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Wow! animal feet on Yahoo! Japan for dollfies!

Jul 11, 2005

    1. I think this is very interesting. Of course, the resin doesn't match at all, but hey, it's still neat!

      Auction here
    2. Aww!!! I assume though if they're going to be feet, you could paint them to be fur like or something. :D
    3. Adorable! :daisy Too bad those aren't cute hairy hobbit feet... :daisy :oops:
    4. They are unusual, I likes them though. :wink:
    5. Those are very cute!!! I bet if a certain resin casting matser saw this (*coughDonncoughcough*) he'd be able to do those up no problem and sell them at a certain up and coming large anime/manga/Jpop convention (*cough Otacancvough*)
      hee hee
    6. very cute!!!
      perhaps it will match some other dolls? whiter ones
    7. Maybe they're meant to be little white kitten-mitten feet! Hence the matching matters not. ^_^
    8. Bizarrely enough I really want them. I want a pair of boy sized feet for my Xander since he's going to be my precious kitty-boi. PURRR Only a few more days!
    9. crap. so need some for kiyoshi now.
    10. Those are really just darling! ^_^

    11. hahaha woud´nt that be cool?
      I´d like them for hands too ^^ for a cute little begging kitty guy " purr purr" :grin:

      god dunno how you guys find those cool items on YJ, rinkya´s links a re sooo badly organised you have to browse through 30 parges to find what you´re looking for