would you pay more for dolls and supplies that were in stock?

Jun 23, 2016

    1. having seen a lot of "complaints" or moaning about wait times for dolls and supplies (and having participated in a few of those sessions myself ;) ). i got to thinking about whether or not i would be willing to pay a premium to have those things pre-stocked so they would ship out as soon as they were ordered, or even better a local store that carries them, or whether i would rather wait and have them cheaper so i could buy more. keeping in mind that having prestocked items would be significantly more expensive since they would have to maintain inventory, which might or might not be the items actually ordered, so some might sit around for a long time, or even never sell, +plus there would be the cost/overhead of finding room for the inventory. would you

      be willing to pay more for dolls and supplies if it meant you could get them faster?

      just dolls or their accessories too and if so which kinds?

      what percent increase would you be willing to pay?

      or would you rather pay less and don't really mind waiting?
    2. I think it would really depend on the item. I don't really have a problem waiting most times but there are a few things I would pay more for. As an example, I would probably be willing to pay double (maybe more) if FairyLand re-releases MNF Shiwoo if it meant I could get him shipped immediately, but I've been stalking their site for nearly a year, waiting for him to be put back up.
    3. I don't mind waiting. Realistically, there are waaaaaay to many possible combinations for our dolls...resin tone, articulation type, bust size, face up options, etc....for any company to have everything available all the time. And if they *could* find enough artists to upscale production and enough warehouse space to accommodate storage; I think you're right in that overhead would be astronomical. And those additional expenses would most likely be completely passed on to the customers. I'd much rather put my $$ into resins and things for them than to pay a potentially hefty premium for instock items.
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    4. For me, the amount of time I wait for an item without getting frustrated is the amount desire I have for getting said item. I buy too many things on a whim just to have them now. (Ice cream NOW. Videogame NOW. New CD NOW.) And then once I have them, I realize that I probably could have waited, and it would have made the items themselves more significant to me. Having to wait for good quality items makes it all that much more appreciated in the long run, at least in my opinion.
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    5. I had situations when I saw promo pictures and fall in love with the doll, I want it right now, so I bought it on Mint's shop, because it was availible for purchase and was in stock, but I do not think that I will buy doll in stock if she will cost a lot higher that it is in on official site. So the answer is:
      1. I am willing to pay more only if price is not so high.
      2. Clothes too, I do not want to wait for clothes.
      3. 10 percents, not more.
      4. Depend on clothes and a doll.
    6. As impatient as I am, I would still pay the cheaper price, even going for a layaway option. I would still complain about the wait time and how I'm going crazy, but my wallet would thank me in the long run. Also as an added bonus the wait gives you time to collect wigs, clothes and accessories for your new doll so that by the time you get the doll you pretty much have a complete character!
    7. The only increase I could see paying is for expedited shipping to have an in stock item delivered tomorrow. Like, the item is $50 and I pay $15 shipping to have it here tomorrow instead of $5 for it to get here in 3 days, sure. But an extra fee just because something is in stock? No.
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    8. I would prefer to wait and pay less, its much better on the long run and I gives me time to get wigs, outfits, etc. And I can complain but I like the waiting, the excitement scaling as the time goes until it explodes when the doll arrives.

      I agree I can pay more on shipping, usually do since I go with EMS, but even so I don't mind choosing the shipping that takes 1 month if is free or has a significant price difference and still has tracking.
    9. I usually try to get my non-doll components (clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes) from USA based retailers as in-stock items because that's an area where I make more frequent purchases and I like the items to arrive quickly as I'm usually treating myself to something extra or want it very fast (eyes/ wig) to complete my already nearly finished character. Yes, I will pay more for these items but it's not really to wait less but to circumvent EMS shipping. If I can buy a wig from a retailer for $20 + $5.00 shipping or the company for $15 + $25.00 shipping, guess which one is still much less expensive even after the initial markup? :whee: Since I like the convenience very much I try to support these retailers.
      When shopping from retailers who keep in stock items I like to see a price similar to or up to 25% more than retail direct from the company. I don't like it when I see items marked up 50-100% no matter how long discontinued the item they have in stock is because I assume that dealers pay dealer rates which allow them to make a fair profit selling close to the normal retail price. I'm much more likely to buy accessories that have been marked up than dolls. Some retailers have sold out dolls at hugely inflated prices, but the dolls aren't recently sold out, they're 5+ years sold out (unpopular dolls from defunct companies in particular) . . and at that rate while it's not available new anywhere else the dolls are so old that I'm just not interested paying an inflated retail price, I'd rather look second hand to find it at original retail price maximum. Once dolls get to be a certain age I think it's pretty uncommon to have to pay more than they were new, unless it's from a coveted company.
      But sometimes I order directly from companies (for my accessories) because they have things I really like and if the shipping is very fast I continue to shop there repeatedly. Some overseas wig companies will have your package to your doorstep in no more time than it would take first class domestic mail in the USA. :loveThat being said, the last point is that I'll actually never pay more for expedited domestic shipping. I think our expedited rates are a big rip off. I can wait 3-7 days for my packages! I do however always always pay for EMS shipping because it has never failed me.
    10. If the company's projected wait time is 6+ months, I'd be willing to pay a dealer more for them to stock the item vs. an ultra long preorder. I don't want to pay the company any extra since I think 6 or more months is heinous, but I'd be willing to pay a premium for the dealer to actually feel financially secure enough to stock dolls.
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    11. I have paid more for an in-stock doll in the past, in that I have bought it from an American based dealer and thus paid a huge amount more in shipping. As a general rule I really don't mind waiting, it's not that big of a deal for me, but in that case, I desperately wanted a doll to use for a project and I wanted one that would arrive right away. Because that's what I was looking for, I didn't mind paying more in the shipping, I probably wouldn't be willing to pay an extra price on top of that just for the fact that the doll was in stock, because barely any in stock dolls are actually exactly what I'm looking for in terms of resin colour and without a face-up and I'd be annoyed to have to pay extra for a face-up and a dealer mark-up
    12. I can't handle ordering a doll and waiting months to get it. I can barely handle the two days it takes to get something here in the US with Priority Mail! (LOL). It's a lot of money to pay and then wait.

