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X-mas Mimi, Nono & Ryo

Dec 17, 2004

    1. I just noticed that Volks has the Xmas editions (same as past editions) of Mimi, Nono, and Ryo for sale on their site. They're nearly gone. They all have the old skin bodies, but if you really want a Mimi here's your chance.
    2. Oooh! They're so festive! These are also pictured in the Volks Bible, but I figured they had been made in a previous year. Now to replicate those costumes for my Kaede-Sugar...though the "Santa Girl" outfit we found a Build-A-Bear looks as if it was inspired by the ensemble on Mimi! :lol: Thanks for the heads-up Kiwiflowers!

      Hugs! Juli DC :)
    3. yup they were made a while ago, I cant remember the year though... :)
    4. For any of you Jpop/Jrock fans... has anyone noticed that Ryo's outfit looks almost just like TM Revolution's "Burning Xmas" outfit? That always cracked me up *steals Ryos shoes*
    5. XD!!!! :D OMG it does a little bit....I love TMR, he's so awesome and wacky