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Xmas Lucky Bags are On Sale!

Oct 9, 2008

    1. Mimiwoo has the coolest items up coming for xmas and my personal fave and want are the Xmas lucky bags. They come in SD boy and girl sizes. Its basically a pretty asian looking satchet filling to the brim with alot of items! Normally 150 dollars there on sale for a limited time for only 100! This is what is included.

      The boy one :1pc of Volks SD13 Boy Outfit Shirt & Pants Set (about US$50)
      - 1pc of SD13 Boy PU Leather Pants (about US$20)
      - 1pc of SD13 Boy Fashion Shirt (about US$18)
      - 1pc of SD13 Boy Sword 8" inch long (about US$12)
      - 1pc of SD13 Boy Fashion Glasses (about US$20)
      - 1pc of SD13 Boy PU Leather Boots (about US$24)
      - 1pc of SD13 Boy Special Christmas Accessory (about US$6)

      The girl one: 1pc of SD Girl Lolite Dress Set (about US$30)
      - 1pc of SD Girl One Piece Short Dress (about US$19)
      - 1pc of SD Girl Hand Bag (about US$16)
      - 2pcs of Mini Plush for SD Girl (about US$8)
      - 1pc of SD Girl Fashion Glasses (about US$14)
      - 2 pairs of SD Girl Shoes (about US$55)
      - 1pc of SD13 girl Special Christmas Accessory (about US$6)

      Where to purchase:http://www.mimiwoo.com/index.php?cPath=184

      Oh and if anyone is lucky enough to get one I hope to see pics ^^ Merry early xmas all.