      So I try to find items already in stock or used items on the board or ebay. That sometimes means I buy something that isn't what I really want.

      I would pay more for a new item in stock here - how much more would depend on how bad I wanted it.

      The inability to purchase in stock accessories and dolls is my biggest frustration with collecting bjds.

      I think the factories should have more cast parts on hand. Then they would just have to finish them once the customer ordered. That would save some time.
    13. I'm really impatient, but I'm also thrifty. If I want something right now and there's a way to make it - I'll make it. If it doesn't look good enough, I'll buy it.
      My biggest fear of companies having dolls premade would be my lack of impulse control. I fall in love with doll's faces all the time. As a matter of fact, the doll in your icon keeps drawing my attention. Who is he/she, if I may ask? Knowing I have to wait helps tamp down my desire to have it.
    14. I'm willing to wait. As antsy as I get, I feel like this hobby is the closest I've ever come to that magical feeling I had as a kid waiting for Christmas or Halloween or just counting down the days to something exciting. It's very rare as adults that we get to experience any kinda of magical anticipation and excitement. So as much as I hate it, I also love it.
    15. Although I covet dolls from a few companies whose wait times could be described as brutal acts of torment, I have to say no, I wouldn't want to pay more for in-stock items. I really think it would need to be a scary increase in price to make keeping large inventories profitable for the doll companies. Everything is already so expensive, a steep "in-stock fee" would push a lot of items out of my reach.
    16. It really depends on the item and how long is the wait time. The longest I've waited for clothes/shoes/accessories from a company was a little over a month, but it's usually a couple of weeks. That's fine, and I wouldn't pay more to get it faster because I want to get as much as I can at one time.

      For a doll....it depends on the wait time. If it's under 6 months, I'd rather save some money and wait, usually. Or do a layaway so the doll is being made while I'm paying. But right now, I am interested in a Loongsoul doll, and I'm seeing that MintonCard is just now getting the order from last July. A year is too long for any doll, and I'd just not buy at all in that case. I do really want her, though, and if I could get one in stock for a little bit more, I probably would do it. HOWEVER, it depends on how much more we're talking. I would pay maybe up to $30 more. I know that might not be much, but I'm just not going to pay $100 or whatever to get a doll faster, especially when sitting in stock for weeks or maybe even months or years could mean damage to the box, yellowing, older outdated bodies, maybe dry rotted string.....It's great to get things fast, but they do come with a price sometimes. Sometimes more than just monetarily.
    17. hmmm, i hadnt even considered the yellowing\decay that could happen to in stock dolls. that's a really good point
    18. Yeah, the biggest problem with this idea is the aging of in-stock dolls. As we all know, dolls will yellow even if you keep them in their boxes. I once saw a box opening on here, for just a head that was in stock at some dealer. When the person received the head, the box it came in had mold on the inside. Not great either!!

      As for accessories... I'd be willing to pay more when they're in stock (at a dealer in my country). And some dealers do mark up the prices and I have bought from them, so I'm already supporting the idea. XD Clothes, eyes, and shoes all seem like something that will store well. But wigs, I'm not so sure about. Monique wigs come from the company in a box, with a wad of paper inside the wig, so they don't get squished. But when I buy them from a certain dealer, they come in a flat zip lock bag. Usually it's fine, but one time I got a wig that had clearly been in this flattened state for too long and it completely deformed the wig. That almost makes me feel like certain items should be discounted if they're in stock... because you don't know what kind of condition they're in from storage. x_x
    19. I'd be willing to pay more for in-stock clothes, eyes, etc. But not for the doll itself. For me, the fact that I'm willing to wait for the doll is related to the fact that I'm willing to pay a lot of money for the doll - if I could just get the doll off the shelf, right this minute, I'd be less likely to buy the doll at all. I would feel like, "I don't need to spend a few hundred dollars right now, because the doll's available. I can think about it. The doll will be here when I make up my mind."

      It's like the act of waiting is a sign of my commitment to the purchase. If I don't have to wait, I don't feel like I'm as committed. It doesn't make sense, but it seems to be true for me.

      But if I could get clothes and accessories off the shelf and have them immediately? I would leap at that chance.
    20. If I'm going to pay new-doll prices, I'd like my doll to be actually new. So I'm willing to wait for the company to make the doll. On the other hand, I like to get clothes, wigs and accessories quickly, so I'd be willing to pay a small premium for in-stock non-doll items. Say 10% or so.