Yellow Wig Ring?! HELP!!!

Feb 5, 2008

    1. I just recieved my precious Kid Delf Boy Bory by the name of Cassander and with him, I purchased beautiful purple acrylic eyes, and a dark brown/black wig as well as a long pure white wig for my DimDoll, Israel.
      Not two days later, I noticed a yellow ring forming around little Cassander's head where the wig band was! I had no idea that could happen so I checked my friend's doll who had a blonde wig for his new Ttori and there was nothing.... hmmm.... I checked my persia, Israel, who was wearing the pure white wig, and BAM. The yellow ring. :? WHAT'S GOIN' ON?!? What causes these mysterious rings? Has this happened to anyone else and is there away to reverse it?
      Can someone please help me? :...(
    2. All the dolls I've had for any significant amount of time have worn wigs with black wigcaps gotten a dark/bluish ring around their heads where the edge of their wig cap rubs. It's never bothered me because I don't leave them sitting around bald so I only ever see it when I change their wigs.

      If the ring is on the headcap and the magic eraser didn't work you could try some light sanding, but in my experience what really gets stained is the MSC sealing the doll's faceup. In that case the only way to get rid of it might be to remove the MSC... and the faceup in the process. I've not been willing to do that, though.

      If you're really concerned about preventing this you could get silicone caps for your dolls to wear under their wigs. Denver Doll Emporium and I think some other people sell them. It won't do anything about a doll that's already been stained though.

      My honest advice would be to just calm down. Unless you were planning on having your doll spend a lot of time bald it's not a big deal; you won't even see it.
    3. Right, right. The only reason for concern would be that I just got him and the yellow ring makes it look all old and stained... :( I'm sad for my boy, is all.
      But thank you very much for the sophisticated advice. I might try the light sanding ~ perhaps I will try just the back of his head first.... wouldn't want to mess up the face-up ~
      Thanks Chibaraki!!
    4. Mr.Clean Magic Eraser did not work for you?? I don't know what other kinds of cleaners could get that off, but perhaps doing a search on yellowing may lead you to a thread with some more solutions.
    5. If it showed up on the headcap after only a few days of the wig being on their head, it might be the actual wig.

      Have you tried a Mr Clean Eraser? Older staining from wigs is hard to remove, but if you clean it off at the first signs of staining, it should come off easier.
    6. I would definitely, DEFINITELY only try sanding on the headcap and not the actual head, by the way. @[email protected] Sanding off the MSC covering the faceup is... probably not good.
    7. To discover wig stains on a doll is so upsetting. I left a brown wig, placed over a Denver Doll Emporium wig cap, on a resin bjd over the summer. We use air conditioning continually but when I took the wig off a few months later, I had a blue/grey ring along the doll's hairline. The wig cap had turned light blue/grey also, so it too picked up color from the wig. Majic Eraser did not work and I lightly sanded the stain.

    8. Hmm that seems odd. I haven't gotten my doll yet but I'll let you know if that happens. *_* I've really got to stock up on Mr.Clean Magic Eraser :)
    9. Just a warning about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. First, get the original kind with no added cleaners. And be aware that the eraser is a mild abrasive. Excessive or rough use can remove MSC, paint, and even wear down the resin (one person wore down their doll's nose trying to remove a stain with Magic Eraser).

    10. NOTE: on silicone head caps these are fairly thick - if the wig is a bit tight or no stretch it can be hard to get on over these caps.
    11. WHOA....I don't wanna rub his face off :o that would be bad...

    12. Hee. It's true! My DIM Persia, Israel, whom I mentioned before, had a little something on his lip and the magic eraser took the paint and gloss right off! I'd be horrified, if I didn't like it like that but.... I find the little chip-looking mark quite cute and fitting! :sweat
    13. YOU TOO?! My DDh03 has one! O_O Volks wigs and clothes tend to do this....even pink clothes! (my Komaki had a pink ring on her neck from a pink tie! SO I had to change her chestplate) Maybe wear a WHITE wigcap on your's cotton and won't dye. However it will absorb any stains. Try lightly sanding or using a magic clean eraser BUT BE CAREFUL! As the faceup could scratch off if not careful! GOOD LICK!
    14. you could try TWINPINES stain remover
      FORMULA 911
      ...I have never had a stain this cant fetch out of resin
      and I never worry about resin stain

      (I had DD that was destroyed by stain from tip of her fingers all over her body
      unfortunately is was a full length Elven gown ...and she was covered in navy stain

      1 week with Remove Zit ...and she was like new
      ...Remove zit is for porus soft plastics though ..great for vintage Green ear problems )

      OPPS forgot the link
    15. Ah thank you all! I went home, and I did try the magic erasers on both boys! It took some time and a lot of elbow grease but the rings did come off. I was surprised though, I feared that the yellow would not come off! Silly me.