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Wrong Face Up? SOLVED

Nov 24, 2007

    1. Solved. Meh.

      The results so far are on post #19!

      Here is the original message, but my latest post pretty much sums things up.

      I'm sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. It is sort of an urgent problem, because it has to do with returning something that I ordered...
      7 day return limits = not a lot of time ^^;

      So, I was wondering if maybe someone has encountered a similar problem, and how they dealt with that.

      Note; The explaination is pretty long. So very sorry about that, but it's the best way I can make the questions make sense given my situation. ^^;

      Anyways, I recently ordered a Godo from Soom with a request for the Alice in the Wonderland face up.

      At first, I wasn't sure if I could get it, so I talked to Clover if it was still possible to order a Godo with a Labyrinth face up. I also asked if I would have to buy a custom face up option in order to have that face up.

      Clover told me that yes, it is still possible to get a Labyrinth version face up. She added that in order to get it, all I would have to do is order Godo with a face up ($50) and write my request in the comment box.
      No custom face up option.

      When I got the print outs of my order with my doll, I found that my request had been circled. It looked like they paid attention to it.

      Only... the Godo I recieved did not have the Alice in the Labyrinth face up. :sweat
      It looks like he was given the older default Godo's face up instead. You know, the one with the brown fur wig, the little scowl, and the scar on his cheek.

      It seems nit picky, but I personally think that these two face ups are very different.

      The Alice in the Labyrinth Godo:

      Pictures of the older default face up can be found here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80149&highlight=godo

      Lastly... The Godo that I recieved:
      As you can clearly see, he most closely resembles the default Godo, and not the Alice in the Labyrinth version at all. Uh oh!
      I realize that the actual products do vary from the pictures online but... I doubt that they vary that much...

      Have I gotten the wrong face up?

      Is it possible that my request was ignored despite what Clover told me?

      In either case, what do I do now?

      There are also some weird things going on with the resin, like dark pink lines going along the seams. They are very thick...
      And I spotted a few strang orange veins on various spots on my doll's resin.

      Help, advice, assurance, or similar situations would be greatly appreciated ^^
    2. Have you sent them a question about it on Q&A? If not, post the problem and see what they say. I think they mean you have 7 days to find flaws...
    3. I am typing up a question of their F&Q right now ^^;
      It will take a few days to respond I think, as they work only on weekdays. -points to the bottom of the Soom website-
      Thing is... I don't know how they will respond.

      The weird thing is that the print-out of my order has the url for the reference picture that I used all circled up. I multi-checked the url, so I'm pretty sure it's correct.
    4. I'm not sure, but if it is considerably different (I can see the difference between the 2 face ups) they should fix for you!
    5. I just... I'd feel bad about doing this and coming off as one of those charming difficult customers. >.<

      I think it must have been an error. There was an event taking place, so it's possible that... a few heads got mixed up.
    6. Okay, I was finally able to send Soom the question and pictures of proof.

      Only, I'll have to wait until Monday for a reply... Unless...
      Should I send this Godo back to Soom anyways? He isn't quite defective. He just has a big hole in the sealant on his lips, orange vains in his resin, and slightly loose stringing in his arms (making the famed posability poor). Ah, and his face up is wrong ^^;

      I heard stories where people ordered one thing from Soom, but got something else. Soom let them keep the wrong item and sent them the correct item free of charge.
      That is really nice of Soom, but... I don't think that they may do something as generous as this for a wrong face up.
      News heads and face ups cost much more than a pair of eyes after all.

      Unless... Someone can prove me wrong ^^; I've have stories of their kindness... but can they really be that kind?
    7. You should wait for their reply before sending the head back.
    8. Definitely different face-up, the eyebrows are completely different shapes for starters. If there is a hole in the sealant, that is a serious problem because his face-up will wear off quickly in that spot. I hope you get this sorted soon, but wait to hear back before you do anything.
    9. Thank you Aree. I'll hold onto the head until they tell me what to do.

