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Yinyu Altar discussion

Dec 3, 2008

    1. I think that shirt is a SD only from cheery doll..so i guess he's sd then XB

      Where can we give you advise may i ask?
      I think he looks great..but the arms and hands could use some work to look more natural.
      And his face reminds me a bit of dream of doll. Would love to see more dolls from you guys, hopefully you develope your own style.. maybe a chubby little sd girl <3 [would love that]

      *wait on website link like everyone els*
    2. Well since they were asking for suggestions...

      I think with that large a mouth, he needs a slightly bigger nose. And the hands look like they were sculpted on a flat surface - I would give the fingers a more relaxed pose, more curved.

      But really, he's very well done, and I'll be interested in seeing more shots of the body. It looks like a really nice slender-boy sculpt! :)

      Someone said he reminded them of an AoD face - I thought it was a DZ Megi at first until I saw how much shorter his nose is. But given how much I love those quirky little faces, it probably won't be a surprise that I think this guy is quite appealing! :)
    3. I think he's very cute! ^^
      I would like to know how tall he is.
      Hopefully there will be a website up or more info soon.
    4. i *love* the sculpting of the torso! ohmygosh, that body is beautiful ...

      i'm with the crowd that would like to see a better sculpt of his hands. they look a little stiff and inexpressive. i would also like to see him with an upper lip and a more stylized eye shape.
    5. I think he is good the way he is but i agree with Naiara you should work more on the arms and hands!:)
    6. we haven't finished our websiteT T
      we just finish him
      he is 61cm tall
    7. I advise you to take more care in how the doll's head is molded. The nostrils aren't identical, one of the nostrils looks shortened compared to the other. The nostrils on your model are hard to see from the photograph, though they do look identical.

      The male body, the doll body that is poseable (can be turned) at rib cage and (lower, can be turned,) hip is more desirable now.

      Sorry, to be critical, but I would not buy a doll that has a "problem" face, hands, feet, and/or body due to improper molding of the original master sculpt.

      Sure, it takes extra time, attention to details, and skill to make a good mold from the master sculpt, but it is well worth it, when the doll is finished, due to the prices of the dolls.