Yellowing brands

Feb 5, 2015

    1. Are some companies dolls more quickly to yellow than others?

      if so: witch ones?

      Love and Hugs :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    2. Dollzone.

      My first version Pipos baha yellowed but I don't know if that is normal for Pipos.
    3. I have a lot of different brands, but the one that yellowed the most and the fastest for me was Loongsoul and it yellowed kind of unevenly.
    4. Thanks for your answers :dance
    5. everything i've owned in french resing has yellowed severely. actually i don't know wich companies still uses it... but even if this resing is's beautiful (especially to take pictures) I'll buy no more french resin dolls.
    6. kscness: Yes, I remember reading that french resin is more prone to yellowing than others when I first got into the hobby. It's a shame, since it looks so nice:/

      Maxtastic: Was the Loongsoul doll that yellowed french resin? What skin tone did you choose? I'm about to order my first Loongsoul doll, so any info is appreciated:)
    7. I pulled my Angel Egg Ghzel (white and painted blue) out of a dark closet where she is stored in her dark box and she has yellowing in random paces like one thigh, one hand, the back of her head.. This was a hard to locate expensive doll that has never ever been in the sun so I think the resin is just yellowing on its own with no exposure to any light.
    8. Oh no! That sounds horrible
    9. I think that volks super dollfie do yellowing quickly but I am not sure
    10. The doll that's yellowed the fastest/most for me is my Bobobie Ariel. His lilac resin has turned grey with age.

      Odd, though, because I also own a Resinsoul in green resin and NS resin (Resinsoul and Bobobie are sister companies)---neither of them have yellowed at all and are around the same age. *shrugs*
    11. An older Fairyland doll (Rhea) is SUPER yellowed- evenly, all over her body and head.

      ONE of my Marmite Sue dolls is very yellowed- evenly, all over her body- but her head is still white. The artist thought it was the sealant. Unfortunately, the only way to fix that would be to remove all of her paint. Oddly enough another Marmite Sue/Angel Egg doll from the same era shows no sign of yellowing.

      I suppose the point is moot though as she is not planning on making more resins in the future...
    12. My Leekeworld Mikhaila and Long Boys body both yellowed in patches :huh?:
    13. I have a ton of DollZones - most I ordered IN yellow resin LOL but I've got one in normal pink & she doesn't seem to have changed color any more than any of my other normal pink resin dolls of the same age.
    14. Volks dolls cast in "Old Skin" tend to be super yellow, but the UV protect dolls hold up pretty well. I've found that Fairyland/Cerberus Project normal skin also ages nicely -- it's not so much that it doesn't yellow, but it has such a high concentration of pink in it originally that even 10 years old it's still a nice skin tone, just a different one.

      French resin is the one you want to watch out for, because it yellows quickly and unevenly whether it gets sun exposure or not. Some white skins are also quicker to yellow - Cerberus Project's white skin is very vulnerable to sunlight, though so far I've mostly seen that evenly yellowing.
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    15. Soom's white skin is pretty inconsistent on whether it yellows or not. Another collector and I swapped calf pieces on our Soom WS dolls that were made around the same time, and were the same color. Years later, my doll yellowed quite a lot. It was consistent throughout all the pieces... except the calf parts. Which were bright white. Since my doll always wore pants, it was definitely from age and not sunlight. Basically I was just unlucky enough to get a bad batch of resin that yellowed. It definitely put me off buying Soom's white skin ever again!
    16. My Bambicrony Roko is the one that yellowed the most. I find that Dollshe's resin is quite stable color wise.
    17. This is how much she yellowed in almost ten years, bottom piece, it isn't even too much actually. That's my white skin AOD.
      I gave her a good sanding all over to get rid of old little scratches and get her ready to be body blushed.


      My dolls don't really have problems with yellowing but one has some bad discoloration on her hands, my Serendipity. She used to be pink but mostly mellowed to a light peach, except her hands that are ghostly pale.