      The hole isn't too bad, Gilshallos. It looks like there is still some sealer in that area. I think there was a tiny bubble and it popped, creating a "crator". ^^;

      I don't know what I should call his face up when contacting Soom (they won't be back until Monday, so I can still edit my post there...)
      I cannot call it the "default face up" anymore... because they've changed the default pictures to the Labyrinth Godo's. ^^; That might cause some confusions.
      The "older default face up" maybe?

      Or would it be better if I just simply say that I got the wrong face up? I would not want to come off as being rude or difficult.
    10. I would definately wait for them to respond to the Q&A. They should accept it back and fix it, since they gave you the wrong face up, and you specifically requested for the Labyrinth make up.

      I'm saving up for Godo and was going to ask for a custom face up... :/ this makes me a bit worried, since this might mean their English skills aren't quite up to par or they're easily confused.

      Hopefully it was just a mistake because of a holiday rush!

      Good luck!

      He's such an awesome mold.
    11. I've had SOOM mess up an order on me twice...XD Not with a doll though, I had ordered a bunch of stuff during that amazing Hangawee Sale they had a few months ago and they accidently sent the wrong pair of eyes...and then when they resent it, they sent someone else's order, from Spain! o_O;; (I got to keep the stuff though! <33) They were really awesome about the entire situation, they're my favorite company souly because their customer service is so great! (And their dolls are georgous! <3)

      Just wait for a reply to your thread, they should get back within a day or two (Clover is really quick to respond, I've never had to wait more than two days for an answer, and I've asked plenty of questions! ^^; ). I'm sure they'll be happy to sort it out, though I doubt they'll let you keep the whole doll...They may have you send him back or it could just be his head only (to get a new face-up).

      You mentioned some abnormalties in his resin? Orange veins? o_O;; I also saw in your post in the Waiting Room that he's got bright pink seams?? You might want to take pictures and add that into your post to them, that doesn't sound normal to me...I've never heard of a multicolored doll like that before...>.>;;

      Just wanted to add that the orange veins do kinda make him "defective"... I know you don't want to be a horrible customer, but they are the ones who messed up...Just be polite and thats really the best you can do. It sounds to me like he came from a faulty resin batch, being all mutilcolored and all...You shouldn't have to "settle" for the doll they sent, it wasn't what you ordered afterall. ^^;
    12. I'm think it was just a mistake due to the FFD event. I'm certain your request will be clear, especially if you will be buying the custom face up option.

      Thank you and good luck with your Godo too ^^ Yume

      I actually do not mind the orange veins much. They sort of look like... horror mods or weird scars, which sort of suit my character ^^ I will mention them however!

      You also mentioned something about those pink seams in the Soom waiting thread I believe... Upon closer inspection, the lines are not the seams themselves. They look sort of grainy and "drawn" on. Like... guide lines.


      This is really worrysome.

      Will contacting Soom about these flaws sort of... halt my 7 day limit until it is resolved? They did mention something about that on their website... There was also the weekend...

      And about proving the flaws... (Because I know that is a must)
      What if I cannot provide good pictures of them?

      In photographs, the dark pink lines are not that noticable and appear more like actual seams. Will said photos and a detailed description be enough for Soom?

      Then again, they might as well want the whole doll back, as some of you have mentioned.

      Thank you so so so much to everyone that's been helping and advising me so far.
    13. I suggest when you get the time, to write down all the important dates. (Date you paid for the doll, date the doll was shipped to you if you know it, the date you received the doll, date you posted on the Q&A board) so that you can email them this information as well.

      I'd really really hope they would consider the fact that they don't work on the weekends an exception, because it's not your fault you couldn't get in contact with them.

      Maybe saying "the camera can't capture the brightness" of the seams or something along those lines?

      Hopefully they will correct this. I agree that orange veins would be a flaw, because the dolls on their websites show no signs of these.
    14. I think that really it's kinnda....not their fault for the face up. You REQUESTED. Not ORDERED. The same can be said of LUTS requests not always coming off, so it's the companies choice unless you specifically paid for it.

      I think SOOM is wonderful and their service is not the issue.

      The only real issue is the resin problem. -___-'
      So I think you should just take that into consideration.

      Not to sound mean, but I think they may take that into consideration.
    15. DarkRegrets... I agree, Soom is wonderful. I think their service is great.

