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Wow! He/She is sooo small/tall!?? Being surprised by size!

Jun 12, 2012

    1. When i received my first doll (SD13) i have read about the size but when i received her, i was like "What?? Wow! She is taller and weighty than expected". I had the same feeling when i received my first MNF head (months ago) and her small shoes today but the other way around.

      Did you felt like this? You know how tall/small he/she is but you still wonder every time about the size.
    2. I feel the same! I knew my MSD was going to be 42cm, and I anticipated that, but when I got her, she was just so big and heavy, I didn't know what I expected! I could never think of how big a SD would be though! That's huge! Haha!
    3. Haha, I felt the exact same way when I purchased my first BJD. She's yosd sized, but in pictures, littlefees look so teensy! I had read over and over that she was nearly 10 inches but it never really clicked how tall that was until I received her first outfit in the mail. Of course, she's minuscule compared to some of the bigger doll sizes around here, but I was still really surprised, haha.
    4. Haha! I felt that way when I finally got my Iple MSD. I'd seen how big they were in owner pics and stuff, but it never really translated in my brain into how big she would be! I'm used to her now, though, but sometimes I'm still surprised at how heavy and solid she is!
    5. My first dolls were both SD size and I thought they were huge. Then my 3rd doll was 70cm and I felt a little overwhelmed by him.
    6. Well, I got my first doll's clothes before he arrived. I accidently ordered some MSD pants along with SD. I opened the MSD pants and thought, "Wow, that's big!" Then I opened the SD and was floored. "WHOA!" My first was (and still own!) A CP El.
    7. No, I was quite prepared for the size of my SD doll, because I had made him some clothes before he arrived and so had gotten used to his measurements. I'd also put a mark on my door to where I thought his head would come up to, but mistakenly placed it at the 70cm mark! As such, I was kind of prepared for anything and so wasn't very surprised when I saw how big and heavy he was.

      Now, though, I always think they're smaller than they are, and measuring out their size with my hands I always underestimate. They really are pretty big!
    8. Um, YES. My first doll was an MSD, and though I knew she would be taller than a Barbie, I had no idea how big she would really be! And now I'm waiting on my first SD girl, who will be 63.5 cm- I can't wait to get her, partially just to see how huge she is! lol
    9. I had gone to a doll meet before I got my first doll, so I was pretty prepared for his size (an MSD). What I was super surprised about was holding a big ol' Soom MA at my first meet. I had no idea at the time that dolls could be that big!

      I went from MSDs to SDs to a Narsha, and then to a YO, so by the time I got to the YO, even though I had seen and played with them at doll meets, it was still surprising how small she was. And even now, when I go to pick her up I keep forgetting how itty and light she is.
      And then I got my Dollshe. That's another size I had played with at meets several times but it didn't really sink in how big and heavy he was until I had one of my own. Dolls his size used to intimidate me, but now I adore him.
    10. It is kinda funny, but I was overwhelmed by the size of the LeeKeWorld D I got, which is only a Yo-SD, but I was surprised at how petite my SD was.

      It still makes me giggle thinking about it.
    11. Oh yeah. You never truely anticipate how big (or small) they truely are until you see it first hand. My first was about Sd sized, and even though I knew about how big she might be I was still taken aback when she came home. She is larger than any doll I had owned prior to that.

      Same thing with my third doll, my first "tiny". I knew she wouldn't be much taller than my 1:6 dollfies, but when she came I was still amazed at how small and delicate she was.
    12. Seeing an SD in person for the first time was a total trip. @_@ Her owner asked me to hold her and it was like holding a real baby!
    13. When my DoI Kalix arrived, I was taken aback at how big he turned out to be for sure! Even my Dolomi was unexpectedly big. I think it's difficult to predict just how huge (or small, I guess!) they turn out to be, before either of them arrived I had made measurements with a ruler but that even didn't totally prepare me for either of them.

      Now that I've sold his body, I've kind of forgotten how big he was, so when I replace the body I'd just be surprised all over again :sweat
    14. I do remember being stunned at how light-weight Myla was when she got here.

      And little Rosie was much bigger than I imagined! I expected her to be about the height of a soda can! XD Guess I should've pulled out the ruler. She was kind of an impulse buy.
    15. I've felt the same about every doll I've had. c: Even with my second MSD and third Yosd, I was surprised by their size! Given that I had no dolls in between some of them, so I kinda forgot what they felt or looked like. They always seem to be bigger than I expected. XD It's silly because everyone around me keeps asking why they are so small? Or why I didn't get a bigger one. @___@;;
    16. Even though I already had a number BJDs in different sizes, I was really surprised at how small Fairyland's Real Pukis are. Then just a couple of weeks ago, I got an Amelia Thimble who's I was a bit stunned to realize is even smaller! Don't get me wrong, I love the two Real Pukis and my Amelia too, but good golly they're teeny! LOL!

      Juli DC :)
    17. I was like this with both dolls, and will probably keep doing it. I had heard people talking about how tall the dolls were or how heavy they were. I'd had dolls that were 2ft tall before, and was used to that size, but I kept hearing how people were shocked at how big they were/heavy they were.

      My MSD came first. I think I had thought she was going to be bigger, even though I continuously took out my yard stick to really see how tall 43cm (17ins) was, compared to me. It seemed big, but once I got my doll, I was surprised at how small she seemed. I was pretty amazed at how fine some of her details were.

      Then I had the same thing happen with Stephen, my BBB Apollo. I kept hearing how big and heavy they were. He did actually look super tall. The dolls I had were 2ft but kind of stocky/bulky - children's toys. He seemed super tall because he was also much thinner.

      Now, I'm used to their sizes. Emma doesn't seem so small, though Stephen still seems kind of tall because I don't have him around me too much due to his elastic issues. I have a feeling that every doll I get - no matter if I've gotten that size before, are going to be seen as either larger or smaller than they really are.
    18. I normally collect small yosd sized dolls. However, I decided to get an MSD after wanting a more mature doll sculpt. After she arrived I was shocked at how tall she was and I ended up selling her because I couldn't get over her size. I can't even imagine how an SD sized doll would feel :/ I guess I'm just used to smaller sized dolls.
    19. When my EID arrived, I was floored by his sheer size and weight, even compared to my other tall dollies.
    20. I knew my Lusion Dahlia would be huge, and she was, but she was so much heavier than I could comprehend ahead of time. Another one that really threw me for a loop was my Souldoll Zenith. For some reason I couldn't place how she'd stand up to my other dolls, so to speak, and she was certainly an adjustment in size and weight.