bodies.. and even so, if you don't have the EXACT body, you can look up a measurements chart and find the closest ones and see if you have access to any of those!

      Personally, unless I knew the person as a friend, I wouldn't give my lend my dolls to them.
    16. I honestly don't know how I would feel if someone asked me to loan them my doll for any length of time. I don't know any other doll collectors nearby and all my dolly friends are internet friends whom I've never met.

      However a friend of mine in the US, again who I've never met in person, just through emailing back and forth, sent me her brand new Yoko Pocket Fairy, because she wanted me to make some jeans for her.

      Just out of the blue she emailed me, said she was sending her doll to me for a month, to spend Christmas with me!!!!

      I was worried sick that she get lost in the post on the way back, but thankfully she arrived home safely and seemed to enjoy her 6 weeks holiday with us here in Spain!!!
    17. My fiance (we do not live together) yes definitely.... there is only one other person, I've known him for 8 years and he lives in the UK (we've been together in person a number of times) and I would trust him with my life, so if he wanted one, I would certainly trust him with it. Not sure if I'd trust the postal service though, but if I could, I would send it over.

      I would only feel comfortable asking to borrow a doll from these two people as well if they had one I needed. I wouldn't lend my dolls to anyone else and I wouldn't want the responsibility of taking care of someone else's either!
    18. Yep, I've lent my dolls out to friends, both doll owners and not, and I've had dolls stay over before. In each case, we trust each other completely, and anyway they were all situations where the doll lending would benefit the other person in some way [someone going overseas, letting someone play with a doll since they don't have one, etc].

      I might have a bit of an issue sending my doll overseas to someone, though. Mostly because shipping costs so much. XD
    19. No. I'd use the doll measurements listed on the website (and any I'd find here on DoA) to make a welcome home outfit. If it was something that needed to be fitted, I'd wait until the doll was actually in my possession to attempt it.

      I have been the host of a 'traveling doll' once though (not a BJD). It was really fun - I had her for like, two weeks and took her to a few museums and did picture stories with her and my dolls so that the owner could share in the experience. Then off she went to her next two hosts, before making her way back home.

      I don't think I could actually send out any of my own dolls like that though. For one, you run the risk of one of the hosts being not that great (the second host of the doll didn't take any pictures, didn't communicate at all with the owner, took a month and a half to send her off, and it appears just let her 3-year old daughter play with her the entire time). For another, I'd be worried sick of the doll being damaged, or lost in the mail. Also, one person's idea of 'taking good care' of a doll might be sadly subpar to my own.

      LOL, I just remembered another person's traveling doll experience. She was hosting a doll (but a different one than I did) and when the doll arrived, it STUNK. Like, super bad, can't hardly stand to be in the same room as her. The poor host washed her clothes, and tried to get the smell out of the doll by keeping her in a bag with baking soda for a few days, but even that didn't work completely. So even as a host, you might be in for a few unpleasant surprises *_*
    20. Depending on who is asking....

      Friends whom I've known to be trust worthy - yes.
      People whom I do not know- sorry, no way