Y.Cen Dolls Chong Lin

Jan 26, 2021

    1. Hello,

      (I found no post about this, thats why I created this one. :3)

      I wanted to hear your plans for Chong Lin, what skin color you ordered him. I'm currently planning his clothes and face-up. Do you have ideas? Concepts? Maybe pictures you use as inspiration for him? :D

      Personally I ordered him in normal skin tone. Probably going for some nice natural face-up with some traditional hanfu. :3
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    2. Hi,
      Thank you for starting this conversation!

      And congratulations on ordering him!

      I am very excited for Chong Lin! I have been following this artist since Flickr day (I am in a hobby for a long while LOL). I ordered him in Tawny and hope that the color is similar to SOOM Tawny, but it is ok if it is not the same!
      I do my dolI faceup and I am still doing research on his faceup but the most challenging thing is that I have never done faceup on a sleeping face before so certainly will be out of my comfort zone.
      Since he is Idealian75 size, he will have mixed of modern clothing and Chinese traditional costumes (just like all my boys LOL).
      Oh yes, he already has a name: Apophis or Apep for short (Yep, the one and only Egyptian God of Chaos).
      Nice to meet you and it is good to have someone waiting for this handsome Bae together!
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    3. He’s super tempting. She has pictures of him in Coco on her IG and he looks so good
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    4. Hey,

      happy to hear that you got your order too! I was very worried to not get a slot so I pre-registered xD

      I am thinking of making him either very light, with white hair. Or maybe something dark with nice purple and blue. Not sure. >_>
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    5. @Chikku He looks great in that color too!

      @rivailley you and I have time to look for faceup style :3nodding:
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    6. I'm busy trying to raise the $ for the down payment, wish me luck hehe
      I still can't decide on open or romantic eye lol but I have only 2 more days to figure it out.
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    7. Both heads are super gorgeous, but the little smirk on the B head is *chef’s kiss*.

      I hope you guys post lots of pictures! I wonder if this will be the only release.
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    8. I received a confirmation from Moonlight BJD House that I will received Chong Lin in Tawny.

      When I first pre-registered, they told me that there is a need to have enough people order him in Tawny so they can move forward with the Tawny skin order. They told me if there is not enough people order, my Chong Lin will be automatically change to Tan. I was so afraid that I will not be able to get him in Tawny and Tan will be too dark for me. So I email them after order period closed to see and they confirmed that I will have him in Tawny. :) I am very happy.
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    9. Plus one for Chong Lin! I’d never heard of Yi Cen until he popped up on Moonlight BJD’s Instagram, but was immediately spellbound. Fastest I’ve ever placed a doll order. I ordered him in tan with the A head, and am currently thinking long white hair, especially if I could find a wig like the ones in the promo pics

      Looking forward to receiving him, and to seeing what you all choose for your beautiful Chong Lins!
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    10. I can't wait to see everyone's photos of Chong Lin when he arrives. :D
      He's a gorgeous sculpt, and if I hadn't recently started a layaway for a Ringdoll boy, I'd have ordered him. If there'd been an option for the individual head, then I would have gone with that. I'm just hoping that there will be another order period for him in the future!:eusa_pray
    11. I hope she releases him again, but when I asked MoonlightBJD, they said this was currently the only release she was planning. The body looks so amazing. She was one video on her IG where she's posing the leg and he just seems to hold every pose!
    12. @Natty Congratulations on ordering this Gorgeous Man!!! Hopefully the wait time goes by so fast for us!!!

      @Zaliayn I am on the hunt for Type B head. Will need to keep looking :3nodding:

      @Chikku I know someone that ordered him from Taobao released a year ago and they posted a short review on his body and I have to agree with you that he pose really well.
    13. Hello ! I have ordered Chong Lin too, in NS. I fall in love, because he is similar to my main OOC, with the white hair and pale eyes, so I had to order him :D
      Can't wait the 6 months (at least) to get him :love
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    14. Hopefully there will be enough interest in a rerelease that the artist decides to do a second preorder at some point! :eusa_pray

      Ah good luck in your hunt! I hope you find him :3nodding:

      Oh that's cool, congrats on ordering :D Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for him to arrive!
    15. Yicen posted new doll they are working on through Instagram and he is looking so yummy. I am drooling LOL.
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    16. He looks amazing! I can't wait until she posts more pictures of him