Xagadoll Tinies discussion!

Sep 4, 2017

    1. I didn't see a thread for these cuties yet, so I decided to make one!

      I do not own a Xagadoll yet, but am very interested in their tinies, hehe. I would specifically like to see photos of Kuku and Tata, but of course all of Xagadoll's tinies are welcome here!
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    2. I'm bumping this. I want to hear more about these dolls.
    3. I’d also love to see more of these dolls. I’m thinking of getting one.
    4. Hi.
      There doesn't seem much out there about the 26cm tinies.
      I'm interested in the XF 26 (Heart body) to hybrid with an Element doll head and would be interested to hear feedback on poseability and quality.
      Thank you!
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    5. Yeah, the lack of info & resources for them is really intensely noticeable.

      Mine is adorable. I love her to pieces- but she is VERY hard to dress well. Her butt is like gigantic. Stretchy waistbands are where I've had to settle. Mine has flat feet and can wear regular yosd shoes. I made a pants pattern that fits her really nicely the other day, so that problem is solved.

      In terms of poseability, I'm pretty new to this scene, so I probably am not the best judge. She is sort of snappy and kicky, but I've read it means she's just strung too tight. I think I want to add some silicone pads or suede to the joints to help with that, too.

      The resin is really smooth and soft and nice to the touch, but in some places it is extremely thin. Like so thin that mine- just a white one- has to have WHITE eyeputty or you can see it through the resin.

      In general she feels fragile, but I don't know if she actually is.
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    6. Would you possibly be willing to scan and share the pattern? My heart body is NOT loving any of my YOSD pants… :frownyblush:
    7. AGREED!
      I thought more people would go nuts over the heart body, but I guess not? Or maybe they’re just not too vocal…
      I think I’ve just found the DZ Pink Bear head I’ve been hunting for nearly a year I think, but I cannot find much if not anything on xf-26 hybrids! :( Luckily, I know someone who owns both a Xagadoll Marshmallow and a DZ Black Cat, so I’m gonna ask if she’d help me get a better idea of the fit.

      As for posing, they are pretty fantastic! They’re substantial enough to balance (the flat feet help a ton) and they have pretty great range. Like Missycheese thought, they do benefit from sueding. The shoulders and wrists like to snap down to the sides, so I brushed some hot glue in there (and the knees/elbows for good measure) and boom! Wonderful pose holding.
      Alternatively, you can use thin gauge armature or even garden wire in the elastic channels, and it does practically the same thing without the risk of getting gunked up. However, I definitely suggest rounding off the ends of the wires with needle nose pliers or even using the tiniest bit of electrical tape to cover those sharp, pointy edges. You wouldn’t want any scratches on your doll (or a wire under your thumbnail when restringing!)
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    8. I'm so sorry, I saw this and I was like, "Yes, I will do that" and then promptly forgot.

      Anyways, the pattern is very simple- it's mirrored sides so they are the same on both. The construction is the same as any pant pattern, with elastic in the waist and a 1/4" seam allowance. There won't be any opening for snaps. I just took a picture with the measurements written on so you can draft your own. The ankles could be elasticized or even buttoned for a more snug fit, but mine are a little more flared to account for the heel.

      [​IMG]pant by Missy P, on Flickr