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Yahoo! Japan and eBay to join forces!

Dec 6, 2007

    1. Sometime next year ebay is going to partner up with Y!J so international ebay users can bid on Japanese auctions and vice-versa.

      Forgive me if this doesn't constitute "doll news"--feel free to move it elsewhere mods!

      I'm sure there will still be the "will not ship internationally" option for auctioneers, but with time the appeal of better sales will doubtless win out for most sellers. :p

      I'm so excited about this! And I'm sure those of you who also have spent hundreds using rinkya, celga, etc. to buy stuff off of Y!J will be excited as well... :dance

      You can see the whole article here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2007-12-04/yahoo-japan-ebay-link-online-auctions-across-borders
    2. Sorry, just had to post here. :sweat

      I wonder if 'seller will not ship internationally' will be enforced because lots of international YJA users have bid on auctions thinking "Oh, they'll change their mind when they talk to me". They don't. It makes sellers very angry, and the 2nd in line bidder angry too, because now their bid is at their max instead of just one bump up from the next higher bidder.

      Also, the 'no more deputy fees' isn't quite accurate, except on auctions from sellers who WILL ship internationally. The deputy service that eBay/YJA are starting plans to charge about 15% per this article in the Boston Globe:

    3. There's already a discussion thread here:

      And it's not a merge, not with YJ belonging to Yahoo, and ebay its own entity. It's a "partnership". But I can't see either of them letting purchases accumulate and be shipped all together like deputy services do --
    4. Oops! I didn't think to look in that forum. That OP clearly has more restraint than myself. And you're right, I didn't really mean to use the word 'merge', they're just making a website together.

      ryochan > I know, that's what I meant by "with time..." :lol: I'm guessing that they'll start pushing paypal or some method of making it easier for intl buyers to pay sellers and the potential for a much wider range of prospective buyers will encourage more sellers to offer intl shipping, so we won't have to pay deputy fees (at least not as often, anyway.)

      Anyway, sorry for the redundancy, feel free to delete~ :sweat