X2-TD dolls?

May 10, 2007

    1. I am totally confused by these X2-TD dolls... Only place where i found those, are ebay and other internet auctions. Is X2-TD the company which makes those or what? Do they have any official site?
      And is there anyone who owns those dolls? I would like to see more pictures of those but ebay has only one, quite blurry pic of each. Any information of these dolls are welcome :o
      (sorry if there is already topic of these somewhere, but search gave none..)
    2. http://x2.ctv.hk/eng/index.htm

      is this what you're looking for. They look pretty nice, got some nice clothes there too and they are very affordable. I'd like to see what they'd do with a 60cm+ doll.
    3. oh thank you! That is the place.
    4. No problems ^_^
    5. I just adore the clothes~! I have the white outfit and the black boots they are awesome and very nice quality! I plan on buying Gloria and Louis at some point too :)
    6. did you got those from that official site? I have been thinking one doll from there too and would like to know more on how well ordering goes with them
    7. Can you order from their site now? When I ordered it was through a group order ran by someone local to the company... the only way I knew was through ebay now...
    8. I had never heard of them! ^___^ Thanks for posting!
    9. I saw them a few weeks ago... they have very beautiful sculpts. I think I heard someone say one of the people from DollZone is involved with X2 project... but I'm not sure where I read that. :sweat
    10. Most people speculate that they are a dollzone side project because of similar sculpts and the use of the same body. (the ebay seller also sells dollzone dolls) and maybe the sculptor's name is written then same in chinese...or something like that
    11. I like the X2 dolls... maybe because I'm a DZ fan and they do look similar.
    12. i saw X^2 and DZ dolls together in a display at a shop in HK. they're not bad in person ^^ i just happen to have stumbled on the DZ website first so ended with a DZ
    13. They are interesting. Thanks for posting the website. The boy body certainly looks close to my DZ boy's body... but I like them...

      LOVE the Clothes!! They are AWESOME! Hmmm.... too many choices...
    14. THe clothes are awesome!
    15. I like a X-2 doll too :) in my whislist are Louis . i hope to have money for he T__T
    16. i like the clothes the most. i might break down and get a set for the new coming boy...
    17. *bumps* Has anyone actually gotten one of these guys? Or seen one up close to know how about the quality/posing abilities/etc.? I love the clothes and Cain but I'd be leery of buying something I've heard almost nothing about.
    18. I pm'd a person on DoA who owns a Gloria and she said it was a great doll. I think their quality is on par with DZ.
    19. Im sure since its the same body as the DZ dolls their posablity is the same. And DZ dolls are super posers. The stand like rocks.

      Gloria tempts me. Shes very similar to Felian.
    20. That's good to know! *keeps Cain on the wishlist, then* And great value for the price, coming with the clothes and shoes and all.