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yo-sd hybrids?

Dec 31, 2007

    1. Which tiny head will fit on a yo-sd body?I am looking for a head,but I don´t know,which would match well.Is there anybody with a yo-hybrid doll?
    2. Yes but only a Yo head on a Bambicrony body. Bambicrony heads fit...kind of. the size difference bothers me. I have only seen pics I don't have one sorry.

    3. I have some suggestions that could work, but you would want to find people with a yo and these dolls to confirm.
      1. A Petite ai head might work.
      2. Cutie delfs
      3. Lati green
      I have tried a bambi crony head on my yo body to see, but the head looked to small for the body, and you would have to sand the neck down a lot for it to fit right.
    4. Petite Ai necks are a lot thicker than Yo's I can post a comparison of the heads it you want^^

    5. hi,thank you for your answers!:fangirl:
      yes,TornChaos,pictures would be great!
    6. I will want to know, (I think I am writing it in the correct post ^^U) if any of you know which body will fit with a BB Ani WS head from DollZone.
      I don't like her body to much ^^
      Thank you!!!!!!
    7. Petra:

      I have a Bambicrony head (elf Kumi)/Yo tenshi body hybrid. The neck and head were not sanded or modded in any way, but there is a kips in there that helps a *lot* with repositioning the head and balancing it correctly. Yes, the neck is a little big for the head, but not enough to bother me ^_^. Here are some pics:



    8. oh chanth,thank you!your tiny is looking perfectly!
    9. Here is a picture from a meetup where we did a fast head swap. It was just a little bit of silliness so its not a great picture.


      The doll on the left is a yosd body and lati green head. The one on the right is the lati green body with the yosd head. The lati green head on the yosd body didnt look too bad, it did make her look younger.
    10. AlhanaTsuki,thank you,the pictures are really cute!:D
      The left doll is very very nice,a small baby!I think,I will look after a lati green head!
      I love the yo-sd Yuh head very much,but it is hard to find....
    11. Oh, Chanth! Yours was the little girl I held at the Otakon panel this past year, yes? If so, then those pictures do not do her immense cuteness any justice at all. I wanted to run off with her! I thought her head fit perfectly, myself.
    12. OpheliaB: yes, that would be her! ^_^ I'm honored you remembered my little Wish. I like her, but I'm not an impartial judge *G*.
    13. Here are the comparison shots of a Petite Ai and a Yo-sd(Puff to be exact. don't minf the modding i got him in what you might call "damaged" condition)
      Petite on the left
      And just for good measure Puff head on Petite Ai torso
      Hope that helps. I'm still looking for my little guy's body-.-