Xaga Mini Dolls

Feb 5, 2015

    1. Hi Everyone,

      I am interested in the mini doll line by Xaga...they look beautiful! I am especially interested in seeing photos of the body.

      I have been out of the loop for a while. Is Xaga a new company?

      Anyway, is there any special thread for collectors of Xaga mini dolls where I can see more photos and info?

    2. I'm also interested in their dolls, especially Mizzle from the Rainbow Obsidian line. Would anyone happen to know when Mizzle will be available? There is no price for her on the site, just pictures.
    3. I noticed you can pre-order mizzle from the distributor Mint on Card.
      However, they disclaim the wait time is extremely long.

      I do plan on getting mizzle though!
    4. Thanks! I actually ordered her a few days ago! Even if the wait time is extremely long I figured I would forget she existed and then it would be extra exciting when she finally showed up :XD:
      You should go for it! I'm not sure how long she'll be available since she's limited!
    5. I'm really surprised there aren't more posts here...does no one have a mini Xaga doll on DOA?
    6. I'm eyeing a May, myself. Would love to see photos of any sculpt, though.
    7. I'm planning of getting a May oneday, hopefully at the end of the year or early next year, and I can't believe Xaga Doll Mini are not popular and there are only a few pictures of owners around ! They look like such beautiful dolls and seems to pose very well too.

      Please people, don't hesitate to share pictures or tell what you think, if you have Xaga Doll mini !
    8. I'm not big on girl dolls at all, but.... I think April looks a lot like my little Doll Love Yiyi, like an older version. Now, I'm thinking it over. I wish I could ask someone about their Xagadoll!
    9. Hello!
      I am waiting for a Mizzle since June, it seems would be a big waiting! And, please I would like see owner's pictures here!
    10. My Mizzle is finally going to be shipped!!! :dance I am so excited to finally have her, although Xagadoll made a mistake and didn't send her with the largest bust that I ordered :( On the plus side I ended up getting a pair of free high-heeled legs!

      Mint on Card however has been excellent and was prompt to let me know about everything.
    11. Yay!!!! [MENTION=39560]Nocturna[/MENTION]Melody!!!!! Congrats on your Mizzle. Sorry about her bust, are you going to have one sent later? Very cool about her legs. I hope you share many photos with us.

      I have heard great things about MoC but I have only ordered an in stock clothing order with them.

      I have a while before I will decide about April, I have some other dolls in the queue in front of her. I have to think very, very hard and plan each and every doll because I do not want to sell any dolls.
    12. Congrats on your Mizzle, [MENTION=63659]NocturnalMelody[/MENTION]! How exciting! I'm sorry they mixed up the bust size, though. Please post photos of her when she arrives --- we need more Xaga minis on this forum! :love
    13. [​IMG]

      Here is my beautiful girl! So happy she's home! She still needs a name, too.
      [MENTION=53169]mollym[/MENTION] Thanks so much!! At first I was going to ask...but her smaller bust grew on me. The smaller bust and the large hips give her a cute pear-shaped look!
      April is adorable and delicate :)
      [MENTION=42740]PeppermintPocky[/MENTION] Thank you!! And I'll have better quality pics coming up later!
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    14. [MENTION=63659]NocturnalMelody[/MENTION] - She's so beautiful! I love to see dolls before a faceup, thank you so much for the photo! If you are up for it, I would love to see the body. I have April on my 'maybe' list.

      I have so much love for white lace dresses, it looks perfect with her light hair and dark eyes (I love brown eyes so much). You have wonderful taste, I hope to see more of your girl, spam away!
    15. [MENTION=63659]NocturnalMelody[/MENTION] She's gorgeous! Congrats on her arrival! :D
    16. My Mizzle is on the way!!
    17. Congrats [MENTION=67184]Derdre[/MENTION]! Please post photos when she arrives. :)
    18. So I just bought a May boy in WS and am wondering if anyone else happens to own the sculpt yet? I'm very excited to see him in person. :whee:

      Can I have some Xagadoll mini spam to celebrate? Please? Any sculpt would be appreciated!