Ylisande and TL2/twigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread

Jun 1, 2008

    1. WIP thread in Artists subforum

      Ylisande has been released officially as of May 21, 2009.
      View her online galleries starting here
      The online FAQ is here.

      We have started a head-swapping and resin matching thread for Ylisande here.



      • Ylisande is 59.4cm tall on her flat feet.
        The flat feet are 70mm long and 30mm wide.
      • The high heeled feet are sized to wear SD16 shoes.
      • She takes eyes 10-12mm, but can easily be beveled to a larger size if preferred. The eyes were sculpted small on purpose because it is easier to enlarge than to decrease the size.
      • She wears a size 7/8 wig.
      • The headcap is attched with a catch on one end and a magnet on the other; the magnets are cast into the resin and should not come out as glued magnets can.
      • Some measurements:
        neck: 100 mm just above where the trapezoid muscle flares out
        chest: 240 mm
        underbust: 205 mm
        waist: 186 mm
        hips: @ hipbone: 235 mm; @ buttox: 260; @ buttox with legs in sockets: 265 mm
        sleeve length: 175 mm (from top of shoulder to bottom of lower arm)
        across shoulders: 115 mm with arms attached; 80 mm without
        wrist circumference: 59 mm​
      • Basic editions will be available in pinkwhite, vanilla (light normal) and peach (normal) skin. These colours may or may not match those of other companies. Other skintones, such as tan, may become available as basics or limiteds in the future.
    2. I'm interested in her, when will she be available and do you know what the cost will be?
    3. Hey Sue:)

      I don't know when exactly they will be ready to sell her, but I am sending the masters out for reproduction tomorrow. The plan is to not take preorders but rather have dolls in stock before they are sold, so they are ready to ship immediately once ordered.

      A price has not been determined yet but the aim is to make it competitive with other dolls in the same size-range and with a similar range of motion.

      I am also sending a body and several heads out for professional faceups tomorrow, so before long there will be faceup-pictures available.
    4. Ohhh, I'm looking forward to seeing her with a faceup. :) She looks great! The lips are a little big for my personal taste, but I still think they'll look awesome with color and gloss.
    5. Waaaaaaaah!!!!!! I LOVE THOSE LIPS!!!!!!!!
      OMGosh, I can't wait to have her at my house so I can PAINT THOSE LIPS!!!!!
      OK I am a little excitable.
      She is gorgeous. I can't wait to see her with a faceup. Sign me up for her.
    6. I love her face, I'll be interested to see her with a few different face-ups. I think she'll be able to pull off a few different looks from sultry to serene. There's a tranquil look about her blank sculpt. I love her body as well.
    7. I love how she can stand on tiptoes. Wow. I cant wait to see her with a faceup. Good luck, and I hope you will be selling this body for a while- hint hint!
    8. She's absolutely magnificent! I LOVE her body. That's really the only girl body I want. :D
    9. We updated the first post with some facts and info. The box with the moldmaking masters and sample dolls were shipped off to Dollfair yesterday. Here is a shot of the first cast (beauty green) and the sample doll (pinkwhite) which will be painted with difference faceups, before they were packed up:
    10. Oh, it would be great to see her with a faceup!
    11. wow! twigling, she is amazing!
      I hope I will be able to get one. I would love to do a faceup on her.
    12. Me too! I want to paint her, she is lovely. Looks suspiciously like a tall blond I met last October...in Ohio...
    13. She's beautiful and very expressive ~ I think you did a wonderful job!!! :love

      best wishes,
    14. Sharon, I'm surprised you see any of my likeness in that sculpt (don't remember any other tall blonde's at the event, except maybe Catrina??) Anyway, I am excited to see what Armeleia does with the five heads she's getting to paint, and later on what everybody else does with theirs. In the meantime I have a pic of the apoxie sculpt master with a very quick faceup by yours truly, and also some photoshop mockups done by TheFontBandit.. however they weren't done on the final sculpt, so the proportions are a bit off...

    15. Wow, she is gorgeous! That body is amazing ^^ That beauty green one intrigues me though. So are you going to be casting them in different skintones?
    16. Wow, the casted version of that body is uttertly stunning!
    17. She's really a nice doll. Awesome knees; they're lovely even when she's kneeling.
    18. I've been out of the bjd loop lately so I missed your artists thread!

      Ylisande is stunning! Honestly, I love everything about her! I love how natural, curvy & athletic your body sculpts are and the pose ability is fantastic.
      I can't wait to see more of this girl (why do I have no money...why?!)
    19. oh congratulations Twigling!!! she is absolutely stunning... such a gorgeous elegant body, and a very distinctive face... you've done an incredible job. I can't wait to see the faceups by Armeleia - when do you think there might be more pics?
    20. Catrina, would you be able to let me know which skintone best matches the Elfdoll normal resin?

      I was originally planning to wait to hear from Twigling about it before purchasing, but it sounds like I will need to act quickly.

      I've been waiting for this body since she mentioned she'd be making improvements to Twiglimbs1. I would be heartbroken to miss the chance to order one!