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XXXL Custom Bust on Dollfie Dream??? (Not Work Safe)

Oct 29, 2005

    1. I, for one, am laughing hysterically over the fact that she wouldn't be able to sit up straight without pitching forward or backwards.

      That, and she'd do some good FFVII Tifa cosplay.
    2. That is one bad boob job. Shouldn't they be closer together?
    3. Well, actually, really large breasts do tend to hang away from each other, not stay all squished together -- but they wouldn't look like THAT unless she was lying flat on her back.
    4. That's what I meant, lol. It's like a bad boob job that's BAD.
    5. Yup. ^^;; I'm going to be really weirded out if the auction gets bids.
    6. I'm with bloomlikewinter, the poor giurls boobs just look so akwardly spaced. If they were going for a sexy look, they sort of messed it up. She didn't look very good in that dress so I wonder how she would look in more casual clothes?
    7. A supermilk SD....! :o

      Sweet gods, that was funny! But I agree with the general opinion, those mammary glands look good when she's lying down in her box but they do look oddly spaced when she's sitting up.... :oops:
    8. whoa, Jinx, the doll in your link looks like she has ever BIGGER boobs than the other one :o

    9. As for the boobs being spaced weirdly, I imagine this doll would be on her back a lot anyway..XD
    10. I think the position is okay - at least on the box picture. I believe the MAIN problem is just that it's not possible. XD
    11. Well.. the SIZE is possible.. but anyone with boobs that big isn't going to be that. . perky. o_o
    12. Well, she's obviously got porn-star boobs, they're not INTENDED to look real . . .

      *laughing at the comment about her being intended to lie down a lot*

      This girl is pretty obviously aimed at the 'adult' collector's market, rather than to doll-collectors who are intending to put her in clothes and play with her . . . I have a feeling that she's going to be wearing either nothing or sexy lingerie wherever she ends up!

      -- A <3
    13. I like big breasts a lot on dolls myself, but this would be a little bit too much for me. :lol: She reminds me of a model kit from an anime with her less realistic proportions. XD The customizer did a good job, though, her paint is beautiful! And she certainly looks, um, happy. :D
    14. HOW did he make those chest plates? The resin is a PERFECT match! Are these hilarious parts for sale besides that one auction?
    15. Yea, I agree with Mimi, I like larger-breasted dolls too myself, because, (no offense to anyone at all!), I personally would feel a little like a child molester if I owned some one of the younger looking dolls... :oops: Because I like to make sexy clothes as well as cute. ^__^ That’s why I would only own more mature dolls like SD13’s, DD’s, or Luts mature body females like Lishie (who I want to get ^_^).

      But GEEZE, those are just WAY TOO BIG!! O_O :o Especially for a doll that has a baby face / body like that. Anime-huge-ass-boobs like that would only be appropriate on a doll with an older face and sexy body curves to go with it. O_o Even then…they are still too big…

      I also agree they would be a little closer together….big breasts only fall like that when the girl in on her back or not wearing a bra.

      …scared the big boobies will crush me… :shudder