Xaga tiny dolls [Kiki, Nono, Lara, Anthony etc.]

May 2, 2012

    1. I discovered cute tinies from Xaga doll a few days ago while searching for some tiny accessories...
      ... and I think I've found a little friend for my LS (yet-to-arrive) tiny instead. ;)



      Green Obsidian (1/6) dolls:
      * Height: 26 cm
      * Head: 16 cm
      * Neck circumference: 5.5 cm
      * Shoulder width: 4.2 cm
      * Waist circumference: 12.2 cm
      * Hips circumference: 14.5 cm
      * Arm length (to wrist): 7cm
      * Arm circumference: 4.7 cm
      * Thigh circumference: 8.3 cm
      * Leg length (to ankle): 10.5 cm
      * Foot length: 3.7 cm
      * Width of foot: 1.5 cm
      1/6 doll body photos.


      27cm mature girl
      * Height: 27cm
      * Head: 10cm
      * Shoulder width: 4.8cm
      * Chest: 11.5cm
      * Waist: 8cm
      * Hips: 12cm
      * Thighs: 7cm

      1/2 dolls:
      * Height: 14.5cm
      * Head: 12.5cm
      * Eyes: 12mm
      * Neck: 4cm
      * Shoulder width: 2.7cm
      * Arm length: 3.5cm
      * Chest: 7.8cm
      * Hips: 9cm
      * Thighs: 8.3cm
      * Leg length: 5cm
      * Foot width: 1cm
      * Foot length: 2cm

      Xaga doll website: http://www.xagadoll.com/
    2. Kiki is definitely my favorite:D Love that sleepy face! Thank you for the body shots. I'm not really thrilled with the overall look of it but I love the poses:XD: I'd make a hybrid as I just love the Kiki mold so much. Which one do you like best?
    3. Some news here, MoC is Xaga's official dealer now and there are two new tinies mentioned: Anthony (14.5cm) and Lara (27cm mature girl).


      And resin color comparison:

      I like both, Kiki and Nono, but I can order only one. So still deciding. I'm only sure I want her in normal color. :lol:
    4. I looooooved Kiki then moment I saw him >A< Definitely will get him sometime/day =3= I've been wanting a white doll recently, but their normal looks quite pale also so I'm not sure which one to go for u3u
      Anyone else thought they kind of look like Asleep Eidolon? U3U The face-up artist is definitely the same, I bet my wallet on it u3u
    5. Oooh, I really like Anthony! Though, Kiki is really cute! I even like the pale skin colors which makes it harder to choose. I see MOC is waiting for more info on Anthony before they can finish listing him. Is that price right? Seems way too inexpensive. Even doubled it's still a great deal!
    6. kurogane I dun see a price xD; I see it at 0$ on MoC and his make-up will cost 35$ uvu;
    7. Yeah, I realize that now! :doh All I saw was the 35 and was very confused, lol. Gee, wiz... Still interested though as he or she is very cute and tiny.
    8. i like both kiki and nono, i am just not sure with such little information on the company.
    9. squib-vs-aizen I guess you could ask MoC for their reliability if that's what you're worried? Or any question you might uvu;
    10. I tried to find some owners photos and there seems to be quite a lot in China.
      A box opening here, Xagadoll’s photos here and here (scroll down a lot), and owners photos here (Kiki) for example.

      The owners’ photos are even better than the official ones.

      I’d say that ordering through MoC is a pretty safe option. And since you are from Canada, you may safe some $ on shipping fee, too. The only disadvantage is that you may need to wait a bit longer than ordering directly from Xaga.
    11. I really like these dolls - Kiki and Nono are really super sweet and Lara is so pretty. can you order directly through Xaga? I had a quick look at their website and wasn't sure.

      Ah well, my brother lives in China so maybe they could ship to him and he could ship to me. I think I'd like to get Kiki and Lara but I don't think I can before MoCs 31 July order.
    12. I am going to place a layaway order for Lara... She's so cute! :) I'll go for the heel legs and see if I can find heels that tiny... :XD:

      I'm hoping she can share clothes with Momoko (OT, and I think that's the right doll, not positive, don't quote me!) or something similar so I can actually find things for sale for a mature doll her size.
    13. phoenix_kaji I think she should fit some momoko clothes. Tight fitting pants and skirts could be a bit tight as she's bigger in the waist and hips. She should fit into leggings type things fine though. Some barbie outfits will fit too. Tops should be ok -just make sure they dont have too skinny sleeves to get her hand through . She's similar in size to Limhwa ToYou Sara/Mari and I had some beautifully made momoko clothes for mine from Clear-Lan. I'd highly recommend them - they do sew to order so it takes a few weeks but their clothes are sooooo reasonable, very well made and shipping is cheap (usually $3 for multiple items) If anything, Lara should fit the mori style dresses better than Limhwa as she has more chest to fill them out. :) I'd recommend checking out the limhwa thread for more ideas. I'm guessing that the Japanese Jenny doll clothes might fit too?
    14. Ooh, good ideas, thanks so much! :) I put in my order, so I'll start looking into clothes now, and I'll take a look at the thread.

      Is Clear-Lan a website/brand, or a DoA member?
    15. Here is a very short box opening that Tsukasa gave the original links for to get on the site. The other one that was found before I liked a lot more.
    16. The last link I will post actually has a better box opening type thing for the little Nono to me anyways. Just randomly search around the site, it actually has English keywords in quite a few posts.
    17. Lara is very pretty. :) I hope to see some owner photos of her in the future.
    18. Hi all, here's my Lara, but she is still a baldy. Don't have any wigs that fit her at home. She is sitting beside my off-topic Momoko. And she is not as pale to the eye. Not sure why she looks so pale in photos.

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    19. How long does XagaDoll take to make and send their dollies? I want a Nono so badly!