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Yes They creep people out but....

Nov 11, 2009

    1. So I took Sabs (Bobobie tony) with me to Walmart the other day to see if I could find any clothes that would fit him in the toy section, no luck. Then I though might as well grab a bite to eat at Mc D's which was conveniently in said walmart. My normal spot was arlready occupied *the benches at the high top table* So I though ok I'll set next to it which just so happen to be a window seat. Not thinking anything of it at the time I sat Sabs on the widow sill facing outward (didn't want to put him on the gross table or ground) Well alot of people kept staring at him so I though I would creep them out a little. When the girl looked away i quickly moved Sabs to look like he was kneeling and had his hands and face pressed against the glass, I've never seen someone fun so fast, I had to laugh. ^_^

      So my question is has anyone deliberately tried to freak people out with their babies because they were staring at them or you? How did it go? and what did you do?
    2. I haven't. But I'm going to now! LOL.
    3. WOOT. You will have great time. If you have i video camera all the better haha
    4. hahaha yea i probably would have done the same. but im a horrible liar so i would have been laughing or giggling the whole time. xD
    5. It was so hard not to laugh until after they left ^_^;;
    6. I have never do that on purpose by my one and only doll is hard to find creepy. But I bet that was fun. I did have an incident where someone knocked the table my doll was sitting on and his hand moved into his normal defensive position it was really funny cause all the clients at my internship kept swearing he moved on his own.
    7. oh that's priceless XD I've taken my dolls out only once each~ I really need to more but being 14 I have that stupid self conscious to deal with XDDDD thinking about taking one with me to the mall today tho since were going...

      I scare my mom though when I take their heads off
    8. Haha that's great! ^_^ *Well not that he got knocked but that he was ready to fight back*

    9. You should definatly take her, especailly if there is a HOT TOPIC at your mall the people in there love the dolls, heck you might get them to even order some to sell :D and self consciousness nothing. Be who you are after all its not like you'll see most of those people again so who cares what they think right?
    10. Now that's the Wheeze of the Week. I might just have to try that in our Barnes and Noble when I put Liam on the sill while I check out the books.

      - ShadowHawke -
    11. When I get my doll I allready have plans on what I'll do to scare my mom.
    12. I just got my first doll on Sunday so I have yet to take him somewhere other than school but I can't wait to go out and get O.o looks from people.
    13. I did almost the same thing :P

      I was on a subway train, and a girl sitting in front of me with her back against me kept glancing back at my doll that was sitting in my lap. When she turned away the next time, I moved his head so that he would be looking straight at her. She looked over her shoulder again, saw him staring at her, and jumped a meter in the air. Priceless.
    14. ROFL!! xD

      I haven't taken my dolls out in public much, only at a convention. It does sound like so much fun, as soon as I take one with me somewhere I WILL do this XD
    15. Hahah, when I get my doll I am difenately going to scare my sister in law with him. Aaaannnnd I may just take him out and scares sum peoples too. X3
    16. I use to take Josh (one of my Mo'wens) to work with me all the time. I use to stand him on a shelf I have on my cubicle, closer to the wall so it would look like he was peeking over the top. My boss came in one day, startled because he thought for sure Josh was gonna climb over the wall and tackle him. We (as in myself, my friend Cyndi and my supervisor) would also take turns carrying him through the building or placing him on different desks and waiting for reactions. I still laugh at how loud one of our salesmen screamed when he found Josh sitting on his desk chair. My supervisor had posed him to look like a Bond villain apparently xD
    17. Oh that is so precious I ride the train too and that gives me an idea. I love stuff like that makes me laugh when ppl r assumeing it won't move then it does and all hell breaks loose. Loved it.
    18. I don't take my dolls out, but I used to creep my brother out with them. I would sit on the couch with one of my boys, and turn their heads so that they were looking at him where ever he was, even if he was behind us, which probably made it even creepier :lol: He's gonna freak out when he visits me this December and sees how they've multiplied.
    19. Oh, I would totally do something like this on purpose. I'm a bit of a creeper, people almost never hear me walking up to them, and I could use this to my advantage. I'd play tricks on my friends and my nieces. Of course, I'd tll them directly after that they're harmless masses of shaped resin, paint, synthetic hair, etc.
    20. I can vouch for this being true. any time I take one of my guys out and we go into a Hot Topic, I get compliments on them. I think it helps that my guys are all goth boys who wear as much (or more) makeup than I do.XD

      One of my boys in particular is who I use to creep people out when I actually try to do so. He's a hybrid and his head sits kind of loose on his neck, so it can turn 360* on it. I love carrying him around and turning his head completely backwards on his neck when people who were staring look away. (The soulless red and black eyes he's got probably add to the creepiness factor, too.) This actually also never fails to creep out other doll people, even when it's unintentional. He does it all the time on his own when I'm carrying him, too-I'll look down and his head will be rotated all the way or almost all the way around to his back. I find it hilarious.