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Yder special...

Jul 7, 2005

    1. Someone give him "dreaming" eyes and he will be such a smexeh boy o.O

      -Annie love
    2. You beat me to it....LOL :wink:

      Janine in PA
    3. xDD So pretty! He's very beautiful. ^^'; Still love my normal Yder that's on the way though.
    4. *oogles the white skin ver.* So pretty.

      But I'm with Annie on this one: dreaming eyes = puddle of me
    5. I want the white dreaming one so bad. He make me melty.
    6. *swoon* Love the BW one's outfit. Such a handsome boy!.. :wiggle
    7. There is also a separate Yder Sleeping head in the option parts :grin:
    8. Hello Friends ~ Have they been released for sale yet? The sales price said $0 "sold out", then gave a price but remained "sold out" ~ unless I missed the window of sales...

      Am unfamialiar with Luts, and not accustomed to their procedures. Do they post notice when an item is coming available for purchase?

      Thanks everyone!

    9. :daisy The item is first put up with "$0" as a price, and a "Sold Out" tag.
      Then they put up the price for the item (In this case, $570 for the whole doll, since it's a Special, and $100 for the head only option), but keep the "Sold Out" tag untill they restock. Basically, now all you need to do is stalk their website day and night waiting for the "Sold Out" tag to disappear-which means that they are some dolls in stock-and there is a "Buy it Now" button available-and grab it as soon as you can, since sometimes only 3-5 dolls are put up for sale at a time. Also make a note that Yder Special is a new item, it might sell out faster than others...
      The times that I've seen items restocked are around 10 am Midwestern time (heh, no clue, sorry :oops: )
      Hope that helps! :grin: :daisy
    10. "Now all you need to do is stalk their website day and night waiting..."

      ~ Gee, it sounds so easy...!!!

      Thank you SO MUCH for your insights! The knowlege of these things come with experience...Will think of your words as I become a without-a-life Luts stalker...

      Sounds like FUN!
    11. Heh, I don't have my doll yet... But then again, I've been stalking their website, it seems..... O_o. Although when the time comes to buy your BJD, there is a great tutorial on how to order here in Gen. Discussion forum.. :daisy Good luck! And yes, the dolls are sort of popular, so they sell out fast, but hey, I've seen them restock El 4-5 times in the past 3 weeks. :grin:
    12. So ~ I need even MORE patience in this hobby?...It's not just waiting for the doll to be shipped anymore, it's waiting for the doll to even be availalbe to "Grab It And GROWL?"!!!

      You've been waiting for how long ~ stalking, hoping?

      ...this is sounding neurotic...

      Thanks for the General Discussion information :grin: will read all about it, then decide if my will and fortitude is as great as the challenge~

      LOVE your sweet kitty icon~

    13. I am still saving for the doll, so meanwhile I am watching :grin:
      If you cannot wait to have him, you can always look out for ebay auctions, DOA marketplace, or order through Liria (she has connections with Cerberus Project, and doesn't charge anything extra for the order. Her website is here:
      Good luck! :daisy
      And about the kitty icon: Yeah, he loves himself too... :roll: :grin: :daisy
    14. I hope they make an Elf Yder next. *would love a dreaming vampire head*
    15. That would be *awesome*! :drool
    16. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but could anyone tell me what the various make-up options stand for? It looks like both Special Yder have Make Up 1EA (620$) and Make Up 2EA(670$). What's the difference?
    17. The 'special' dolls come with two heads. Makeup 1EA is makeup service on one head, where you specify which head to have them paint. Makeup 2EA is makeup service on both. ^^;
    18. Ahh! Thank you!
      I thought it was something like that, but it didn't say anywhere that there was 2 heads included so I wasn't sure!
      Thank you~~!