Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. I am! I love their look. And have fallen in love with Van.:aheartbea He is definatly on my wish list. And they seem to be one of the few companies that have mature looking Tinies. So I have fallen in love with Lara as well. And their MSD are cute too. I love the looks of the bodies for all the doll sizes. I'm excited to see the other dolls they come out with.
    2. Their MSDs look pretty cute! I like how they have a subtle pear shape. I'm really interested to see more, but I do wish they had a little bit bigger selection. I'm sure that'll come with time though. :)
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    3. I love Anthony's cute face as well as girl Kiki and boy Nono ^^
    4. Xaga doll post an article that says they will release two limited dolls soooooon!!!!!
      They are angel and demon~
    5. I really like Sheer, she has such a feminine body I'm just worried about posability for her upper joint. I want to see some pics before I invest but her innocent face is good to keep in mind. Anyone have any pics?
    6. S.Y. Starry: Do you have the link for the announcement I couldn't find it?
    7. I'm completely in love with their MSD body, but the faces are a little too childish for me. I just love the pear shape that those hips create! I hope we can buy Xaga in parts soon
    8. I know that this thread was posted a long time ago, but I'm kind of new in the bjd world and I have just found the xaga dolls and I'm in love with nono (1/6 size) and I was wondering, where is the company? I couldn't find the location on the site... can somebody help me?
    9. I not sure where but I believe it is in china. And if I'm wrong please correct me. :)

    10. LariFalavignaon their contact page it says they're located in HongKong.

      I really love their bodies and clothes and everything gah~ I do agree that the msd faces seem a tad childish for the bodies, but they're still really pretty :)
      I can't wait to see owner pictures ;w;
    11. I found them recently too (Through MOC) and just LOVE their little 1/6 Nono boy! I really want to get him. My Alice is feeling pretty lonely right now.:lol:
    12. I used to dismiss any 1/6 size doll until I saw the Nono~ now I can't get over how much I want a girl Nono T.T'
    13. I think I'm going to order the Nono, I just love how cute it is! It will be my little boy. I always see owner pictures (The ones from China and stuff) dressed as little girls, but I really want to have a boy around the house and my current BJD says she wants a little brother. Ready. Set. Preorder! (Cries about the long wait about to take place.) :...(

      Edit: I wonder...will someone make a waiting room for the Xaga dolls?
    14. @Kazuki: OH!! Your getting Nono!? When you get him can you post a picture of him for us? :aheartbea
    15. 7Random7Dreamer7: I'll be sure to post a picture (And make a video/picture box opening) when I get him! He's just toooo cute! It's been really hard to find clothes that I like for his kind of size except girl clothes. I'm so excited and I just can't wait for him to come home! ^-^
    16. Kazuki93 Did you order from the official site or MOC? I just went to check on mint on card and it says they're moving :(
      How long is the wait going to be?
    17. naynay123, I DID order from MOC and not the official web site (I don't even think you can order from their site right now and I've already tried checking.). MOC SHOULD be back to normal business hours (Their internet store and not the physical store front) in late August or early September (That's what their site says). Also, I do not know how long the wait will be to get an Xaga Doll but I am willing to wait for a long time just to get the one I want because I am SO in love with it. I'll try to check out some more of that Chinese site where owners have talked about their dolls and try to translate some of the stuff in google or something. I trust MOC and I don't think they would put a doll company on their site that they didn't trust.
    18. XD I love how this has turned into a Nono appreciation thread. Congrats Kazuki!
    19. I know right! And thank you Korii! Funny, I think a lot of people like the Nono now lol. I also love their SD Van. All I have right now is an MSD and then my soon to be Nono YOSD. My aim is then to maybe save up for an SD. For some reason, I love almost ALL of Xaga Dolls BJDs (Usually I only like one or two from a company besides one other that's OT for this discussion.) If I love the service and quality from the company then I most likely will buy more in the future...now if only their English speaking site was working properly...