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Xi-Aleister (NonFullset) JunkySpot Exclusive

Jul 25, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      For those of you who missed out on the Limited Edition (LE50) version of Xi-Aleister, he is now available again, as a regular nude doll. He will not come with the fullset clothing, nor with an ID card.

      The Xi-Aleister is still a JunkySpot exclusive sculpt, and for a limited time, we've brought him back with the same faceup style that the LE50 had, which we call the "Clockwork Extreme" faceup. There's only about 10 of these available (Fleshtone and White versions are available), and then Xi-Aleister will be available with a more "standard" type of faceup only.

      Xi-Aleister is available for immediate purchase on our website at http://www.junkyspot.com

    2. I inquired about putting one of these beauties on layaway and am anxiously awaiting an email. D; I want one so badly. ;3; (Something about him, I dunno...)

      Can he be put on layaway?
    3. the fullset option is still on the website, is it correct that it is no longer available?
    4. What does his covered eye look like? From the photos you cannot see his other eye. It says he comes naked but does he include wig and eyes?
    5. Silverstein: just responded to your email, Layaway is fine, minimum 25% down and $100/month until paid off.

      Singlspeedr: the fullset images was from the LE50 version, long sold out. This is for the nude doll only, no "ID" card either (those were for the LE50 version only).

      Tsukidoll: He does not come with the wig, he does come with eyes, the covered eye is symmetrical to the shown eye.

      Cirquemom was the first to purchase one, at Dollectable, here's a link to some of her images: http://www.junkyspot.com/OBITSU/forums/index.php?showtopic=18497 I'm not sure if you have to register to view the pics.

      I'll try to make some time to take my own images of Xi-Aleister as well...the eye question was a common one when we had the LE50's, lol :)
    6. Yep- I talked Emory into putting the Xi Aleister head on a girl body and I think she looks great. These are not the default eyes, though. The default DZ eyes are very pretty, though, kind of a multi-colored greenish color. Very versitile face- here are two different looks, same doll:

      This doll has a lot of personality and attitude!

      30's B&W Film Glamour.