Would you ship a doll during the pandemic?

Nov 24, 2021

  1. No, not worth the risk

  2. Yes, but take precautions

  3. Yes, no differently than before Covid19

  4. Only for an emergency sale or something like that

  5. Not sure

    1. I'm curious, is anyone refraining from listing any items for sale due to the pandemic and the shipping issues it has caused? I won't go into detail about my own situation due to advertising rules but I have considered just not selling anything until the pandemic is over- whenever that happens. But I know some people have to sell for emergencies or just because they need the money. Do you take extra precautions? Do you use a different shipping carrier than you would usually? I remember seeing some Japanese companies mentioning they can't use EMS for shipping due to the pandemic. I'm in the US and I have received small packages (Etsy stuff mainly) without problems, even from all the way in Russia with no tracking. But with a doll I'd obviously want to be extra careful.

      On another note, what about sending dolls/heads out for customization? I'm honestly too scared of even the *possibility* of one getting lost in the mail so if I did end up wanting to commission someone it would have to be local- but idk if in person pickups are wise even masked and vaccinated at this point, and idk if anyone would even be willing to risk it. But to be fair I'd be nervous shipping doll heads r strangers even outside of a pandemic- it might just be my nature ^^;

      TLDR: Would you mail dolls currently? Or only for emergencies? What precautions do you take and does it make you anxious or are you confident that nothing will happen? What about in person pick-ups? Would you charge extra for shipping or otherwise warn potential buyers? Or just not sell dolls at all?
    2. I’ve been just selling like normal. In fact, more in the last two years than the two before that. I only ship within the US, though, because of a bad previous experience shipping internationally, so that does factor into it. I haven’t had an issue with anything sold within the US during the pandemic, though.
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    3. I've been selling as regular whenever shipping has not been totally suspended, but I've had to start charging recipients separately for pp fees of the shipping fee since the shipping prices have skyrocketed and the pp fees for the shipping fee alone can be closer to 10 dollars.
    4. I've sold and shipped a lot. In the first few months I was worried, but honestly... This pandemic is already at almost 2 years and I can't pause my shop that long. And when I need to sell dolls, I need to sell. I just pack the doll well, make sure the label is good and there is also an address inside the box. I always asked the current shipping price, so I wouldn't need to charge more (so basically I said "Price + calculated shipping" when selling dolls. When a US buyer bought from me (I am in the EU) I used to warn about delays but now everything seems quite back to normal.

      I did see there are still issues from China to other countries, but for Japan EMS is working normally again.
    5. I have been buying regularly and I am just patient about the shipping times. The rise in cost or lack of shipping capabilities isn't the fault of the seller or I.

      As for selling/trading, I am still trying to do that but the cost of shipping as deterred a lot of buyers/traders, especially international shipping. So I might have to try to focus on US only sales/trades. I am also very terrible at posting stuff - I find it to be a chore but if I want to find things a new home, it must be done...so I procrastinate a lot haha!

      As for face ups, I have one doll who needs one and I would send it out in a heartbeat...just gotta figure out who I want to paint them!
    6. While the two packages I've sent during the pandemic weren't doll related, they still were quite expensive and told the buyer beforehand to expect delays. Although from my own buyer experience, things have gotten better than when they first started (or maybe I'm too lucky). Please keep in mind I've only bought from US sellers (with dolls over 300 and even a laptop...) and a couple of Aliexpress stuff from China, I've received all of them in a time frame of 2 weeks to 2 months respectively.

      I would suggest you that if you're anxious about shipping, you can limit to only ship within USA and warn the buyer about delays or any problems that it might happen that are completely out of your hands.
    7. I try not to ship overseas, two packages I’ve sent to friends in Australia took way too long and were expensive. Sending merchandise overseas or anywhere without full insurance is way too risky and that makes the cost go up even more.
    8. I havent had any issues, but I've only been sending within the US and I make sure to state that on my posts. I usually throw in insurance to cover whatever I'm sending too just in case. I feel like you can never be too careful. I also make sure to include a tracking number and to let my buyer know I'm there to help if anything happens. I think it's all about trust and communication with this kind of thing.
    9. I have been selling but keeping it within USA as shipping overseas has been tricky as postal service requires custom forms printed, they won't except the written ones and printed ones only give you one copy which is also the shipping label which is tiny. Anyway I do sell stuff.
    10. I shipped one very tiny doll, bought two from companies, and bought clothes and a head from others. Haven’t had issues so far but I only do peer-to-peer shipping in the US. As long as insurance is accounted for I don’t see a problem.
    11. I've been buying and selling like normal, and have sent four heads off for faceups internationally without a problem. I never get more than the basic insurance either to be honest... as the pandemic has reinforced, yolo.
    12. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with shipping my dolls outside of the US at the moment. I don’t want my dolls stuck someplace where I don’t speak language and can’t navigate the website much less the bureaucracy of another government’s mail service!
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    13. As others have said, I'd be very wary of international shipping right now... but domestic wouldn't really worry me. No more than it usually does, anyway.
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    14. It’s like anything else since this started—make adjustments to good old “new normal” and go on with your life. I’ve sold several dolls since the pandemic started, two outside the US (Brazil and Russia respectively), and received many more doll items from all over the world. The shipping situation is really not that dire as long as you do your research.

      Countries that are having issues are usually transparent about it. (Two examples: Aus Post isn’t doing so hot receiving international packages, China Post EMS is taking forever so if you’re receiving from there it’s better to use FedEx or DHL.) If you’re not willing to look into those things, don’t sell, but otherwise there’s nothing stopping you from going about your business.
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    15. I too have been selling and trading as usual. But I voted for yes but take precautions because I've been more careful about packing up dolls, am trying to get into the habit of putting the address of the recipient inside the package as well, and am only trading within the US. I've bought some overseas items (including dolls) but have had to limit my selling to overseas because it's a bigger risk right now. It's not like I can't be talked into it, it's just something the buyer will have to accept the risks of after mailed.
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    16. I've sold and shipped a doll within the U.S. within the last month, and may sell others in the near future. I'd prefer to avoid selling outside the U.S. right now with the international shipping shenanigans going on.
    17. I've sold dolls within the US and 1 doll head overseas over the past few months. Luckily I've had no issues with anything. The international sale took a while to get to the buyer, but nothing was lost. I do take precautions to pack items very carefully; lots of bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. I've also been sending out heads during the pandemic with no issue, though I only ship to US face-up artists.
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    18. I have sold several dolls since the beginning of the pandemic, but only within my country. I normally will ship anywhere, but with restrictions, certain services unavailable, long shipping times, unreliable shipping, extremely high shipping costs, etc, I just don't feel comfortable. In the very few cases where someone asked if I would ship internationally, they all changed their minds when I gave them a shipping quote and estimated shipping time, so I've found it's just easier all around to not offer it.

      Other than that, I really haven't changed anything. I only ship with tracking and full insurance, but I've always done that.
    19. I sold several dolls and sent international packages during the pandemic. Shipping is a little slower, but I didn't encounter any other issues.
    20. I buy and sell within my country as much as possible. I worry about international shipping due to all the ships stuck in ports.

      Sometimes it can't be avoided, though, so I insure international packages. That way I or the buyer will get their money back if something goes wrong.