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Yet another doll maker: GyuXa

Jul 8, 2005

    1. They're so pouty and adorable <333 *want*
    2. Cute ^^ How tall are they?
    3. :o :o :o

      Sweet bejeebus, they're adorable, both of them! Looks like it's only the heads that are available, but, wow!!

      I wonder if they accept international orders.

    4. I think they are MSD-sized, since they wear 16mm eyes. Can't read korean, unfortenately. XD

      There is another URL: http://kyuja.co.to/
      We can see they are working and two more dolls, MeUri and BooG.
    5. Someone had asked about shipping overseas on her forum. Currently she's not gonna do that.
    6. Oh! They're gorgeous, anyone know how to orderone?
    7. Bad news for me. Better news, though, for the wallet! Thanks for the info, Noretus!

    8. They're for MSDs.
      I want one... *_*
    9. Oh. My. God.
      MyoNyang is the cutest! :D
    10. Love the kitty ears on the one. :cow The dolls had very pretty faces. I could love those faces.
    11. oh my god thats adorable *_*
    12. Awww, sooo cute... :chibi I hope someday international orders will be made possible...
    13. Maybe it's a language problem or fear for Paypal or whatnot.

      If someone knows Korean, she could ask and try to help that person if it's a problem like that.
    14. yea, the girl said that she's not planning to do overseas yet
    15. i asked on Doya about them.

      well... those are only heads and one is sold out already. there's a limited number of the second which is -btw- the one you see on the main page.

      they come with no make-up.
      i'm actually thinking to buy it... :)

    16. :oops: i just wrote that in my reply. LOL
    17. Oh my goodness! I don't collect child dolls as a rule, but these are sooooooooo cute!!! Thanks for posting! *Tries to resist!*

    18. Do we know the names of the dolls heads that area available?
    19. So they're for MSD sizes? That's sooooo not fair. ;_____; :crushed Anyone know a way to order them or if they're making the same heads for SD sizes? ;.; *contemplates getting an msd now >.> *