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Would you sell a doll you're really bonded to?

Jun 13, 2008

    1. OK so its really really easy to get attached to a certain doll once you give him/her a name, a personality and have gone through trials with that specific doll. Even more when its your first doll. But sometimes life throws some curve balls that just can't be avoid. Like being in debt or having to suddenly move things of that sort. So what I'm asking is in a situation like that would you sell a doll even though you're extremely bonded to it because you desperately need the money? Do you also think it would be wrong to have a friend buy your doll temporarily? Meaning sell it to them, send it and then buy it back when you can afford to?

      Currently I'm in that sort of situation. I have no employment till July and I've been getting calls from many many bill collectors and a person who was supposed to pay these bills off for me bailed out at the last minute. So now I'm in dire need of money and the only thing I have to be able to get money with is my first boy, my Souldoll Killian TT___TT I can't bear to think of losing him forever but I've been getting threats of legal action if I don't pay within this month.

      I've bonded very closely with him, I mean right now he's off getting a wonderful new free face-up by Buff and I've been cleaning his body and changing his clothes constantly just because I want him to be whole again already. I was thinking maybe I could sell him to a friend during the Summer to pay these bills right away then buy him back from her in the Fall but would it be wrong to do that to someone? To put a doll in there care as if they're its owner then take it back from them?

      I really don't want to lose my Okisa but with the way things are going it seems I'll have to sell him :(

      EDIT 02/12/2009: Just to let everyone now I ended up putting him down as collateral for a loan from a friend. A lot of money issues followed but she was very understanding and patient with me paying back. Recently the loan has been fully paid off and he will be mailed back to me very shortly ^__^ Which means everything turned out well and he will be spamming the galleries again soon.
    2. It's really a tough situation to be in when one does not have a job and the bill collectors are calling wanting their money now.

      It has crossed my mind several times when I got laid off from my former accounting job. I started looking at my Belita and Yukinojo (my only two dolls at the time) and wondered which one of them would fetch me more $$$ if I sell them.

      Although, I was lucky to get a new job within a week of being unemployed.

      But it did cross my mind several times on selling the doll that I know would bring in money to pay the bills. I really didn't feel bad about it since I thought that if I'm going to be unemployed for a while, I may as well sell my doll(s) to someone who has the ability and resources to take care of him/her rather than stay with me while I get harassment calls by collection agencies.

      If I suddenly lose my job and go months without employment, I'd sell my dolls, all their stuff, and just save my most favorite one and one outfit for him/her and once I get my life back together, I think I would learn a valuable lesson to manage my finances so that in case I get unemployed again, I won't have the need to sell my dolls.
    3. I don't think its wrong, as long as they are actually 100% ok with it. If they aren't then it becomes wrong. But if they are happy to 'buy' it from you, for you to then buy him back then its fine IMO. ^^ Bills do unfortunately come first, so if it was me, and there was no good alternative way to pay for the bills then yes, I would part with him/her T.T
    4. I think once you sell the doll you shouldn't assume she'd want to sell it back, unless it's a loan and the doll is being held as collateral. Because the doll will be hers to do with as she pleases. Do you have any temp agencies in the area? Or did you talk to the collectors and see if you can work out a payment plan?
    5. I tried the option of payment plans but I won't have money to pay till July and that doesn't satisfy them. The only job I was able to get doesn't start till next month.

      I am trying to be mature about it I know its best just to sell it since its really that dire of a situation but I'm hoping to find an alternate route so I don't permanently lose him. I spoke to another friend and she suggests selling off books I no longer read as well as my PSP that gets little usage.
    6. well a PSP is something that you can buy again later

      Just a piece of advice: money and friends are the worst match ever. If you can avoid that.. well ..better for you
      as said above, what if your friend does´nt want to sell it back after a while? what if you have to put up with seeing your doll in his/her hands without being able to do anything about it? what if he/ she then asks you for more money?... you never can tell how people are gonna react when facing money.. no matter how well you think you know them
      Family is a better choice imho

      anyway.. I am not very familiar with souldoll molds so don´t know if yours is limited, but if your doll is not limited. you could always sell it and buy the same mold again later.. after all it´s the character that matters.. the "shell" ..well not that much . It´ll still be your boy. I´ve seen other poeple in the hobby several times. Keep pics of how you´ll want the faceup and that´s it

      So, I would sell the doll (even more if you can buy the ssme doll again later) and your PSP which you can also buy off ebay later even cheaper

      anyway I hope it all ends up well for you, good luck!
    7. Ouch! Thats a hard blow :(
      I'm sorry for the difficult situation your in.
      We're not exactly rich but my mom takes really good care of me and my bro so that we'll never be in that kind of situation.
      Isnt there anything else you can sell to raise the money?
      Recently I sold my Nintendo DS to raise some money for my doll and I know its not the same buts its raising money all the same, right?

      And the way you describe it, I think your too bonded with your doll to let him go. It sounds as if you'de cry if he went away. :(
      Anyway keep your chin up! I wish you good luck with all my heart and and I hope everything goes well. ^^
    8. That's kind of sad to hear :(

      But I agree with the others by selling your books and psp, if you need money fast. Those can be replaced, unlike a doll that you spent so much energy and effort customizing.