      I asked Clover if I could get a Labyrinth face up, and if I should order him as a custom order.
      Clover told me to simply order Godo with a face up and to write in the comment box that I wanted a Labyrinth face up.

      My order print out that they sent me also had the request circled, not crossed-out.

      Also... the current default Godo seems to be the Labyrinth version. Since it is the new default, then giving a Labyrinth faceup would not have been much trouble.

      It would have been like... Ordering a doll with a default face up... and requesting the default face up ^^;

      So I am not saying that it is Soom's bad service. I think heads got switched by mistake.

      And Blueberry_Jam, I suppose I will mention the issue with the camera. I really wish this hadn't happened, because I don't want to give Soom any trouble.
    16. I think what they mean by "7 days" (no Ring pun indended...^^; ) is that you have 7 days to contact them about a problem. Your post on the Q&A board and your e-mails have dates on them, which proves you were within the 7 day time limit to conact them. I don't think it really has to be fully RESOLVED within those 7 days, because its not your fault if they don't get back to you in time...>.>;

      That'd be like them saying "you can tell us about any problems within 7 days of recieving your doll, but we can just conviently forget about you until those 7 days have passed and you're simply SOL"...I honestly don't think SOOM, or any other of our doll companies, would do that. ^_^;
    17. I think that you could hold the issue of having the imperfection on the lip, and the resin, but again, it was a request. Sadly, the info may have been mixed or simply ignored since it's probably busy with the Christmas event and such.

      Lets hope they can fix the problem, but sadly they may not reply to it since it's a request. They aren't bound to it by payment. :(

      They may be going by the past faceup until they switch-who knows.

      They'll most likely fix the problem, but I think that the resin should be the greater issue. You can most likely fix that with the faceup you wanted- I trust you were really disappointed.

      Good luck- I think that it may have been cleaer if they had a request/custom faceup option so they would be held to it.
    18. I ordered Godo on October 24th, which was before the FFD event. Maybe things got mixed up on accident in the rush. I will have to see... Maybe I can check the site tomorrow before school starts...

      It also says at the bottom on the Soom website that they work Mondays through Fridays. Wouldn't it already be Monday in Korea?
      Or are these times altered for those in the US time zones?
    19. Alrighty!
      It's been straightened out!
      It seems as if Soom did intend to grant me my request... But they accidentally mixed up the Labyrinth faceup with the Mask faceup. They are offering to fix this for me ^^

      The mysterious dark pink lines are normal. All I have to do is rub them off using acetone (or thinner). Acetone... I thought I heard somewhere that this is a no-no, but I'll not delve into that here. Eitherway, I'm glad that I don't have to part with the whole body. ^_^

      In the end, I will be sending back my Godo's head and the arm (with the mysterious orange vein) back to Soom for a fixup and replacement. It also looks like they will be paying me back the shipping to Korea, which is nice ^^ The paying back will be either via paypal or points.

      I also have one last question...
      Since I mentioned this to Clover, does that mean that Soom knows what to expect when they get the head and arm from me?
      Or should I include my order number and a note in the package as well?
    20. Including your name, address, and order number with everything is always a good idea either way, just in case. ^^;

      I'm so glad they're offering to redo the face-up and exchange the arm for you! :D <33 (I love SOOM's customer service, they're so awesome ^_^)

      I am astounded that SOOM actually TOLD you to do that! They should know how harmful acetone can be to resin!! :doh
      Use rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol (its like rubbing alcohol but the proof is stronger-- 50% alcohol versus 90-99%). It's the only product that I've never heard of horrible things happening to the dolls. Acetone has the potental to melt the resin...There's always a huge discussion about it in the Customizations forum, some people have used acetone and had no problems, but other people have completely destroyed their poor dollies with it. T-T Please, please don't use that. You can buy rubbing alcohol just about anywhere, and isopropyl alcohol at drug stores (like Rite Aid and Walgreens, probably Walmart too...its like $2, it's not expensive at all).

      Other than SOOM's tiny folly about the acetone, I'm glad this had a happy ending!! ^_^