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X-ann dolls discussion

Mar 24, 2019

    1. There is no thread for her yet so I asked the moderators if I can make one - and yes her wonderful Mari and Yuna heads are on topic.

      I love artistheads (heads made by people that do not have a company behind them). Last year I found @x_ann_dolls on instagram who was sculpting a bjd head with clay - and I loved the estatics - a bit of primitive realism :). I have her on an Fdoll sd girl body.


      This was only the first face-up - I hope to do a new one soon. Those eyebrows and mouth are too much. :)

      Are there more people with this girl on DOA?
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    2. @Cyador I really like your Mari, she is so sophisticated!

      I have Mari mold too, her name is Tanya and she is on argodoll body. Really love this face!
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    3. She is adorable! I love the hands on your girls body.
      Does she have a story?
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    4. @Cyador thank you! She studies literature in Moscow university and she is shy and intellectual girl, and she has a boyfriend(karmanavtika Faustus mold, named Vadim)) I'm going to take some pics of them together later.
      And i'll post some pics of x-ann's Mari here later too.

      Here some pics of x-ann's Mari (i made theese pics in October, author's Mari is on dollstown 13years body)




      I really love this doll.

      And this is x-ann's amazing and unique Yuna
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    5. Thank you for sharing! They are amazing :)
      I joined in the pre-order for Yuna - and I am really looking forward this head. Her name will be Prudence and she won't be 'nice' - more I do not know yet.
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    7. Awesome! I had not seen her before. Lovely - such attitude! Wow. On which body do you have her? And does she have a story?
    8. Cyador, thank you! Your Mari is very beautiful too, tender and romantic )))
      Kety is on the Fdoll body, like yours, but I modified it a bit.


      She is Kety Bell, Harry Potter's classmate ))
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    9. Different hands (very good idea) and an elongated torso - also good since this body has very long legs... Hmmm. I have to think about something like this for my girl. Maybe I can make the breast more natural too - though she looks good in clothes. Thank you for sharing!
    10. Yes, this body has very short arms, so i think some long hands work better. Now she has other hands, I used dollstown hands, sanded away all the volume in excess and now it fits her perfectly. Resinsoul hands as at last photo fits well, but I don't like jointed finghers, too messy.
      Thank you))
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    11. The arms look shorter with the longer torso... I think it is how long the legs are what I mostly do not like (and those hands...) Dollstown hands? Which ones? For the elf body or the 13y old body?

      And I received good news - the tracking info for my Yuna head!
    12. Yes, it is very probably, arms seems shorter with a longher torso ))
      I don't remember exactly it was Dollstown 18 hands or Dollstown 17, but I sanded it very much, I think it lost like a half of it's volume, so it dosn't matter what it was initialy..

      Wow, congrats!! I will be very happy to see your Yuna! I had a half of idea to buy her for create Filius Flitwick, but I'm sorry for her, she is too nice for morph into male half goblin )))
    13. Congrats, Ann!
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    14. She would not be a bad choice for Prof. MacGonnegal...?
    15. Mmm... she could be!
      I have minimee of Prof. MacGonagal, so haven’t thought about it))
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    16. @DeineSeele She is beautiful! Have you seen the new head too? What you think of it?
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    17. Thank you! Michelle? Yep,it’s beautiful as always and I think it can be both boy or a girl.