      A bit OT but I also wanted to thank you for the adorable mini black cat plush you included with the thing I bought from you a while ago :3 I would have mentioned it sooner via feedback but I didn't open the packet until after I left feedback :sweat
    9. Awww, GAwd... this is a hard one! :(

      I'm sorry you're going through this, and I hope everything turns out ok *sends hugs*
      As others have said though, your friend may become attached to the doll and refuse to sell it back, or worse selling it to someone else. I think I have read about similar cases right here on DoA.
      I'm not saying your friend would do that for sure! But what if that really happens?

      I'd say first try selling your other items, if they don't sell as fast as you'd want, what about selling only your doll's body and keeping the head? You can always get another body later!

      Hehe, if you decide to sell your PSP and it's in very good condition, drop me a PM, I would be interested ;)
    10. Not unless family emergency. I work hard to get my dolls, and if I have bonded with one I plan to keep it until I either totally leave hobby, or pass away. MK
    11. Aww man that sucks D:

      And there is no-one you could lend the money from?

      I, myself, might just sell my PSP more than my beloved doll. Because.. well, it's a little harder to bond to a PSP, and it's easier to get back as the same kind(unless it's some kind of Limited edition (my friend has one)), too. (What colour is your PSP, and is it a lite or the regular? x>)

      Hope you get through this and it will be all fine.
    12. Its a PSP Piano Black, I am selling it for sure (comes w/ two games: Crisis Core and Tekken Dark Resurrection as well as the Media Manager USB cord and installation CD). I've only had it for about a month. It has an invisible shield with a slight scratch but the system itself is perfectly fine. So yeah if anyone wants it just pm me and I'll sell that. Anything to avoid selling Okisa and get me out of this money problem. A PSP is not worth to me as much as my doll is.

      I'm trying all alternates possible not to sell my Okisa cuz its what people are saying is exactly what I was thinking. I trust my friends more than my family, they've proved unreliable, but I don't think I trust them enough to let them hold onto my dolls.

      And as for the mold of the one I'm fearing having to sell no he's not limited. Its just that he holds a lot of sentimental value being my first and being that he was my first to do things with. I pierced his ear, attempted a face-up on him, cried when someone else gave him a bad face-up and had him to distract me whenever I was too depressed. So to me he's not really just a shell he's pretty much like the safety blanket most little kids have.

      I know eventually he can be replaced with the same mold but after putting so much love and care into him it might not feel the same with a new one. This is the mold for those who haven't seen Killian- http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1239
    13. I'd really try to avoid it at all costs, especially if I'm bonded to it. =[ Its really sad to see.
      I'd definitely sell other things before getting to my doll. Like books, manga...anime..clothes even. xD

      Good luck.
    14. I agree that friends and money don't mix well, and that you should try selling other items that are replaceable first, before parting with your doll. Have you considered drafting a loan agreement with friends or family members? You could state the amount, length of loan, and pay back schedule, and perhaps this would help anyone you approached for funds to know they would be paid back beginning with your first paycheck in July. Another alternative is to go through your clothing, and jewelry, and see if any of it could either be sold through a consignment shop, or pawned in the case of jewelry. Do you have any skills that you could sell here (sewing, crafting, etc.)? Most collection companies will work with you even if you start off by sending them even a token payment of a few dollars. Check with Legal Aid in your area, but I don't think you can be prosecuted if you show a willingness to settle your debts. And sending a token payment now demonstrates your intention to pay. Good luck to you.
    15. Personally, I would sell my doll as a very last resort. They take too much work to get rid of without a fight. XD
      I definately wouldn't sell him to your friend. I can't imagine her wanting to sell him back to you after so long. Maybe you could just sell his body? Or clothes/ shoes? Then you could keep his head since it's already being customized.
      I agree with everyone else that you should try to sell your psp first. Some game stores will buy your video games from you. I remember selling Gamestop an old N64 game for $20.
      Best of luck to you! I hope everything works out okay.
    16. It's a touh call, but if worst comes to worst I'd try to sell just the body. The head is definately the most important part that you put so much work into but you can still get a lot of money off of a body that you can later replace :)

      Good luck!

    17. I could prob part with my dolls that I am least favorite over but My two boys my El and Shiwoo would be only if i was in dire need of funds. Not so much as there limited its more like you said a security blanket and somthing there when you need it.

      I agree with the person who stated sale the body and keep the head. Sure you might need to put the head away for awhile as I would be depressed to look at the poor thing with no body. But when your life is better you can get him a new body. You could also try saling other doll things clothing props.

      BUt don't sale to a friend. I did and was luck but she is my best but even that can go sour. Good luck

      try anime figure and dvd's and other things i am sure they would be intrested in them> i know junky spots allow you to post other thing beside doll up on there sale/trade page.
    18. That's a really good idea to sell just the body. Its easy to replace and I'll still pretty much have my same first doll as his head is what got the most work done. I'll consider that too. Thanks everyone for all your words, you've been very helpful.

      Hm yeah I've seen JunkySpot allows it and I have a few Naruto figures and such.
    19. Sell my Doll? I do not think so. I just hand carried her through 14 hours, 4 airports to my new job. San Diego, San Fran., Frankfurt, Gdansk. Kept me sane, I think. Selling PSP ect first is a good idea. Have you checked out or even considered a Pawn Shop? They might only offer some of what he is worth but, they wont get attached to him either. Good luck . . .
    20. hell no. There was a time when I was thinking about selling my beloved Yder but I just couldn't do that. Because I seriously love that doll and I wanna have him with me whatever happens.